Creed of the Betrayed

Chapter Four - Fear creeps in

I wake up as I feel myself being carried over somewhere. Theres a cloth bag over my head and my limbs are tied up so I can tell where Im being taken to.

Are they going to kill me?

No, they could have just killed me right there at the mines. That would be easier to clean up.

I have a bad feeling about this.

I squirm, twisting and turning in a futile attempt of resistance that doesn affect the man carrying me one bit. Five minutes later, he stopped. I heard a muffled knock and a few undistinguishable words before a door creaked open. I was shoved forward face down and smashed my chin on the floor. I scowled in pain, but hid it as somebody grasped the top of the bag and pulled it off my head.

”As you can see Lord, the product is genuine. ”

The Boss voice rings in my ears, making dread build up in my stomach. I don dare to look at them. Nobles are bad news.

I remember the hushed rumours as to how only a battered corpse remained of one pretty kid who was taken away.

”Bols I will confirm the goods personally. After all, its quite rare. If I find any falsehood, however, be prepared to die. ”

”Of course Lord you can check it. I assure you that I have the real thing. I wouldn dare lie to you. ”

I sneaked a glance at the nervous look on the Boss face and his ingratiating smile. To make this pig so scared, this Lord is definitely dangerous.

Suddenly, theres a hand on my face, fingers sliding into my hair. They lock on the strands and yank upwards, hard, and Im forced to look at him.

He was a large man, taller than Id thought, and he had a dirty face. Dark hair, long enough to curl around his neck, and sunken eyes under thick eyebrows. He had a scowling face, and his suit was dusted with the grime from the mines.

His eyes scanned over me. I watched them dip from my hairline, over my eyes, my nose, my lips, down my neck and my chest and my beaten up legs. They flicked up to look at my face, and he watched my expression as he spoke. Thats when I knew for sure that I was the product being sold.

”Ill take it. ” He threw a purse at Bols, and I heard the chink of metal coins rattling at they landed on his chest. I wasn supposed to flinch. I knew that, I wasn supposed to flinch, but I did, and I saw the cruel smirk grow on his lips.

A collar was snapped around my neck

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