Creed of the Betrayed

Chapter Eleven -First time bath

White light stung my eyes. I blinked slowly, trying to adjust to it, turning my head sideways.

This is strange. Everything feels weird, too soft… and whys the light so bright?

Wait what? I abruptly sit up and feel pain sting my sides. I stopped short of gasping and traced my fingers around my torso. Bandages? So Im not dead… yet.

Inclining my head towards my left, I noticed another person.

”Oh, you
e awake! ” A young man smiled at me and entered. He was carrying a set of clothes and bandages in his hands.

”Uh… ” From his uniform I could tell that this man was a servant of some sort.

”It is great that you have woken up. I was starting to get worried. ”

Facing his smiling face I was at a loss of words. No one had ever smiled that way at me. It was always disdain or indifference.

Breaking out of my daze I question him, ”Uh, Sir? Can you tell me where this is and why Im here? ”

”This is the mansion of Marquess Zephyrus. As for why you are here, Lady Liana is the reason. ”

Its that girls house! That means that silhouette was a guard of the house… This increases my chances of survival. I need to somehow make Liana agree for me to leave. Sigh, I guess our positions are reversed now.

”How is Miss Liana? ” I ask, trying to get information as subtly as possible. Knowing how she is crucial for what I have to do next. If she is fine, I need to find a way to meet her.

The man answered while scrutinising me, ”Young Lady Liana is in great health. ”

”I see, please convey my thanks to her. ” I said bowing my head.

”No need to bow. You are still injured. I have treated your wounds but theyll open up if you move around too much. ”

I have to act at least this much. This is the Marquess mansion! Hes a higher noble than Baron Moss. I can risk losing my head over small mistakes.

Since you are awake, I will send over a maid to get you cleaned up and fed. I shall meet you afterwards. ”

He quickly left the room. A few minutes later, a maid strode in and told me to follow her.

I slid off the edge of the bed and quickly followed her.


The corridors were huge.

Tall walls like that of trees, reached up on either side of me. The windows were all foggy glass and the pale light spilled across the hallway, over the marble and paint. The roofs arched away from the bannisters and met in the centre of the panel running along the middle of the roof.

But that wasn all- the corridors were long too.

The entire place screams of wealth. I could probably live well for a year if I sold that vase or that painting.

I didn let my eyes linger too long on the precious items on display, wary of the guards standing alert on each end of the corridors. They each had a large sword strapped to their waists.

I wonder what its like to swing a sword…

If they
e as strong as those who went to save Liana then it won be easy to just run away from here.

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