Chapter 13

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There are already guests.
What are you talking about?”

The chief of staff said quietly, but the Emperor answered with a loud voice as if he had no intention of hiding it.

Even if they whispered quietly, Elysia would have heard it in her ear.

“That’s… he asked me to say it even though I told him.”

Cassian looked at the door of the audience room and turned to the Emperor.

“We’ll get going now.”


Elysia came out of the room with Cassian.

And Revos stood right in front of them.

“Greetings, your Majesty the Crown Prince.”

“Ha, this is how you end up.”

The attendant asked Revos to lower his voice because he was in front of the audience room.

Revos still couldn’t believe this.

It was difficult for him to admit that she wasn’t trying to win his heart by using other men.

Also, that he was rejected by a woman for the first time.

Revos’ gaze shifted from Elysia to Cassian.

“Duke, you must have known the request I made to His Majesty.”

He was talking about marrying Elysia.

Revos was convinced that Cassian knew it.

The Emperor must have given a word in advance to appeal to the Duke of Esteban.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Your Majesty.”

In fact, what Cassian knew was correct, but he did not hear it from the Emperor.

It was information from the intelligence agents that was planted in the Royal Palace.

“The two of you make me very stupid.”

“Your Majesty, His Majesty is waiting for you.”

Revos reluctantly took a step into the audience room.


“No way, how come the marriage license is already issued?”


“You wouldn’t have posted the paperwork.”

“I guess His Majesty is free.”

As they left the central palace, they saw some nobles working in the Imperial Palace.

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They too were no different from the attendants they encountered as they passed by.

Cassian covered Elysia’s shoulders and evaded before they came approaching and spoke.

Elysia opened her mouth to say something.

“The wedding date must be agreed upon.
My father doesn’t know anything yet.”

“His Majesty will tell you what to do.”

“This seems to be in a rush, is it my mistake?”

“Because thanks to someone, we’re in a love triangle.
There are a lot of things that bother me, so I’m going to clean up quickly.”

Elysia’s mouth was completely bitten.

‘Wow- it’s so selfish, so selfish.
I feel like I keep losing.’

These days, she’s been getting caught up in Cassian’s pace.
As she talks with him, she keeps losing her composure and gets angry.

It was also the case that she was often speechless.

You can’t do this.
Get a hold of yourself.’

Before she knew it, she arrived at the place where the carriage was waiting.

When Elysia saw her family’s coachman, she pulled out her hand from Cassian.

She came close to Cassian.

It wasn’t enough to feel the breath, but it was quite a short distance.

“Now we’re not going to meet once a week anymore.
That’s really tiring.”


“I don’t like it.
You can keep an eye on me after the wedding.
So, we just need to send and receive letters, right?”

Elysia raised her hand and she straightened his crooked cravat.

Then she turned around and headed for the carriage before he could say anything.


Elysia was having such long and refreshing days.

Although the capital was noisy after she officially admitted that she was Cassian’s lover, it had nothing to do with herself.

At least in the mansion.

She also defeated Revos, and she didn’t have to worry about revealing the secret for at least three years.

‘Oh, this has been a while since I’ve had peace.’

Elysia laid on her bed, while singing a hum.

“My lady, the item you ordered at the salon last time has arrived.”

Her maid, Gray, came into her room with a pretty wrapped box.

Gray endured her wanting to nag at the lady who seemed unwilling to get out of her bed.

It was because, even to her eyes, her lady recently looked very busy.

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“Leave it there.”

“Lady, I’m only going to let you off today.
From tomorrow you have to start taking care in earnest.”

“Huh? Taking care of what?”

“Skin care! During a relationship, you have to take care of yourself!”

Elysia clicked her tongue as she watched the maid burn with passion.

When she met Revos, she was in tears every time and looked excited.

“Gray, I’m not doing that already.
Get out of here.”

Whether Elysia heard Gray’s words or not, she left the room, eagerly muttering something.

Elysia stepped up in front of the box Gray had placed on her table.

‘I almost forgot.’

When she opened the box, she saw all the clothes in black.

She was going to go out today.

In order to save a knight in the original story, who had died a tragic death.


When she reads the original work, Elysia’s existence was most important, but there was one other supporting role she was worried about.


It was a knight who lost his life while guarding the heroine Lumiere.

On the surface, Ryan is apparently an intelligence guild, but he was placed in a place where assassination was a common occurence.

With his sister, he was a commoner living in the area right next to the slums, and to earn food, he entered the assassination guild early to earn a living.

The brothers and sisters, who had saved all the money, were preparing to leave and live in another country, but the guild leader kidnapped his sister to intimidate Ryan.

When Lumiere is pickpocketed when she stops by the slums as the female lead, she accidentally witnesses her kidnapping.

When the family asks for her help, she rescues Ryan’s sister, and even wipes out the guild.

And Ryan comes to pledge allegiance to Lumiere, the one who saved his sister.

He will reach the master’s level in the near future, and he will lose his life while defending Lumiere from Elysia as the ending of the original story approaches.

‘He won’t die as long as I am Elysia.’

Rihanna was a person who always felt sorry for when reading the original story, so she knew what was going to happen, but she was worried to just overlook it.

“Is it too early to go now?”

Elysia put on her black shirt and leather pants and looked in the mirror.

As expected her hair color stood out too much.
She raised her long hair high, tied it together and put on a robe.

She looked out the window, and the sky was already dyed with scarlet.

She hurried out of her mansion, even though it wasn’t mentioned exactly when the incident occurred in the original.

She blamed herself for forgetting, and she was worried that she might be late.

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She rented a carriage far away from her mansion.

“Please go to District 4 outside the capital.”

The coachman continued to glance at the voice of the gentle woman, although she was wearing all black.

Elysia sighed and handed the coachman some silver coins.

She was going to the slums, so she didn’t want to get in trouble for pulling out gold coins.

“I’m in a hurry.”

“Yes, yes!”

Since Elysia came out of her mansion, she was feeling someone’s gaze.

She obviously felt someone’s presence, but she couldn’t pinpoint the location.

‘Who could it be? It can’t be Revos… is it Cassian?’

She thought hard with her arms folded, but there was no other way than to check it out for herself.

Recently, it was unintentionally a hot topic in the capital, so I wondered if the reporters followed, but for that purpose, they too were skilled at hiding.

‘As long as it doesn’t interfere with today’s work

She didn’t want to step out and find out who it was yet.

There was a separate priority today.

The ride got worse as they had entered the outskirts of the capital.


After getting out of her carriage, Elysia was trying to recall the details of the original work in as much detail as possible.

But she had nothing to come up with except that it was an alley facing the slums.
She couldn’t even think of a place description.

‘It looks like this alley.’

If Lumiere passes by and witnesses the abduction scene, it will be a house not far from the entrance of the alley.

Today, the male lead was going to be pickpocketed, so hopefully she might be able to face Lumiere.
Suddenly, she thought about it.

As Elysia weighed the human eyesight, she entered an alley.

It was lined with old buildings that would not be strange even if it collapsed.

Even in the early evening, she couldn’t see anyone wandering around, and it was strangely still.

As she felt puzzled because the alley is too quiet, she heard a faint scream in Elysia’s ears.

The house looked much older, but it was a rare two-story house in this alley.

‘I guess it’s here.’

The woman’s screams continued with the sound of things breaking.

Perhaps because of this, there were no people on the road.

Elysia smiled bitterly and quietly opened the door.

Then she remembered those who followed her, so she put a lock magic on the door and a soundproof magic all over the house.

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It was possible to go out, but to come in was impossible unless you were a person who could destroy magic.

“Don’t do this…!”

“My lady, I’m just trying to have some fun, but I’m sorry if it comes out like this.”

Elysia quickly made her walk, reassuring that this was the house of the brother and sister, and that it wasn’t too late yet.

As she entered the house, she saw a woman, almost naked, with dark green eyes in her dark brown hair.

One man holding her arms behind her; another holding her ankles in front of her; and two upstairs.

With the sound of the door closing along with the heel of shoes made them turn their gaze toward Elysia.


“Who are you!”

The face was not visible because of the robe, but the voice that was heard was of a woman.

The men’s eyes changed with the soft and mellow voice.

“Oh, I didn’t know a friend was coming?”

If they have looked at the robe she was wearing, they could never have said that she was friends with Ryan’s sister.

She clicked her tongue

“Help, help me!”

She turned completely towards Elysia, taking off her ankle that the big man was holding.

As Elysia revealed her face, the men’s face turned red.

‘What, why is Ryan’s sister blushing?’

Elysia was confused as she saw the woman staring at herself with her mouth wide open.

Whether she noticed that Elysia was a nobleman, there was a sense of dismay on the faces of the men.

‘You don’t have to use magic against those things.’

Elysia gathered her magic and sharpened, then threw it at the man.


The man was struck in two places, on the thigh and on the shoulder, he screamed as he fell to the floor.

The blade made of magic disappeared, exploding the moment it was inserted into the man’s body, leaving a scar.

The smell of fishy blood accelerated Elysia’s hand movements.

She had skipped meals today, so it was hard for her to take a long time.

A man turned to Elysia, holding a sword the size of his body, approached her.

She clicked her tongue and blew chunks of magic just as before.


Elysia smiled as she approached the fallen man.

“Scream louder so why don’t we go upstairs?”

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