“E-even if we go out, I dont have any money…”

Lilil said sullenly. Although her parents did leave her with some assets, apparently they werent much and quickly used up.

“My parents donated much of their money to the poor… ”

Is that so. Jinhyuk wondered why she had no money despite being a noble, but he now saw why. Her parents must have donated expecting to make more money later. You dont usually expect to die so quickly.

“With what money did you buy the books?”

“Ishizu would buy any books I want. Since shes rich.”

It seemed that Ishizu was responsible for Lilils livelihood. Its a fortune that she has Ishizu.

“But I dont have any money to spend on random things.”

Lillil had only enough money for the wagon.

“How is Ishizu going to the academy?”

“Her familys exclusive wagon will take her. With a lot of escort knights.”

“And we only have enough for a wagon with a little bit of escort?”

“Thats right.”

Jinhyuk thought for a moment. If the academy is a place like a school he knows, there sure wont be much freedom. Itd be better to experience a variety of things before going to the academy.

‘Money is the problem…

Really, it was just a hopeful guess. Even if this is another world, if its affected by The System, Jinhyuk might be able to use his inventory.

‘There are a lot of great items in my inventory…

Even in this world, jewelry should be expensive. If only you could access your inventory, that wouldnt be a problem.

Without much expectation, Jinhyuk mumbled.


Immediately, the inventory appeared. Items stored in a special space were imaged and embedded in square boxes.

‘This works?

Is the impact of The System this widespread? Perhaps its universal? Jinhyk wasnt sure, but he didnt care to figure that out. No one had uncovered the secrets of The system in the first place.

‘Well, the fact that I have jewelries is whats important.

Jinhyuk had a dumpster load of gems. He smiled and took one out.

“Im asking because I have no idea, but are jewels worth anything in this world?”

“Its beyond just being worth something! Gems are necessities for nobles, with some gems used to make equipment.”

I guess it can be thought of like how people treat luxury clothing? Like how you could just wear any clothes, but insist on the luxurious ones. Jewelries must be purely to make their clothes look more prestigious.

“Then you wont have to worry about money.”


“Take a look.”

Jinhyuk took a diamond out of his inventory.


“I have hundreds more of these things. Many other gems as well. Not to mention gold.”

“U-unbelievable… Mr.Jinhyuk, you sure are amazing.”

Lilil rubbed her eyes in disbelief, and pinched her cheeks to check if she was dreaming. Jinhyuk smiled as he patted her head.

“Its a real gem and its not a dream. Go ahead and be happy.”


Lilil smiled brightly. Of course, Lilil is beautiful when she smiles rather than when she seems anxious enough to cry. Jinhyuk bursted out in laughter, feeling great to see her smile.

“Should we try selling some jewelry?”

“I-Ill guide you!”

Lillil began to guide, jumping in glee. Jinhyuk looked around as he followed. Unlike Earth, no modern buildings were in sight, only those with a medieval feel.

There were many types of people as well. Some carried weapons such as swords, spears, and axes, while others had magic wands. Some had obvious signs of being rich, while the homeless begged for money.

Its truly a world in which people live.

The only difference from modern times is that the streets were rather messy. Not that we can expect such from a less developed civilization. Its not like they have such things as janitors.

“Were here!”

Lillil stopped as she hummed. A grandmother who seemed to have aged quite a bit was sitting in front of her stall.

“I read the travel guide book for Triina, and they say this store is the most honest when it comes to buying and selling jewelry.”

“I see.”

The words of the bookworm Lillil are reliable. With jewels overflowing in the inventory, it wasnt a big deal to sell under their value, but its best to get money for what its worth, is it not?

“Hi. Im here to sell some jewelry.”

“Watcha sellin?”

“I want to sell diamonds.”

“Lemme take a look.”

Jinhyuk thought about what diamond to take out, and then picked the smallest one he had. He didnt know what kind of chaos would unfold if he showed something big.

“Hmm… At this size, it would be worth buying for 9 million derats.”

“How much is 9 million derats?”

“You can hire a strong mercenary for about a week, for 5 million derats… ”

It seems that the value is similar to that of the Korean currency. Jinhyuk expected gold coins, with the world being a medieval fantasy and all, but it seemed that thats not the case.

“Okay, its a deal.”

He handed over his diamonds to his grandmother, and he was given nine checks that said one million derats. After that, he went to the bank and exchanged it for a million derat in cash.

“Well, what should we do with this money now? Is there anything you want to do?”

“I, I only read books at home, so… ”

Lilil smiled awkwardly. Lilils worn-out clothes caught his eye. No matter how much shell be wearing just a uniform in the academy, its not like she will even on the weekends. Choosing her clothes will also help a lot in forming her own identity.

‘Because you get to find out what you like.

Strangely enough, the clothes of this world were close to modern times. It would have been inconvenient if clothes were of medieval fantasy style as well, but since it isnt, Jinhyuk thought it would be a good time to buy his own.

He didnt have many clothes in his inventory.

“Okay then, shall we go buy some clothes?”

“C-clothes? What kind of clothes?”

“Clothes you and I will wear?”

“Oh, I can just wear anything…”

“But itd feel good to wear clothes you like, right?”

“I-is that so?”

“So lets try some.”

Jinhyuk took Lilil into a clothing store. At least for clothing stores, clothes were lined up in rows, just like in the modern times.

‘Should make shopping easier.

A clerk approached them as they looked around.

“Oh, sir, is there a style you are looking for?”

“Ah, no, thank you. Ill pick them on my own.”

“Then I will give explanations about the clothes you choose~”

There seemed to be many clerks in the store. After all, the clerks job is to hold on to one customer and explain it, so Jinhyuk nodded in agreement.

“Go ahead.”

“Y-y-yes, of course.”

Lillil scanned the clothes with her trembling eyes. The set of clothes on a mannequin caught her eye. White blouse and tennis skirt. It seemed like itd look pretty with how itd flutter around.

Is it okay for me to wear this? Lilil thought for a moment. It seemed pretty. She sneakily checked the price.

‘200,000 derats.

With the top and bottom combined, 400,000 derats in total. How many books could you buy with 400,000 derats? It was enough money to buy 40 books. Lilil put down the price tag in shock and looked away.

Well, she *tried* to put it down.

“Why? Its pretty. Is it because of the price?”

“Y-yes. 400,000 derats, thats 40 books… ”

“The last thing well run out of is money, whats there to worry about?”


Lilil hesitated, and the clerk jumped to interrupt.

“Oh my, you must have great eyes for excellence, maam. A combination of white blouse and a tennis skirt! Would make your legs look long. It is one of the sets recommended by our clothing store. Wear it on a date, and your mans chest will be pounding! Try feeling the texture of it. The softness is enough to tell how comfortable it is to wear… ”

Lilil seemed lost as the clerk poured on more explanation. Jinhyuk shook his head, seeing how shes trying to avoid buying something expensive.

“Summoner lady, who am I?”

“Mr. Jinhyuk.”

“Not that, I mean who was I summoned to.”

“To me, youve been summoned by me.”

“Then Im all yours, correct? Whats there to be worried about? Ive no intention of running away. My money is my summoner ladys money. In the world I lived in, money was power. So, think of it as your power and just spend it away.”

After hearing this, Lilil thought about it for a while, and eventually bought the blouse and the tennis skirt. Jinhyuk then grabbed her as she was about to leave and forced her to buy pajamas as well. What she chose was a white rabbit pajama.

‘Seems like she likes white

Even the blouse and tennis skirt are white, arent they? On the other hand, Jinhyuk bought black hooded sweatshirt. He liked the color black and it was easy to move around in them.

“You can buy more.”

“I-its okay! Lets save money… ”

He paid with a check for one million derat. Although they had spent only 1 million out of 9 million, Lilils hands were shaking.

Well, that might be normal. If I told anyone that I spent 1 million won on a few clothes, many low class people in Korea would shake their heads.

“Summoner lady.”

“Yes, yes?”

“If you keep being so frugal, Im gonna make you eat at a luxurious restaurant. One where you spend 4 million derats per meal.”

“N-no, we cant do that! 4 million derats, thats 400 books!”

Counting by books instead of stews, shes a bookworm, alright. Jinhyuk smiled bitterly.

“Moneys my power as a summon, so Id like you to use it with a peace of mind.”

“We must save on spending. Its never good to indulge in luxuries.”

It seems that shes not the type of person who likes to indulge in luxury. If thats what Lills wants, Ill respect it. In any case, getting to understand yourself more helps with mental growth.

“Hm, but what is that?”

A strange sign caught Jinhyks eye.

6 goblins entered today.

Currently 2 left.

“Ah, thats the goblin battlefield.”

“Goblin Battlefield?”

“Yeah, its where you make goblins, the weakest monsters, fight each other after capturing them and bringing them here with cash. You can think of it as a place to relieve stress.”

Can it be thought of as something like a punching machine in an arcade? Replacing that with goblins sounds a bit ridiculous.

But wouldnt her magic power increase if I feed her goblins?, thought Jinhyuk.

“You know, I want to hunt monsters. Is that the way to do it?”

“Its the only way for us. Minors require permission from the Academy to hunt monsters.”

In other words, the only monsters he could make a dish out of before entering the academy were goblins. There werent any restaurants that served monster dishes, as far as Jinhyuk could see.

“Then, shall we have goblin meat for dinner tonight?”

“What?! Eat Goblins? How?”

Lilil looked shocked.

‘No way.

Is cooking and eating goblins not a thing in this world?

‘It was trending so hard back on Earth.

He smiled, saying theres no need to worry.

“Ill cook you a delicious meal. Lets go. As a test of my strength.”

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