Chapter 7

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Cassian looked at Elysia and Revos with cool eyes.

As Elysia tried to lift his hand from her shoulder, Revos opened his mouth.

“Duke, wouldn’t it be nice to leave and not interrupt a good time.”

Elyssia looked at Revos with a stunned face.

Yes, she even thought that it might look like that in Cassian’s eyes.

The two men and woman, who had been together for six years, were on the verge of kissing in the lounge.

Elysia had struggled to press down the rising anger.

Cassian looked at her slender wrist with red marks and said to Revos.

“I don’t know if it’s a good time or not, but first of all, I need you to put that hand away first.”

“That’s rude, Duke.”

Cassian pulls off Revos arm holding Elysia’s shoulder.

Elysia saw Revos’s arm trembling.

He gave his hand strength to hold on, but he seemed to have been pushed out of the struggle by Cassian.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty, because she is my partner.”

The two men seemed tense, but in reality, Revos was tense and Cassian was taking it easy.

It’s as if they were playing.
Elysia sighed and bowed her head.

At the sound of a long sigh, Cassian turned and looked at Elysia.


She wanted to get out of this place as quietly as possible, but she couldn’t just pass by.

Likewise on the first day of the banquet, seeing that he entered with Lumiere today, he must be attracted to her.

But then he came to see her and did this.

Elysia raised her hand and pulled out the jewel pin, releasing her hair.
Thinly wavy silver hair poured out.

Elysia tilted her head and brushed her head roughly.

When Cassian saw Elysia’s appearance, he turned his head, covering his face with the back of his hand, but Elysia could not see it.

Elycia removed a strand of hair that covered her face with a blow from her mouth.

“Duke, could you please excuse us for a moment?”

At her words, Revos looked at Cassian with an outright winner’s smile.

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Cassian said ‘I will do that’ and bowed his head down to Revos and left the lounge room.

Elysia saw that the door was closed and then stepped closer to Revos.

She felt like she wanted to give him a lot of insults that you would only hear in the street, but the other person was the prince.

“The action your Majesty has just done is sexual harassment.”

“Sexual harassment? There’s such a ridiculous word between the Lady and me…”

Elysia raised her mouth and pulled his collar and pushed him against the wall.

Thanks to this, the words from Revos who were barking and whispering did not end.
Her pushing force was quite strong, but Revos was blinded by the situation and didn’t seem to notice.

“What is your relationship with me?”

She smiled enchantingly and turned her head closer to him.

Then she pushed her leg between his legs.

She could feel Revos reacting right away to that subtle act.

“I’m letting you say goodbye once.”

It’s sexual harassment between Your Majesty and me.
We’re not a couple, we’re strangers.
Even if it’s a couple, it doesn’t look like this.”

“M’lady, stop doing this.
If you have any regrets, I will compensate for you.”

Compensate? It wasn’t even funny.

She can’t believe such a person will lead the empire in the future in addition to the female lead.

She felt really sorry for the female lead, Lumiere, but shouldn’t we stop the victim from coming out with such a guy anymore?

For Lumiere, he treats her well from the beginning.
Is it natural that they were destined to be?

Elysia opened her mouth, looking at the hand reaching for her waist.

She bowed her head in Revos’s ears, looking at his incomprehensible expression.

“Because I’m not interested in small things.”

It was quite rude to the Prince, but Elysia was the person who gave him the title ‘Prince’.

She thought she could say this much.

Revos stuttered with his eyes shaking incessantly.

“That, that, what is that!”

“You and I have broken up.
Don’t do this to me again.
Don’t mind whether I’m dating or marrying Duke Esteban.”

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“You’re disrespectful, Lady.
How dare you, to a prince like me…!”

“Who gave you that place.

Elysia laid his collar roughly and spread the distance.

When she loosened her hair, it kept tickling her face.

She exhaled for a long time and brushed her hair again.

“I’ll get going now.”

Elysia greeted Revos with an exaggerated gesture and went out of the lounge room.


She thought he would have gone somewhere else, but she could see Cassian standing outside.

He was laughing, burying his face in his hands and holding back the voice, what was so funny.

Her master said that he has a more sensitive sense than an ordinary human, so he may have heard it all.

Elysia said to him with a groaning tone.

“I am glad that my displeasure brought pleasure to the Duke.”

“I apologize.
I didn’t mean that.”

Cassian captured her expression and approached Elysia.

As he reached out and removed the hair from her cheek, Elysia flinched and stepped back.

She didn’t feel any sense of crisis or fear, but it seemed to be the aftermath of Revos touching her body.

Cassian, who stopped in the air, curled his hand and said in a low voice.

“Because I never expected him to come like that.”

“Yes, I see.

“I’m serious.
I’m sorry.
I’ve been waiting for you to come back in, so I’ve been watching.”

Elysia frowned at the sincere apology.

She didn’t know he would apologize that much.
She was a little surprised at the words she didn’t think would ever come out of his mouth.

Of course, it wasn’t too strange to laugh if he heard what she was talking about.

She was just in a bad mood, and she was pissed off even at him who said he would watch over her.

“Okay, I accept that apology.”

“If I knew it, I should have arrived a little faster, but I made a mistake.”

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“There’s another person who made a mistake.
I don’t think it’s the Duke’s concern.”

“Because today you are my partner.”

Cassian took off his jacket and put it over Elysia’s shoulder.

Elysia looked at Cassian with a puzzled look.

“He probably won’t be able to use his wrists for a while, so I hope he’ll feel better.”

“Wrist? What do you mean….”

“I’d better go for today.
Let’s go.”

Cassian reached out, cutting off Elysia’s words.

As he stopped at the waist and looked at Elysia without touching it.

Elysia fluttered her silver lashes and signaled what he was doing.

Then she laughed when she realized that it meant ‘can I touch you?’.

Cassian, who accepted Elysia’s laughter as affirmation, led her around her waist.

“How about applying the gentleman’s manners to our meetings once a month?”


Elysia clicked her tongue.
She thought he’d say yes at the mood a little while ago.


When they saw the two people walking out from the direction of the lounge room, the atmosphere flowed into the banquet hall.

Elysia, dressed in disheveled clothes and wearing Cassian’s jacket and with him walking close tightly holding her waist.

In addition, Elysia clearly entered with her hair raised, but now it was loose.

The appearance evoked a subtle imagination.

The two people heading outside without staying in the banquet hall created rumors.

When the two completely disappeared, a heated debate began over the actions of the Duke of Esteban and Lady Lowell.


After all the work of going out of the mansion was over, Elysia was having a very relaxing time for a week.

She doesn’t know how long it has been since she had peace.

Although it was still noisy with her own scandal outside the mansion right now, what does it matter?

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“Why is the time going by so fast?”

Elysia, who was taking a walk in the reality that a week had already passed, said a disgruntled self-talk.

It would be great if it wasn’t that Cassian was coming to the mansion today.

Elysia was watching as the butler rushed in a hurry.

What is the reason that made the butler, who seemed to walk gracefully even if he would die soon, walk fast?

“My Lady, someone from the Imperial Palace.”

Elysia’s face distorted and she reached out her hand.

If it was from the Imperial Palace, it would be Revos.

‘I’m sure it’s to give me another piece of paper with a date and place for an appointment.’

That’s what she said, but she still doesn’t know.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to give me a letter?”

“No, the Crown Prince said he would visit the mansion a little later.”

Will it be alright? No, it’s horrific, and soon the Duke of Esteban will arrive…

She doesn’t want to meet Cassian, not even Revos.

Rough words sprang from Elysia’s fine mouth.

The butler became very worried that the young lady he was attending to would soon be caught for blasphemy.

“Say I’m sick, I don’t want to meet.”

Elysia paused when he saw the butler’s face with no answer.

The butler’s gaze was looking at the entrance to the mansion, and she couldn’t believe it.

Elysia looked out at the entrance to the mansion.

She saw a horse-drawn carriage with an imperial pattern.

He was a man of his own till the end.

‘…..I really want to hit him.’

However, it was not possible to drive out the guest who had already come.
Even more so if the guest is the prince.

If it’s like this, would it be better to meet Cassian next time?

She thought it would be better to just do it in one day and take a break from the next day.

It would be better to get beaten first.

Elysia laughed loudly and looked at the Prince as he got out of the carriage.

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