Its boring to be at the peak.

“The whereabouts of the strongest hunter Seong Jinhyuk is unclear.”

It felt great at first.

To be called the strongest, to save the world from crisis.

To be admired and be respected by those you saved.

“He doesnt just have one or two achievements up his sleeve. All named monsters met death by his wrath.”

But at some point, it got boring.

“Hunter Seong Jinhyuk, who disappeared as soon as the worlds great crisis was over… Was he really a savior sent by God?”

One correction,

He is nothing like a savior sent by God.

He just happened to get caught up in some strange occurrence and disappear.

“Im, Im sorry… for interfering with your powers. I d-dont know how to return someone back to their world …”

A girl tears up, unable to lift her head.

She claims to be a human who summoned me from another world.

The problem is that this girl wouldnt even be a F-Class Hunter, but in fact a FFF-Class…

I simply thought,Well, I was getting bored of being at the peak anyway.

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