Chapter 1

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Elysia woke up feeling a breath tickling her forehead.

If someone asked her if she had ever had such a peaceful morning over the past five years, she would answer this was her first time without hesitation.

Even though she fell asleep from exhaustion at dawn, she was in very good shape.

The corners of her mouth rose and she grinned at the breathtakingly tempting body before her, with restless arms wrapped around her waist.

As she rubbed her face and went into his arms, his large hand draped over her shoulders and hugged her.


Why did she fall asleep because of exhaustion, and what were the touches she was feeling?

As she mentally asked the questions, she remembered the purple eyes, which had been filled with heat.

‘You really… Ugh.
I’m going crazy.
Hold me.’

Oh my God.
She hoped that the voice in her memory wasn’t hers.

It would be nice if she hadn’t remembered it, but the scenes in the bedroom were too vivid.

What the hell happened?

Elysia was struggling with her memories, trying not to be conscious of the hand that drew her close.


At a banquet held every winter by the Imperial Family of the Giovanni Empire…

Elysia was looking at the man and woman dancing in the center of the hall with a satisfied look.

‘It looks good on them.’

The man and woman who were dancing were Lebos, the male lead of this world, and Lumiere, the female lead.

That was the moment when the first meeting of the two leads took place, just like the first chapter from the original story.

Now, all she needs to do is move away from the development of the original story and live a safe and peaceful life.

Elysia, who was sipping champagne with a happy heart, suddenly frowned.


Repeatedly, her vision would turn cloudy and then clear.

And at the end of the banquet hall, there were voices of people who were quietly whispering love, voices of young children asking around of their appearance, and the piercing smell of perfume and of people.

Even the colorful dresses and the light reflected by the crystal chandelier made her tired.

As Elysia stumbled a little and put down the champagne glass she was holding, the eyes of the surrounding people and the knights caught on her.

At today’s banquet, even the knights who returned to the Empire after three years of massive monster destruction attended, so there were more attentive eyes than usual.

She had slightly raised eyes, with the color of ruby ​​red, and had rich silver hair fluttering to her waist.

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In addition to her sensual appearance, the blue-colored halterneck dress revealed her sensual figure.

Ever since she possessed this body 5 years ago, she has been slowly but steadily evolving.

It was safe to say that her appearance, which was beginning to change, matched her former life’s appearance.

Elysia headed outside the banquet hall to take a break from the symptoms that had come.

Outside the banquet hall, she shifted her steps in search for a place to lean on.


The direction of the banquet hall and the wind blowing from the other side were mixed with a smell that made her dizzy.

The wind blowing gently tickled her cheeks and soft hair and seemed to refresh her breath.

As her view became clear, her body began to move in search of the owner of the scent that tempted her.

As if she was losing her reason since she hasn’t had blood for a long time.

She felt that her sense of smell became more sensitive in order not to miss the prey.

How far ahead is he? She was stalking a man who was walking ahead, regardless of her will.

Her body was out of control after a long time from her first prey.

Will there be a 20-step difference? As the wind blew, the scent of a stimulating body came up to the tip of her nose, and a sour voice burst.


There was only that man and her on the dark road.

This was no horror story.

During that time, she thought it was too bad because she didn’t have a vampire desire among the symptoms that appeared as her body changed.

She was crazy because she didn’t expect this to happen.

The man who had been walking for a while stopped.

‘Don’t stop.’

She couldn’t get it out of her mouth to scream that he shouldn’t be here as his growing odor lingered.

The white tuberose was shining blue in the moonlight.

The man, who clearly showed his presence in the scent of tuberose filling the surroundings, turned around and looked at her.

Purple eyes facing her face to face, glancing down at her.

His sharp eyes and red lips make a strangely colorful face.

He had a body that was so tight that she wanted to take it off at least once.

‘It’s unfair that even his face is my taste.’

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There was blatant displeasure in his purple eyes.

There was only one person in this world with black hair and purple eyes.

Duke of Cassian Esteban.
Cassian opened his mouth to Elysia, who was breathing hard.

“Are you drunk or something? Why do you keep on following me?”

Upon hearing his words, she was thinking that his low voice was sexy, regardless of the content.

Elysia’s red eyes glowed dangerously with a sharper light.

Licking her thick lips with her tongue, she got closer to him.
The gap between the two quickly narrowed.


Cassian, who thought she was an ordinary noble, quickly went right under her nose and raised his eyebrows as he watched her put her hand on his chest.

As Elysia hugged him, she pressed her body.

It was difficult to continue the dr

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