”Burn the Saintess! ”

”Burn that wicked woman, how dare she sell herself to the demon lord, ” a person yelled.

”She deserves to die!!! ”

The crowd of people yelled at the girl who was tied up unto a huge log, where a fire was being lit underneath her feet.

”Father please help me, ” the Saintess pleaded once more for the King to help her, but he just glared at her.

The Saintess face became dark as she realized how foolish she was to risk her life for these people who wanted to kill her in her most vulnerable state. As the Demon Lord was gone she was a threat to their kingdom and they didn even spare time to think about this, and announced that the Saintess must be killed.

Different lies surrounded her, to put her in this position, now she regrets her choices.

”I never did anything wrong, how could you all do this to me after everything Ive done for you, ” she cried with a sorrowful look, and tears streaming down her face.

”Your just a slut who seduced the Prince and the Hero. ” ”Yeahhhhhhh!!! ”

”You disgusting man stealer!!!! ”

Those were some of the words the crowd accused her of. The saintesss mood changed, as if a switch had flipped in her brain. The sorrowful look she once had slowly turned into a grin of pure madness, giving her a mad look.

”I swear, I will never let anyone of you rest in peace. ” She shouted at the top of her lungs, laughing madly in the fire with eyes full of rage.

༻————— ˗ˋˊ˗ —————༺

The human kingdom of sandeph was a beautiful and peaceful place, where you could often see people going on with their day, children playing happily in the meadows and soldiers dancing with the common people.

The kingdom had a beautiful princess who they all cherished, her name was Aurianna and she was the third child of the King. The oldest brother was named Husae, and the second brother was named Ralph.

Aurianna was a lovely young girl adorned with two long blue twintails, crystal blue eyes and a smile so angelic it could make even the most hardened veteran soldier melt. She had a very slender figure and fair skin, that was all the more highlighted by the pink gown she often wore.

She was a cheerful princess who had everything a princess could want and wish for, and she would even get the world if it made her happy.

The kingdom didn mind that, because there was a prophecy which declared that the first princess born would become the revered Saintess—A person who was born to lead humanity in a crusade against the demons and end the threat once and for all. So on Auriannas tenth birthday the prophecy came to be, as she would awaken her Saintess powers. The whole kingdom was in ecstasy and joy over the news, as it would mean that the kingdom finally had a way to fight the demons.

”My daughter has been chosen as the saintess by our Goddess Paige! Praise upon the Goddess almighty and Goddess bless Sandeph! ”

Aurianna knelt down before her father; the King.

”Raise your head, ” the King commanded, and Aurianna did as she was told. ”I shall not disappoint you father, ” she pledged with fierce determination in her heart.

The church heard of princess Aurianna being chosen as a Saintess, so they went to confirm. When they went to meet the princess their suspicions of a fake Saintess were cleared when they saw her healing an injured maid, however, they realized she couldn utilize her full power.

The Head Priest entered the palace during the day the kingdom was celebrating the new Saintess.

”Welcome Head Priest Deille. ” A handsome, middle-aged man greeted the head priest. His hair was graying but still had faint black shades that flown to his shoulders. He had a stocky and musculare build despite his age, and an angular chiseled chin. His eyes were green, almost like emeralds. The clothes he wore gave him a royal and elegant look, wearing a stylish vest adorned with silver buttons. He sat on a throne befitting of a king, because he was the King of Sandeph, ruler of Girsal.

The Head Priest paid no attention to the King and walked straight to Aurianna who was surrounded by people. Once everyone saw the Head Priest they all made way for him to go see Aurianna.

Aurianna looked up towards the tall priest, he wore a white cloak that had red markings from the shoulder down to the waist. His face wasn visible since it was covered by a hood.

”I would give you this opportunity child, ” his voice boomed as he seemed to be looking at her.

”Come with me if you want to be a true Saintess, staying here would only hinder your progress. ” The priests voice boomed as he spoke.

Once the priest was about to make an offer the King became furious. He wasn going to let the church take the Saintess away from him.

The Priest stretched out his hand for her to agree. Aurianna looked at him hesitantly and looked at her father who was boiling with rage, which made her body tremble.

The priest wanted the princess to decide if she either wanted to be raised by her family or the church to be the Saintess. The church was actually the best option since the church can help her grow better. However, Aurianna was warned by her father that the church was bad people so she shouldn choose them.

”Im sorry Head Priest, I love my family and I prefer to stay with them, ” she answered with a sweet smile.

The King grinned and the priest sighed. ”I hope you don regret your decision, ” he sighed.

As he was leaving everyone was silent as they could hear his footsteps echoing through the hall.

Once he left everyone went to Aurianna to praise and flatter her for being such a wise and beautiful child. However, Aurianna felt a sharp pain in her chest like it was warning her that she had made a mistake.

At a very young age of fourteen, Aurianna began her training. She led her kingdom to war against the demons and used her power as a Saintess to heal those who were hurt. She received many accomplishments and was liked by her father since she always listened to him.

However, when she was eighteen, things took a turn. Aurianna was sleeping peacefully in her chamber after a tiring day of healing the people who fought against the demons.

As she was about to sleep on a big comfy bed she heard someone enter her room, and saw that it was her second brother. The second Prince Ralph had soft ocean blue hair, with a pair of beautiful green eyes like his brother. Hes quite tall and extremely handsome.

She thought that he was coming to wish her good night like he always did, but this time he acted differently, he walked drunkenly to Aurianna.

”Oh brother Ralph what brings you here? ” she asked with a sweet and innocent smile.

Aurianna got up from her bed to help her brother, but he quickly rushed to her and pushed her on the bed, as he began to strip her off her clothes.

”Oh Aurianna you
e always as sweet as always, ” Ralph complimented as he kissed her neck.

”Brother- please… ..s-stop.., ” Aurianna pleaded as tears ran down her face.

Ralph looked at her with a blushing face, ”Even when you cry you
e so cute, ” he said with a sadistic smile plastered on his face.

Aurianna then shivered and became scared. She screamed for help from the guards in front of her room, but they turned around pretending not to know anythin

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