Chapter 12

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The day she spent the night with him, she could assume that she was almost intoxicated.
It’s in a similar context to drinking alcohol.

Cassian’s eyes bent.
Under the palm of her hand, she felt he was smiling.

“If I don’t have blood when you need it, then I’ll make an exception.”

Cassian tapped the back of Elysia’s hand, covering his mouth with her fingers.

Elysia hesitated for a moment before she lowered her hand.

“Except when it can’t be helped, only my blood.”

Well, you’re giving me a hard time.
Oh, and can you add that too? I’ll keep everything related to my identity for 3 years in secret.”

“Unless it doesn’t cause a big accident.”

“It won’t happen.
Even if it does, it will be within the range when you can fix it.”


The contract was broken up into several items.

Elysia was simply thinking about the terms of her contract and the details of the contract.

His meticulousness was no harm, but he was a very thorough man.

‘Is this normal… ‘

The same is true of having children.

On the one hand, she agreed.
It was a natural concern for humans.

By the way, can she make a decision without discussing her father?

‘Shall I tell him that it’s a contract relationship?’

Elysia later signed her contract, contemplating what to say to her family.

After confirming that Cassian had finished his sign, she blew her magic into the contract.

A red light lingers on the two’s signatures, then fading.

“We will discuss the rest of the contract later.”

“What else is left here…?”

“Perhaps? ”

Obviously, there is something missed that will come out over time.

Since there was no intention of notifying Lloyd of this contract, the terms of the contract so far were the ones that Cassian came up with.

“It is a contract relationship secret between the two of us.”

“I think so.
I’m sorry for you too, but I hope you hide it from your family.”

At that, she paused, she intended to let the family know.

Because it was a good card to convince her father.

No, would he be more concerned if it was a contract? Elysia finally agreed.

“Yes, then.
Please take good care of me from now on.”

Elysia smiled meaningfully.

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He has signed the contract, there is nothing to be afraid of now.

‘This is the end of holding and shaking me with one weakness.


“Your Grace…?”

Lloyd had a hard time believing what Cassian said a while ago.

“The wedding ceremony was a month after I went to subjugation.”

“Who are you suddenly marrying…?”

No way, with Lady Lowell?

Cassian gave a look that the person he was thinking of was right.

Lloyd’s face turned blue.

What aristocrat in the world is preparing for a wedding in a month?

It was a wedding between a Duke and a Duchess.
Besides, Duke Lowell is not in the Empire right now.

‘Did you have an agreement with the Lady?’

“Ask His Majesty for an engagement permit and a marriage permit at once.”

“Yes? Yes….
But I haven’t been able to exchange documents with the Duke of Lowell.”

“You don’t have to.
His Majesty will do it for you.”

“How about the engagement ceremony?”

“I will omit it.
When Duke Lowell returns to the Empire, it will be announced at that time.

I was talking about an article about the relationship.

Cassian continued to throw bomb remarks without paying attention to the pale Lloyd.

Lloyd began to write diligently.

He had to make as many wedding preparations needed in a year, in a month, but it was unclear whether the wedding rings required by Cassian would be ready within that time.

As for the dress, he had to go to fitting right away, so he thought I had to go visit the Duke of Wells tomorrow.

“Dress later.”


It was obvious that the wedding date had not yet been agreed with Lady Lowell.

Lloyd recalled the resignation letter he kept in his arms.

The moment he pulls out the resignation letter, the position will disappear with it.


Elysia visited the Imperial Palace to see the Emperor.

The carriage stopped and Elysia stretched out her hand for her escort.

His tight hands and a seductive scent came out.

“You are here.”

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Cassian greeted her.

‘I see there’s someone else around.
Don’t tell me that the coachman is watching…’

Then it is.
The appearance of the chief of staff was seen behind Cassian.

She whispered in a small voice so as not to be heard around.

“You should at least say something, Duke.”

Cassian drew her closer to her, giving a little more strength to his hand that held her.

He put his lips close to Elysia’s ear and opened his mouth as he returned her whispers.

“You have to call my name, Elysia.”

“Okay, I get it.
His Majesty won’t think it’s a relationship anyway.”

“He will.”

Either way or not, Elysia tried to keep her distance from Cassian, asking him to get away.

As Elysia and Cassian quarreled, the attendant approached.

His Majesty is waiting.
Please hurry.”

The attendant was quick, so he turned around and moved to walk first.

‘I guess this doesn’t seem like an act of affection.’

Elysia looked at the back of the attendant with strange eyes.

The attendants who met them in the middle chatted while looking at the two.
They would only whisper to each other, but to Elysia, it sounded very clear.

It was natural for the people to be curious about the characters holding hands side by side.

As she walked in, the scent of tuberose tickled her nose.

It was really lucky that no one was around the day she first met Cassian, and the moment she bit his neck.

‘I didn’t know it would be like this on that day.
Has it been about a month?’

Elysia’s red eyes glanced at Cassian.

She was wondering how such a handsome man was not even a second lead.

“Your gaze is so hot that it’s hard to ignore.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

There seemed to be a problem with the personality.

The two arrived at the Central Palace and headed for the audience room.


“Oh, come on in.”

“Greetings Your Majesty the Emperor.
May God bless you.”

“That’s enough courtesy.
Hurry and sit down.”

The Emperor would have already noticed everything from the fact that two came together.

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He didn’t say anything, but he looked so happy.

Eventually, it was a marriage that was not bad for the emperor as it gave Elysia an opportunity and was able to find a suitable partner for Revos.

In addition, she can give Revos the support of the Duke of Esteban, so how many more benefits can he gain?

Elysia hated looking at the Emperor’s face.

“I don’t think it was such a relationship since the time the Prince and the Lady met.

“That can’t be true.”

Elysia was surprised by the attitude of Cassian as if he had heard some nonsense.

“I’m kidding.”

The Emperor looked very happy.

The Duke of Esteban of this generation was remarkable by the achievements he built even at a young age.

There were countless medals awarded by the Emperor himself for the contributions he had made in the war before he reached adulthood.

There was no progress without the Duke of Esteban to subdue monsters haunting all over the continent.

However, he did not covet useless things, so the Emperor could not help but be greedy.

The Emperor had no intention of handing over the throne to the second prince.

It was because it was impossible to know what was inside, and even if he was crowned later, the influence of the forces on the side of the Empress would be too strong.

Although the Crown Prince’s private life was somewhat disturbing, he did not consider it a flaw.

If the Duke of Esteban supported the Crown Prince, he would certainly lean to one side.

The Emperor asked Elysia.

“Does the Duke of Lowell know?”

“He doesn’t know yet.”

“He’ll be surprised when he comes back.
Don’t worry, I will tell the Duke of Lowell directly.”

He said he would take care so that this marriage would not go wrong.

‘I’m sure.
If the marriage falls over, you’ll be at loss.’

Elysia uttered in her mouth the blasphemous words she couldn’t spit out.

When are you planning the engagement ceremony?”

After Elysia convinced Cassian, she thought of explaining to the Emperor why she had to omit the engagement.

As it looks now, she doesn’t seem to have to do that at all.

“The engagement ceremony is just an announcement and I’m thinking of getting ready for the wedding right away.”

“So the papers asking for an engagement permit came first.
Huh, what a rush.
It’s a good time.”

The Emperor beckoned his servant.

The attendant handed out two documents with a golden seal.

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One was an engagement permit and the other was a marriage permit.

The nobles, whether engaged or married, had to obtain permission from the Imperial Family.

‘What kind of marriage permit has already been granted.’

She knew it would take quite some time to process.

She didn’t even ask for it, but the Emperor wouldn’t have done it alone.

Elysia stabbed Cassian’s thigh with her fingers.
Asking why he hurried like this.

Cassian turned his head and looked at her.

He grinned at the red eyes, seemingly seeing what she was thinking.

Then, he grabbed her hand, which poked his thigh.

‘No, are you doing this here? It’s making me hungry.’

The Emperor was looking at Cassian’s appearance and her, making a strange expression.

It’s the first time the Emperor’s seen Cassian giggling.

“This is good.
Yes, I think I should give a wedding present.
Is there anything you want?”

“How about taking the time off from this monster subjugation?”

“I thought you’d rather ask for a vacation.”

Elysia was thinking while she looked at the Emperor and Cassian, it felt like they would have similar conversations on a regular basis.

In the meantime, she wriggled to get her caught hand out, but he didn’t move.
He has been holding it tighter.

“Then, give me five months for a vacation.”

“Isn’t there a lot of things that were pushed down because of the monster subjugation?”

“If I rest, someone else will do it.”

“I can hear the cry of the chief of the Imperial Knight.”

Since Cassian is the commander-in-chief, he was also the one making the final approval for the duties of the Imperial Knights.

Nowadays, he was dealing with a murderous workload by breaking away from his job as a monster subjugation.

“Five months are too long.
I think about two months after the wedding.”

After that, Cassian’s attack continued.

However, the Emperor continued to smile and beat everything Cassian said.

At first, Elysia, who was watching interestingly, began to get bored of her seat.

The main point was long overdue.

She was worried about how to explain to the Emperor, and it seemed that a conversation had already occurred between the two.

Elysia sipped her tea.

She divided the taste of the tea into subdivisions, weighing the first and last tastes, and even the ratio of water.

While she was spending time like that, the chief of staff approached the Emperor.

“Your Majesty, the Crown Prince is asking to see you.”

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