I Dont Want to Look After a Spoiled Child (2)

In the book, there was almost no description of Mu Yueshis childhood. The author used a few sentences to show that the young master of the troubled Devil Clan had a painful and dark childhood. It explained him falling in love with the female lead when she saved him from the brink of death, and only then were there numerous entangling and scheming scenes. But ultimately, there was nothing related to what he went through during his childhood.

By the time he officially appeared, he was already a villain who was so powerful that he could almost overthrow the male lead.

So the Mu Yueshi that Ding Yi was currently engaging with was going through a completely empty storyline. 

The so-called emptiness meant that she had no idea what would happen before Mu Yueshis official appearance!  

Just like now, the incident where little Mu Yueshi escaped from the pursuers and coughed up blood was simply unexpected for Ding Yi.  

She worriedly patted Mu Yueshis little back then touched his forehead and said anxiously: “Does it hurt? Is it still very uncomfortable? Be good, be good, try to bear with it first. I will decoct the anti-fever medicine.”  

She vaguely remembered that after the devil clan was seriously injured, they would gradually not be able to maintain their human form. Their body would more or less reveal some part of their devil form. That was most likely what was happening with Mu Yueshi now.  

Mu Yueshi grabbed her hand tightly, and his breathing was ragged, “That kind of stuff is useless.”  

“No matter if I drink it or not, I will still die.” The strained tone suddenly choked.

The child slowly raised his head. His round face, carved from ice and jade, seemed to be enveloped with a layer of devilish energy. His irises were a crimson red, a bright red stain in between his eyebrows were faintly discernible, and his weak eyes showed deep anxiety.  

It was strangely beautiful.  

A look at Ding Yi made her blood rise; his cuteness nearly killed her. He was still a little version of the demonised brother, extremely cute and beautiful!! Its really killing me. 

At that time, the system that abruptly appeared said: The host is almost dying and the devil curse on the target is attacking. If you dont leave here quickly, both of you will not survive tonight.  

For no reason, the mechanical sound gave a death notice again. Ding Yi was stupefied: What does that mean?

Following that, a column of bold red summary appeared in her brain: withered bone skull.  

Ding Yis eyelids jerked, and she subconsciously went looking for the dying brother. She met the childs lifeless eyes that showed no hint of surprise or struggle.  

Mu Yueshis face was pale, and he spat out gloomily: “Theyre here, at the door.”  

Ding Yis smile stiffened, and she felt a layer of goose bumps on her back!  

She forced on an appearance of composure, turned around, and crazily buzzed the system: System, system! Why did you send me to the land of monsters? We dont have any martial force at all, are you asking me to hold the brother and wait for death?!

【Hello, the system is offline. A friendly reminder: Your help-seeking skill is already empty. To seek help, please purchase the skill first.】  

Ding Yi could not believe it. The cold-blooded system cheated her to the wolfs den and refused to offer help. Has its conscience been eaten by a dog?!  

However, there was no use for her to complain and scold because she was about to die. The health bar above her head was in anguish and she was cornered.  

At that time, there was a knock on the door outside. 

The hoarse and unpleasant voice came from the outside, mixed with the sound of rain; it sounded like sizzles, “Little girl, why did you lock the door?”  

Ding Yis whole body tensed up. She looked out the door with her eyes wide open and her teeth chattering.

She did not know what cheating gadget the system installed for her just now, but just now, when she closed her eyes, she could clearly see the monster outside the door.

The one knocking on the door just now was not the quiet and kind-hearted elder. It was a skeleton glowing in ghostly green light, leaning upside down on the door and looking into the house strangely with a skull without eyeballs!

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