Chapter 11

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In the past few days, Elysia has picked up those who could be engaged to her.

She was a hot topic as it was recently revealed that she was a sorcerer and that her teacher was Ramote.

Not only were all kinds of invitations pouring in, but there were also talks of marriages in other countries.

‘Look at the timing.

Among them, she was looking for a good one to be in a friendly relationship with the Empire.

Elysia opened her mouth to her employee who had been working on her list with her.

“How about my father?”

“After I contacted him two days ago that he is hurrying to finish his schedule, communication has not been established again.”

“No connection?”

“It seems that there was a problem with the communication tool.
I left a message saying that to the Dylan Kingdom asking for immediate contact.”

Elysia nodded her head.

If it didn’t work out, Ramote was in Dylan’s kingdom, so she thought of contacting him.

As the family and the successor were absent at the same time, the authority to make decisions on matters within the family naturally passed to Elysia.

So, she was able to be engaged or get married on her own.

On the condition that the Emperor also cooperates.

Usually, even if this situation came, it was common for the Emperor to put it on hold.

Nevertheless, the reason she needed to find her father was so she could get some advice.

“Miss, shouldn’t we have to wait until we get in touch with His Excellency?”

“Just make the list.”

The employee seemed to be worried about finding someone for Elysia to talk to, especially without a family member.

‘I can’t explain everything about what’s happening.’

Elysia sighed inside.

“Only those who are high-ranking nobles in other countries and worthy of a political marriage.”


No matter how much she thought about it, there was no one like Cassian.

Marriage with the royal family or nobility of another country was considered as the last resort.

There was a distance, so they wouldn’t have to meet often, and although they had the advantage of delaying the wedding until the two protagonists were formed, it was not clear whether it would be easy to assume a breakup.

When there is a problem, it’s too hard to clean up and get back on track.


Half of the ten days the Emperor gave has already passed.

Elysia was also feeling nervous.

She hasn’t yet found someone she can say this to, and Revos hasn’t answered a request to meet.

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There was one candidate that barely fit in.
He was a nobleman in the Dylan Kingdom, but he had some unpleasant parts.

There was no problem on the profile, but there was information that there was a case where the maids filed a mass complaint.

Time was tight to find out from here, so she contacted her father and Ramote to find out, but it didn’t reach.

Again, there was only one way.
Elyssia looked down at her hand wearing the ring.

She has to go find Cassian.

He told her to use the ring at any time, so he didn’t say anything about going there suddenly.

‘I don’t think it’s a real bedroom.’

Elysia headed to her dressing room and fell into agony, tapping her lips with her finger.

Elysia changed in her black velvet dress and wore a fur cape over it.

He was not without a sense of splendor, but what would she do with his own taste?

Elysia, who had firmly prepared to fight, checked herself in the mirror.
How come Cassian seemed to be prettier than herself.

He’s full of masculinity, so it doesn’t suit him to say that he’s pretty, but at least in her gaze.

“We had a meal the other day, so it’s going to be bearable.”

Elysia hesitated for a while and raised her magic.

Red magic shimmered in her ring.
Her vision changed and she stumbled with a little dizziness.

‘Uh, even if the body changes, the movement magic still works.’

A soft voice was heard as he had his hands tightly wrapped around her waist.

“Are you here for a meal?”


Elysia lifted Cassian’s hand and spread her distance.

As soon as her vision cleared, it was a fatal appearance close to her face.

Elysia turned her gaze and looked around in the room.

‘It’s really a bedroom.’

She could feel the smell of Cassian everywhere.

Elysia took a seat on the sofa at Cassian’s gesture.

“Is the groom finding going well?”

“What groom.”

Elysia replied with a groaning voice.

She cleared her throat and looked at Cassian.

“Are you sure you don’t want to be engaged to me?”

“I don’t know why I have to do it.”

“Then I can’t help it.
Come to think of it, I don’t have a reason to be dragged around by you.”

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Elysia waved her hand, making a little oversight.

She meant she had no intention of cooperating with being watched anymore.

“Then, it would be you who is in trouble.”

“Well, let’s make it public.
Whom to believe.
At best, sorcerers will try to investigate me.”

None of the imperial wizards has reached a higher level than her.

Even if there is, the gap between them and her magic amount was wide.

She has a much better sense of it, so even a few qualities will yield superior results.

As Elysia laughed leisurely, she looked at what she was going to do.

She, of course, did not intend to do so.
She didn’t want to bother her family or her teacher, Ramote.

Most of all, things could have really gone wrong with the wizards’ crazy curiosity.

‘I’m not saying I don’t need anything.’

“Do you think I’ll fall for that provocation?”

With her head tilted slightly, she could see his hand touching his chin in a relaxed look.

Elysia got up from her seat and she approached him.

She lowered her head, placing her hand on the sofa above Cassian’s head.
She opened her mouth as if whispering in his ear.

“If you’re cooperative with the surveillance, you should have something for me.
Do it.
I’m here to tell you that.”

As Elysia leaned over him, she brought her face closer to the nape of his neck.

His pulse was felt and her thirst grew.

She took a long breath, pressing down her vampire appetite hardly.

At the same time, his hand grabbed her waist.

“You seem to have forgotten that this is the bedroom.”

Suddenly, Elysia was lying on the sofa and Cassian locked her in both arms.

A tense look came between the two.

Elysia smiled as she pulled up only one corner of her mouth.
She raised her body, with her elbows on the sofa.

The distance was close as if the ends of each other’s nose could touch.

“I’ll give it back.”

She pulls out her ring, which she was wearing.

‘Tell me you’ll do it.’

It was a kind of gamble.

She doesn’t know how stubbornly he’s trying to spy on her, but if they’re engaged, he’ll accept it.

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Not surprisingly, Cassian grabbed the wrist that is holding the ring.

“I’ll do it, but not with an engagement.
Shouldn’t you get married at least?”

Elysia paused as she shouted hurray to herself.

She kept thinking about it, but she didn’t think of getting married, are you serious?

“Is marriage really good for you? It doesn’t matter to me, but… didn’t you hate the trouble? We’ll get a divorce.”

Breaking an engagement and getting a divorce were different in terms of difficulty.

For her, she had no intention of marrying someone and spending her whole life together, so divorce was not a big deal.

“Why is marriage okay?

“To be as comfortable as you say, don’t you think we have to marry? The engagement is not much different from this now.
I’ve told you, but His Majesty won’t go down with an engagement.”

Elysia was troubled for a moment.

He hadn’t yet spoken to the Emperor, but there was a good chance that it could go as he said.

‘At least I don’t have to worry about being discovered if we got married.’

Even if she was in a contract relationship, she was going to be the Duchess.

During her contract period, she didn’t seem to have to worry about revealing her identity.

“Okay, don’t change your words.”

“It seems like I’m the losing side… I do.”

“Again, it doesn’t have to be you.”

Cassian’s eyes showed confidence that he would be the best.

Elysia laughed at the thought that even that arrogance suited him well.

“Then should we write the contract right away?”

Elysia raised her hand and pushed his chest away.
Elysia regained her normal breathing.

Elysia looked at her magic bag and took out her paper and pen.

It was a magic contract that had not yet been written.

She picked up the papers under the magic contract and pushed it out in front of him.

“It’s alimony when you divorce.”

In front of Cassian was a list, but it was just enough not to ignore.

“We don’t need alimony.
It’s a contract for each other’s needs.”

“Then I’ll be fine.”

Elysia put the papers in her bag with stiffness.

The lists she gave to Cassian were all her possessions.

If she talks to her father, he should be able to transfer more.
After everything was finished, it was the moment when a luxurious life was guaranteed.

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“The contract period is 5 years.”

“That’s too long.”

“Two years are too short.
At least, shouldn’t we have a proper marriage in the eyes of the vassals.”

If they were married for a year and divorced, it was meaningless to silence the talks.

Elysia eagerly rolled her head.

“Let’s make it 3 years.”

“Only 6 months to prepare for an engagement ceremony.
1 year for engagement.
1 year for wedding preparation.
5 months for marriage.
I don’t think it’s like this.”

Elysia felt prickly.

Cassian made a face that this was not possible.

“Three years on the condition that the engagement ceremony is omitted and the marriage preparation begins immediately.”


“What about the child?”

It wouldn’t happen, but she had no reason to tell him that.

“You don’t want a child from me, do you?”

“Even if it’s a contract, it’s marriage.
Of course, it’s a provision to be prepared.”

“It won’t happen, but if it does, I’ll give it up.”

Cassian expressed doubts as to why that wasn’t happening.

Are you saying you won’t make anything that can happen? But for some reason, she didn’t think he meant that there was no reason there would be no children.

Elysia spoke again with his expression of incomprehension.

“Why? You want to share a room with me during the marriage?”

“I think so.”

“It might be dangerous.”

She couldn’t say if he would have any blood left.

I could put the groom in danger.

If that happens, I will give up the right to the child.”

Elysia stretched out her palm and emphasized again.

Cassian nodded his head, thinking that he had to get to know more of the details.

“Even if it’s a contract relationship, you’ll do everything I need you to do as a Duchess.”

That means I’m reporting everything I do to you.”

“Don’t drink anyone else’s blood for 3 years.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Elysia’s mouth swelled.

It is a foul to restrict her meals.

“That’s not something you can interfere with.
Just because I’m a vampire, I won’t take anyone’s life.”

“Isn’t it good for you too? You said it’s the first time you ever tasted anything as good as my blood, you said you were going crazy…”


Elysia hurriedly raised her hand and closed his mouth.
It was a dark history.
He shouldn’t have been so insincere.

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