The shadow of the tree swayed gently. Mottled sunlight poured through the glass window and illuminated the classroom.  

The math teacher was leading them through a review, her monotoned voice made one feel drowsy listening to it.  

Luan QingXiao propped her chin, her languid eyes staring at the female student sitting in the middle of the first row.  

The female student sat perfectly straight, one look and you could tell she was a good student. From the back, her fragile figure was covered by a loose white uniform. The beauty that System 520 had mentioned could only be seen from her slim shoulders and the glimpse of two pale and slender arms.  

The more Luan QingXiao looked at her back, the more beautiful she looked. Even her drowsiness had receded quite a bit.  

She sat at the last desk, her feet rested on top of the table as she tilted her chair twenty centimeters backward, her back directly sticking against the wall. The coolness of the wall slightly abated the heat she was feeling.

The math teacher glanced up and looked at her, saying pointedly: “Its almost time for final exams. The power has stopped for a good half of the day and Teacher understands that its hot but everyone must persevere. Strive to bring home good grades, dont disappoint your parents. Even if your family is affluent, if the inheritor doesnt have the capabilities to take over, the familys fortune will eventually be squandered.” 

The entire class knew who the math teacher was talking about, but they didnt dare to turn their head around to look.  

Luan QingXiao was the number one tyrant at Shengjian High School. Her family was extremely wealthy and she was extremely good at fighting. Last semester, anyone who dared to provoke her had all transferred school after being beaten yet, Luan QingXiao, the person who did the beating, actually had nothing happen to her. 

Luan QingXiao raised a brow. At this moment, the math teacher happened to lock eyes with her. The formers icy gaze sent a shiver throughout her body, causing her to temporarily forget what she was going to say next.

The math teacher didnt like Luan QingXiao but knew she had a deep background. She wasnt a figure an ordinary person like her could afford to offend.  

She dejectedly shifted away her vision and coughed twice, “Alright, I wont continue talking about something off-topic. Everyone, lets continue to review.”  

【The host has been kept waiting, System 520 bug has been fixed. Since this is your first time participating in a mission, 520 has automatically assigned you the E-rank world [Pure Campus Love]. In this world, you will be playing the role of Shenjia Highs school bully. 】

A milky voice sounded in Luan QingXiaos sea of consciousness.   

Luan QingXiao had recently joined the Plot Amendment Research Institute and on her first mission, she had somehow managed to be assigned as a vicious villainess.   

In order for the actors to better adjust to their new identities, the characters they play will have the same name as them.

When she entered the world, System 520 had only mentioned the female leads appearance. Just as it was about to explain the story line, it realized that the plot hadnt been downloaded successfully so it had hurriedly went to fix the bug. After half a class had passed, Luan QingXiao finally heard this cute milky voice again.

Luan QingXiao: 520, present the character background.  

She could directly talk to 520 through her mind.  

【Okay, dear host~】

【Plot summary: Luan QingXiao, being born to an affluent family, passed the first half of her life smoothly. Who wouldve guessed after enrolling in high school, she would fall in love with the male lead, Liang Yan, who only loved the female lead.】

【In order to obtain Liang Yan, Luan QingXiao had done all sorts of evil deeds. She created misunderstandings between the male and female lead and in the end, like she wanted, she was able to win Liang Yan over. However, the innocent female lead was framed by Luan QingXiao and was thrown into jail for a crime of theft, eventually meeting her end there.】

【Ding! Assigning mission: The female leads happiness trumps all. [Attaching the systems reverse situation analysis: The female leads happiness is dependent on the male lead, may host dedicatedly act out the role of a vicious villainess and help the female lead obtain happiness (Male lead)~]】  

【The system has already helped you analyze ten optimal scenarios where the male and female leads feelings will blossom. Ten minutes before each scenario, the system will automatically issue a reminder, may host grasp the opportunities.】

According to Luan QingXiaos understanding, an E-rank world is the easiest world so she should be able to complete the mission without an issue. 

Luan QingXiao: What is the female leads happiness value right now?  

【Currently, the female leads happines value is 0%】

She doesnt feel even the slightest bit happy?  

Luan QingXiao became more curious about the female lead.  

After math class ended, the quiet classroom turned lively.  

Luan QingXiao didnt have a deskmate, she ocucpied the last two seats in the back by herself.  

The class shes in is theRocket Class where the top students of Shengjia high gather. The students who were good at studying were all high and aloof, they didnt want to associate with a weak student like Luan QingXiao who only got here through her connections.

The male lead Liang Yan was the only person in Rocket class who voluntarily talked to the original host. His innately gentle temperament mesmerized the original host who had been ostracized in the Rocket Class for nearly a year. It was because of this that the original host was determined to obtain Liang Yan, no matter what unscrupulous method she had to use. 

Liang Yan was the class president as well as the math representative. Following the math teacher to the teachers office, he carried back a stack of test papers and handed it out to each desk.  

When he got to Luan QingXiao, Liang Yan gently knocked on the desk. Luan QingXiao raised her head and saw Liang Yan pursing his lips, saying: “Classmate Luan.”  

A clear and smooth voice, the voice was quite nice to hear.  

The original host was naturally cold and prideful but when faced with Liang Yan, she acted differently. She smiled modestly and said: “Liang Yan, if you have something to say then say it.”  

Her humbled attitude didnt go by unnoticed. The harsh criticism Liang Yan was able to say failed to exit his mouth.  

Liang Yans fair skin turned faintly red, Luan QingXiao could only guess its from frustration.  

As expected, in the next second Liang Yan furrowed his brows in displeasure and said: “I hope you can pay more attention during class in the future, dont always bring down the average of our class.” After he finished speaking, he placed down an exam paper and left.  

Luan QingXiao wasnt an actor in her original world but just now, she felt that she had perfectly played the role of the original owner. She managed to show that the male lead was different to her without OOCing while also prompting

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