Chapter 8

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Elysia was very unhappy that this silence was also spreading to her mansion.

Her face didn’t hide any emotions.

“Your Majesty.
I don’t want you to come here so suddenly.”

“Why? Is it because of the Duke of Esteban?”

“You’re saying that again.
I don’t know why you’re doing this to me.”

Revos sat down loosely against a chair with his head slightly tilted back.

She could feel a full sense of confidence from his chin raised high.

“I think I have to solve the misunderstanding with the Lady.”


Elysia’s mouth was wide open as if she was really surprised by Revos, who was clearing his throat.

Even in such a reaction, Revos said calmly.

“This was just a matter of time.
Do you want to get engaged?”

“… No?”

Even if Revos was mistaken, it seemed that he was committed to it.

At this point, it was doubtful that there was a problem with communication.

He thinks she’s trying to get his attention by using the Duke of Esteban.
Somehow it got ridiculous.

Elysia closed her mouth to stop laughing, but she couldn’t stop her shoulders from shaking.

“Why do you say you want to break up while you’re going to like it so much? Tsk.”

Elysia’s laughter did not last long.

“Your partner isn’t me, but Lumiere!”

At those words, Revos lit up like an alarm.
He looked very serious.

Only then did Elysia realize the seriousness of the situation.

“Your Majesty, I truly meant to say goodbye from my heart.
No engagement or marriage, nothing works with your Majesty.”

“You’re lying till the end.
I apologize for not paying attention to the Lady in the meantime.
So that’s enough.”

Was he dissatisfied that his partner who he thought was only looking at him had let go of his hand first?

She really didn’t want any setback on Revos and Lumiere’s meeting.

While Elysia was contemplating how to get rid of the Revos, the butler approached.

“My lady, the Duke of Esteban is here, what should I do?”


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Elysia stood next to the butler and turned his gaze to Revos.

Knowing that the Duke of Esteban had come, she could feel him more firmly mistaken.

‘Wait… That’s a good thing.’

It was a good thing if he thought that the scandal with the Duke of Esteban wasn’t trying to get Revos’ attention, but that it was sincere.

It was a question of whether Cassian would cooperate, but it would not be bad to try it first.

‘While we’re at it, I might fiddle with it a bit…’

Elysia hastily captured the sneaky laughter coming out.

“Your Majesty, in fact, I had a previous appointment today, so a guest came.
If it’s okay, can we drink tea together?”


Revos happily accepted with an expression saying yes.

Elysia felt Revos’ gaze, who was looking over herself.

‘Those eyes are going to pop….’

I can even make a new blue and pretty bruise around your eyes.

Even if he looks like that as he is the male protagonist, it will be a handsome face.

As her patience was diminishing, she saw someone who was guided in by an employee.

Elysia is also like a male protagonist… No, is she seeing Cassian with the heart of the female lead, Lumiere?

Elysia looked at Cassian while swallowing the saliva in her mouth.

Cassian must have heard the general situation from the butler.

The sudden uninvited visitor was Revos, so should he apologize to the Duke of Esteban? Because her previous appointment was with Cassian.

They were also threatening each other with weaknesses, so she wondered if there was a need for them to do so.

Elysia, who had roughly organized her thoughts, folded her eyes beautifully and smiled.

“Your Majesty, I didn’t know I was going to see you here.”

Revos looked back, amazed at the voice he heard from behind.

When he was guessing which family’s lady would come, he was surprised by the male voice that he heard, and that the owner of the voice was the Duke of Esteban.

Elysia glanced at Cassian and gave him a subtle glance.

She wondered if he would answer it.

“Cassian, you are here?”

Revos frowned at her voice calling the Duke of Esteban by name.

Looking at her again, Revos seemed to have a lot to say.

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Why was Revos watching her as if she had cheated on him?

Cassian paused as she watched Elysia calling his name in a friendly manner, and then raised the corners of his mouth.

He doesn’t know what it is, but seeing the Prince’s reaction, he was quite interested.

‘It’s funny, too.’

Cassian took a step and naturally headed for the seat next to Elysia.


Cassian lightly kissed the back of Elysia’s hand and sat next to her.

Revos didn’t say anything until his employees handed over Cassian’s tea and withdrew.

Elysia was still busy controlling her breathing with Cassian’s smell.

When will I get used to it? Will the day ever come?

She wondered if she should give Cassian a perfume as a gift, but she quickly gave up that thought because she thought her sense of smell was not that easy.

It’s a rude thing to bring the Duke to ‘our’ work.”

How can he say that unless he’s a fool? Elysia raised her hand in shame and covered her face.

At this point, she didn’t think she could manage her facial expressions.

She lowered her head and glanced aside, covering her face with her palms.

When Cassian met her eyes, she smiled.

Elysia was embarrassed by her bewitching face.

He gave her a look of great pleasure and asked ‘what should he do?’.

However, in Revos’eyes, the two seemed to be exchanging glances to each other.

“I think you’d better get going for today, Duke.
I need to talk to the Lady alone.”

Your Majesty.
As long as this is the case, I have to be honest with you.”

Elysia lowered her hand that had been covering her face and looked at him.

Revos stared at Elysia with a stiff look.

At this point, she was just trying to let it pass by, but it went too far.
Revos was slowly feeling the limit of his patience.

“You better stop playing games, Lady.”

However, Elysia held Cassian’s hand as if she had been looking forward to it.

Revos turned into a stunned expression at her gesture of rubbing their hands together.

Elysia’s expression and gestures looking at Cassian had a dangerous atmosphere.

To exaggerate it a little, she looked as if she wanted to eat Cassian.

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It was an accurate judgment, but Revos could not have known.

As she watched her hand gestures and looked at Revos’s increasingly reddening face, Elysia smiled.

He changes women every night, yet it’s more embarrassing to see such a skinship.

“That’s why you’re meeting with the Duke of Esteban right now.”

“Yes, that’s right.
I fell in love at first sight at the banquet.”

If you had read the papers, don’t you know?

Her head hurt enough to hold the secret with Duke Esteban.
She didn’t want to take up Revos’ problem anymore.

“What nonsense……”

“Why? Doesn’t it make sense? Your Majesty and I broke up, and I just have a new man.”

Revos could not find anything to say a response, this clearly displeased him.

In a word, his pride was hurt.

Revos decided to stay away first.

“I’ll let you go for today.”


Revos, terrifyingly, ended his speech then got up and walked away.

Elysia tried to grab him in a hurry, but Cassian didn’t let go of his hand that held her, so she couldn’t keep up.

Elysia turned her head to the trembling of their hand joined together.

Cassian was holding back his laughter, even grabbing his belly.

Elysia narrowed his eyes and glared at him.

“You look happy.


When Elysia let go of her hand and unwind her fingers, Cassian gave strength and brought her hand back to him.

“You can let it go now.”

“It’s nice.
You just called me by name.
Why is it the Duke again?”

“That’s how I usually call you.”

“I didn’t know I had a lover without even knowing it.”

Elysia avoided his gaze, unable to find anything to refute.

Didn’t you enjoy yourself either?

‘I feel tired.’

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Revos or Cassian was tiring and hard.

One of them came looking for what he was thinking about and made nonsense, and the other was shaking with her weakness while he didn’t even know he was seducing her with his whole body.

Elysia pulled her hand out and sat loosely against the chair.

“What are you going to do now?”


“I don’t think he’s going to retreat.
Can I help you?”

‘He said that I’d let you go today…’

Elysia tried to swallow the swear words that would have spit out of her mouth at any moment.

Even if he was mistaken, he was tightly holding on to it.
Is it because he has never met a woman who rejects him?

“How will you help me? Lovers play?”


“Then we only meet once a month.”


Elysia swept her hair roughly.

Cassian turned and sat back looking in the direction of Elysia.

“It seems like the lover’s play has already started?”

“Why did you do that?”

“Because it’s fun.”

That’s why you’re against His Majesty the Crown Prince? Let’s just say it’s too dangerous to have me next to you.”

Cassian seemed to be pondering about something for a moment.

He raised his hand to release Elysia’s tangled hair and opened his mouth.

I’ve never thought of that.
Hearing it, perhaps it is like that.”

As Cassian’s hand touched her ear, Elysia closed her eyes tightly and opened her eyes.

“Don’t touch me like that.
I’ve never said that it’s a lover’s play.”

“You touched me first.”

“Well now we touched each other once, and that’s it.”

Elysia pushed out his hand and rose from the seat.

The days were turning scarlet.

It was time to think about how to fix what she had done.

“Let’s eat first.”

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