Chapter 14

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Elysia’s shoe heel pressed down the back of the man’s hand gently.

“Sa-save me!”

The sound of bones breaking, but she did not give in and stepped on the other hand.

“A guy like you doesn’t need a hand.”

She thought that even the smell of his blood was disgusting and gave her feet more strength.

Rian’s sister held back her cry, closing her mouth with her hand at the situation that was happening before her eyes.

The man who was first attacked approached her with a dagger from the side.

Even though she felt the obvious difference in power, she frowned her eyebrows as she watched him do the trick.

With Elysia’s one hand gesture, the man fell to the floor.

“Thank you.”

Elysia took off her robe to Ryan’s sister and looked upstairs.

She felt that the other guys were already out of the house, thinking of running away

“M-my younger brother is being held upstairs.
Help, please….”

Ryan’s sister grabbed Elysia’s collar and burst into a cry.

“Why would… you come this way.
Scream if something happens.”

After Elysia checked the condition of the two men, she hurried to the second floor.

Ryan shouldn’t have been here.
In the original story, he was supposed to be in a scuffle at the guild.

He had to persuade the guild leader again that he wanted to quit assassinating.

As she entered the room where she could feel a presence, she saw a man lying down with restraints on his neck and hands.

He was a young man with dark brown hair like his sister downstairs.

His body fluttered as Elysia approached him, maybe thinking that he was losing his mind.

“Who… are you?”

Elysia grabbed Ryan’s shoulder and turned him to face her.

His dark green eyes revealed.

He glared at Elysia with vigilant eyes.
Elysia leaned him and sat him up to examine the restraint.

At her level, she simply had to destroy the magic circle, and if she was a master, she would be able to dissolve it.

Elysia, who released the restraint from his neck and looked at the restraint on his wrist, suddenly stopped.


Thinking that the smell of blood from Ryan was strange, she grabbed the collar of his shirt and she walked to one side.

She rolled him on the floor, tearing the buttons off with her strength.


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Elysia said in a cold voice.
In addition to Ryan’s being at home, another unexpected thing happened.

“What is this?”

It was a wound that had just occurred.

It was probably cut with a poisoned knife, and the red blood of the sword was dripping from his neck.

As Elysia got closer, Ryan stepped back behind her and stared at her.

“I asked who you were.”

“The person who saved your sister.”

“Ah… thank you, thank you… Is my sister safe?”

Ryan’s eyes were watery.
He seemed to focus on something, fixing his gaze at the door, with a brief expression of relief.

Are you looking at the first floor?

Elysia was busy looking at his wounds instead of giving Ryan more details.

Ryan had been looking at the door for a long time and felt relieved that her sister was safe.

Elysia frowned her eyebrows as she looked at Ryan, who said that his wounds were severe.

“What about the antidote?”

“Probably difficult.
It’s a poison that can only be obtained inside the guild, but there is not enough time.”

Elysia yelled, pulling the hem of Ryan’s shirt.

‘I should have studied some detoxification magic.’

When Ramote had time, he was nagging her, telling her to study that.

“Why would you say that? Why am I here!”

Even during the short conversation, Ryan’s complexion was turning pale.

Elysia took a small deep breath.

She approached Ryan leaning against the wall and grabbed him by the shoulders.

Ryan tried to get out of her, flinching his body at the overbearing feeling from her.

Be nice.
I’m the only one who can save you right now.”


“Lady Lowell headed to the outskirts of the capital alone.
It is in the direction of District 4.
Three knights are following.”

At the knight’s words posted about Elysia, Cassian looked away from the papers and raised his head.

He raised his eyebrows as if puzzled by the word “Zone 4”.

“Zone 4? Why?”

“I don’t have any idea, but judging from the fact she moved away from the escort, it seems like she is moving with a destination set.”

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Why does a Noble Lady go there? Cassian also had no guess at all.

There was always only one reason for nobles to visit Zone 4.

It was when they visited a place such as an orphanage sponsored by their family, but the one the Lowell family sponsored was in another district.

If you were using places like an information guild, you didn’t have to go there directly.

Cassian remembered her promise to drink only his blood, unless there were unavoidable circumstances.

He didn’t think she was going to break that promise, but it was weird.

“I’ll go myself.”

“What? Sir, is there any need to do so.
There are a lot of things to do for now.”

Cassian left the office, wearing his jacket, and Lloyd, who was standing with a stupid expression.


Ryan opened his mouth and asked, embarrassed at Elysia’s words.

It wasn’t long after the poison had spread, so he could live well enough if she sucked it out now.

Elysia pulled out a potion made of holy water from her magic bag.

She looked again at the ground floor and bowed her head to the nape of his neck.

“What are you doing? It’s dangerous…”

Recognizing her intentions, Ryan tried to push Elysia, but his wrists were tied and the power of the grip holding his shoulder was too strong.

The first experience struck him of the feeling of something digging through the wound on his neck.


It wasn’t just the level of sucking poison through the mouth.

Ryan looked confused at the unfamiliar sensations, but Elysia couldn’t be seen.

He just clicked his tongue inside, feeling the overwhelming force in his body.

It was also understandable that he had a violent reaction as it would have an effect similar to that of drinking the aphrodisiac.

Ryan was struggling to keep his mind intact.

By the time he thought that his patience had come to a limit, Elysia took her lips off.

“Would this work?”

Elysia opened the lid of the potion she had taken out, and she held it to the corner of his mouth.

Ryan shook his head.
He knew how expensive the potion was.

“That’s enough.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Ryan lifted his magic and released the restraint he was wearing on his wrist.

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He can’t be a master yet, but what kind of situation is it?

“What are you? How did you undo this?”

“Because you were able to release the restraint that was on my neck.”

What was worn on the wrist played a role of suppressing force, and the restraint on the neck is to suppress magic.

So now, Ryan could handle magic.

“What are you, a master? You were barely able to beat punks…!”

“They caught my sister and threatened me, so I couldn’t help it.
Are you okay?”

It was bad, Elysia barely endured her nausea.

It was only the theory that vampires could detoxify even if they ingested poison, but it was the first time she actually experienced it.

She had never encountered life-threatening poison before being reborn.

The poison spread all over her body, causing internal injuries, and at the same time recovering at a slow pace.

It was clear that it was a sensation she never wanted to go through again.

“It’s all right.”

Elysia rummaged her arms.

A silver plate was placed in front of Ryan.

“You’ll need help.
I’ll help you live in a foreign country, so come find me.”

She just wanted to erase Ryan’s memories and tell his sister, but she was reluctant to use her abilities with her rapidly deteriorating physical condition.

She was more cautious because there were times when it didn’t work against Cassian.

If it didn’t work for the masters, it would have been the same for Ryan.

“I’ll give you a day.
Even if you don’t need help, you’ll have to come to me within a day.”

Just in case, she had to make them come to her on time.

Considering Ryan in the original, he wasn’t the one who could divulge the secrets of his benefactor.


“Okay, and you know this is a secret, right?”

Ryan nodded his head, knowing what the words meant.

Elysia stroked his head with a satisfied expression.

‘I have to go back.’

No matter how much she was recovering, she did not feel pain at all.

She also needed time to recover, so she had to quickly return to the mansion.

Ryan suddenly appeared in Elysia’s eyes, who raised his body to leave the room.

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A torn shirt by Elysia revealed half of his torso and red marks on his neck from the restraints.

‘It’s not as good as Cassian, but this one is also quite…’

There were many large and small scars.

When she saw the scars and teeth marks on his neck, she felt like she had done something terrible to him.


“Your Excellency.”

The knights who were waiting for Cassian who arrived in Zone 4, approached.

At the back of the approaching knight, he saw the rest of the knights asking questions while holding two men behind.

“What are those?”

“They came out of the house where the Lady entered.
I caught him because he looked suspicious running away in a hurry.”

The knight hurriedly added an explanation to the master’s acrimonious spirit, which was getting worse and worse.

A total of three men.
Two of them had wounds all over their bodies, and one said they were holding daggers with poison.

Someone screamed along with the footsteps of several knights in a quiet alley where no one was walking.

While listening to the knight’s explanation, Cassian grabbed the handle of the door of Ryan’s house.

It was under magic.

“He was a guild member of the information guild.
It is said that he was attacked by someone trying to scare a fellow who is trying to end his guild life.
In terms of the description, it looks like it’s the Lady.”

Lloyd, who just arrived, because he could not keep up with Cassian’s speed on horseback as he left first, called Cassian.

“Huugh… Sir!”

He felt sick because he drove the carriage so fast.

He chased Cassian right away, but he was too fast.

“Lloyd, start with figuring out the guild size first.”

“Yes, I understand.”

He didn’t know anything about the explanation or the situation, but the answer was quick.

Lloyd walked away and stepped forward to listen to the knights, with a tearful face.

Cassian was wondering whether to go into the house or not.

He wondered why she had come this far and saved those who lived in this house.

They were people living in a completely different world than she knew, and the timing was too exquisite.

As if she had expected something to happen.

‘If you’re curious, you should check.
Why your fiancee is here.’

Cassian raised the corners of his mouth.

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