Chapter 10

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A man in a knight’s uniform approached Elysia who had left the central palace.

“Greetings Lady Lowell.
I’m Bug from the Knights of Estevan.
I’m here to pick you up on an order.”

A knight named Bug greeted Elysia, bowing his head vigorously.
Then, raising her head, Elysia and his eyes met.


Bug took in his breath, and his complexion turned white and blue repeatedly.

He had a history of flirting with Elysia on the first day of the imperial banquet and offered to take her to the lounge.

He can’t believe that she is the rumored lady the Duke fell in love with that he encountered at the imperial banquet.

He was just lamenting why he had only now realized.

Even though Elysia didn’t even remember him.


With Elysia’s voice, he said that he would lead her and proceed to take the lead with awkward, staggering steps as if he was creaking.


At that time, Cassian heard the chatter of the knights and felt a strain on his forehead.

“Bug went to visit Lady Lowell under command, right?”

Don’t you know that he flirted with the Lady at the last banquet?”

“Oh my.
He even boasted for a while that the beautiful Lady liked him.
If the Duke had known, he would have sent someone else….”


Bug constantly spoke, hoping that Elysia would not remember her encountering him at the former imperial banquet.

There are a total of 5 knights centered on the 1st knights, and the rest of the knights are in charge of the imperial palace or the capital security, and things like the duties of each knight.

As they talked, three knights’ buildings surrounding a spacious training hall came into view.

The innermost building was the building of the 1st Knights Building.

Even in the corridor to Cassian’s office, Bug’s mouth did not stop.

“His Excellency is a clean man without a past.”

“Oh, is that so? Then maybe even those rumors….”

Elysia raised her hand and covered her mouth as if it was fun.

When asked by Elysia whether it was true that he is a secretly sympathetic man, Bug opened his mouth as he stepped closer to her.

“That’s right.
It’s been several years since I’ve been serving His Excellency.
He was a very pure person.”

“Umm… Sir?”

As Elysia looked behind Bug’s back, she noticed something and told him to shut his mouth.

‘Until there was a rumor with the Lady, the future was bright.’

However, he couldn’t notice Elysia’s glances and blinked his eyes as if he could believe it.

In addition, he started to line up about how good Cassian is, and how inhumanly he is.

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What do you really enjoy talking about?”

“Oh! Oh, Sir!”

Cassian stood leaning against the wall outside the office.

Seeing that, Bug took a step backwards.

“You may go now.”


Elysia glanced at Cassian’s profile.


She couldn’t believe what Bug said.
No matter what kind of compassionate man this is.

Elysia narrowed her eyes at the thought of his nonsense.

After a few seconds of silence, both mouths opened at the same time.

“Go in.”

“But really?”

Cassian’s eyebrows wriggled.

‘Oh, are you real?’

Elysia playfully stabbed Cassian’s side with her fingers.

Cassian pointed a finger inside his office and sent a look to hurry.

Elysia raised her hand to cover her mouth and she laughed.

The two took a seat on the sofa on the side of the office.

“What kind of tea would you like?”

“Give me a glass of cold water.”

Elysia took off her lace gloves from her and put them on her lap.

She rubbed her chest with her palm in frustration.
She thought of Revos and she got a fever again.

“Did you have a good conversation with your Majesty?”

You knew that, didn’t you? It’s a waste of an article.”

“I knew about it today too.”

Cassian was also vaguely expecting that it would take a long time for Lloyd, his aide, to find out who was behind it.

If it weren’t for the central palace, he should have figured out who it was that day.

Of course, Cassian thought he had to figure it out right away

If Lloyd knew, he would have shed tears.

“What are you gonna do?”

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Elysia gave no answer.

As long as the Emperor intervened, it became impossible for Elysia and Cassian to handle it at will.

‘Shall I just catch a foreign nobleman and get engaged?’

When it comes to friendly relations with the empire, it would be good to choose that.

That way, Revos will not be able to push the intention of marrying her.

But, can she find someone who has the Emperor’s heart?

‘In the Emperor’s heart……’

Elysia’s gaze naturally turned to Cassian.

Doesn’t he fit perfectly? If the Duke of Esteban, who keeps his neutrality, is Revos’ side.

There were many nobles who would follow him to support Revos.

Elysia leaned toward Cassian with her hand on her chin.

With piercing red eyes, she stared at Cassian.

“Don’t you get tired of this?”

Cassian tilted his head at an angle.

Elysia moved her hips with a swipe and went to the end of the sofa.

Cassian, who was sitting diagonally, was within reach of her hand.

“How about monitoring in a more convenient way?”

“What do you want to say?”

Cassian’s eyes are bent.
His red lips made a pretty curve.

‘……Why are you so tempted suddenly?’

Elysia, who was thinking hard, bit her lips.

She quickly came to her senses and went on with her words.

“Wouldn’t it be enough to keep a little closer and monitor me for about a couple of years?”

Elysia recalled a list of her fortunes she had.

If she put it all, even the Duke of Esteban couldn’t ignore them.
Wouldn’t the alimony be enough?

She was thinking of a contract marriage.

‘I was going to decide after looking at the Second Prince…’

The Second Prince saw Elysia when he was young and fell in love with her.

She didn’t know if that twisted heart was really love, but it was in the original book.

When she cleared up her relationship with Revos, she would be alone, so she was worried that the Second Prince might approach.

Now she is a completely different person, but the Second Prince does not know that.

In such a situation, in her mind, she thought a contract marriage would get her out of his hands.

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‘I didn’t know that the marriage offer coming from the Imperial Family would be with Revos rather than the Second Prince.
Uh! It’s complicated.’

“How about as near as possible?”

Elysia pointed her finger to him.

Her head was spinning busily.

“Right next to it.”

Cassian laughed, leaning his body loosely on his couch.

It meant that he knew what she wanted to say.

In this situation, they can change the Emperor’s mind and stop Revos.

“Is that the reason you met with His Majesty?”

“I think you know it, so it’s easier to talk.
I’d like to suggest something to you.”

“I don’t know the details.”


Elysia looked at him with a look of disbelief.

Didn’t he look like he knew what was going on until he laughed a little while ago?

Cassian waved as if to keep talking.

“Please be my fiance for just two years.”

In fact, this wasn’t the only way that came to mind.

It was also possible to entice Ramote, her teacher, not Cassian.

The great sorcerer who travels from place to place while belonging to the Tower will be kept in the Empire.

The Emperor will not refuse.

But if that happens, Ramote will be held back in the empire.

She didn’t want Ramote to get held back and violate his freedom.

“Do you think your Majesty will take back the marriage just by getting engaged?”

Again, he knew everything about her marriage offer with the Crown Prince.

It seemed to mean that the Emperor was not going to take his eyes off.

She thought it would be more accurate for Cassian to judge other than her.

“The fact that you’re engaged to me will mean that there are a lot of nobles who will support you.
His Majesty will think that the Duke of Esteban is not neutral anymore because you are engaged to me.
Then His Majesty might want me to marry you, but you know that, don’t you?”

“Is there any benefit for me? Rather, it seems that my work will increase.”

“A little more comfortable surveillance?”

Even at the answer, Cassian only shrugged.

Elysia pouted her lips.

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Actually, it was this that she was worried about.
She couldn’t come up with something to convince Cassian.

It was an improvised idea, but it was a good idea, but it was too bad to just give up.

“You will be able to meet me anytime in the name of being my fiance, and if I have someone on the table, His Majesty won’t be able to say much.
And we don’t have to get married soon.”

In the original story, the Duchess of Esteban was never mentioned, so it seemed that he was single.

Of course, she doesn’t know what would have happened after the completion, but she didn’t think he had been planning to marry at least for the time being.

However, it was a fact that all the Nobles of the Empire knew that the vassals were roasting him every day to get married.

He was sent to the battlefield even before he reached adulthood.

She felt sorry for him again.

Cassian was on the battlefield and after he reached adulthood, he had never met anyone because he kept subduing monsters.

Whether it was a political marriage or an engagement, it was just the right time, so the vassals were raging.

“Isn’t the reason you’re monitoring me is a sense of duty as a person holding military power?”

“To be exact, I don’t want any trouble to happen.”

What is that? Isn’t it more bothersome to keep having meetings under the pretext of surveillance like this?

Elysia thought his words were less convincing.

“Well, personally, it’s fun and it makes sense.”

“You think I’m interested in you.”

What does it matter?

It was clear that he was somehow trying to make sure she was safe.

‘I’ll have to talk to you again later.’

It seemed like she had come up with a story too quickly.

It wasn’t a matter of sudden decision for Cassian either.

Considering that she gave the announcement in advance, he will think about it a little bit.

“I’ll be on my way.”

“Is that all you have to say?”

He was asking if she had already given up.

Elysia snorted.
Isn’t it necessary to push and pull on the contract marriage?

It was a strategic retreat.

“Because my opponent isn’t just you.
Then see you in a week.”

It’s annoying.

She was resentful that his information on the original story is less than an ant.

If she knew anything more, she would have taken advantage of his weakness or made a deal with something else.

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