Ding Yi stared until her fine hairs stood on end. She hurriedly pinched her thighs, squeezing out tears, and looked as though she would face death calmly: “If master wants my life, I have nothing to say, but before that, can master answer a question of mine?”  

Lu Liheng paused slightly and nodded: “Say it.”  

Ding Yis acting skills instantly soared, and she complained in a miserable voice: “If you say that monsters and devils are born with great sins, then are all mortals kind? You have also seen what happened that night, Master Lu. That guy murdered people for money and disregards human life. Yet compared to such people, they are born to be more noble than devil cultivators? Regardless of monster or devil, Master, please say, should that person be killed?”

All sorts of evil-doers were inherently evil, but it doesnt mean that humans were absolutely kind. When humans do evil, it is more terrible than anything else.  

In fact, to put it bluntly, if she did not have the so-called status of devil cultivator, and she failed, it would only be considered as self-defense.  

Lu Liheng did not answer. His fingers repeatedly stroked the fans handle, his movements slowed down a lot.  

Ding Yis heart was in turmoil.  

She gritted her teeth secretly and decided to give it a go, desperately saying: “If Master Lu cant let me go, please… dont let the child see when you kill me, please take care of the child.”  

That was so brilliant and great!  

Master Lu, were you that cold-blooded? I was almost moved to tears by myself! Hurry up and put down your little fan!  

It was anyones guess if he was convinced by Ding Yis fake acting skills or if he was too lazy to kill her, Lu Liheng finally put away the jade fan and softly sighed, “There are still good and bad humans. Monsters and devils may not be extremely vicious. If the young lady does not do evil deeds, then I do not have to be in a difficult position.”  

Ding Yi, who had saved her own life, was greatly relieved with tears in her eyes: “Certainly, certainly, thank you for your mercy.”  

Lu Liheng regained his polite appearance and said with a smile: “Young lady do not have to be afraid. I had no malicious intent in the first place.”  

Yes, yes, yes, you had no malice. You only wanted to kill me with a fan.

The first negotiation was already so difficult and dangerous that Ding Yi didnt dare to cotton on to him. She sat nervously, facing the great master who had a treacherous smile. She now extremely missed the demonised Little Devil Lord!  

Brother, you are much cuter, for real.  

The atmosphere was quite silent.  

Lu Liheng suddenly remembered something and said, “By the way, there is something that I forgot to return to you.”  

As he was talking, he took out something from his sleeve and handed it to Ding Yi.  

Ding Yi glanced at the black stone, and her eyelids twitched vigorously. It was so stimulating that she nearly had a heart attack.  

Why was the Weeping Blood Black Jade in Lu Lihengs hands? ! !  

She was doomed. That thing was a demonic object, Lu Liheng definitely could distinguish that much.  

The devilish energy released by the Black Jade shared the same origin as Mu Yueshi. As long as he tries that thing on Mu Yueshi, he will find out that there is a telepathy between both of them…what was that supposed to mean? Did I act in vain just now! !  

Ding Yis heart had chills.  

Lu Liheng saw that she was not taking it and saw her expression condensed very strangely, so he asked, “Young lady, why is your face so pale?”  

Ding Yi regained consciousness: “Nothing, Im fine.”  

She took that thing just like picking up a hot potato, feeling uneasy.  

With just a few words, she was nearly scared to death by Lu Liheng. Now that Ding Yi took that thing, she closed her eyes and waited for a new round of trouble.  

But to her surprise, Master Lu did not say a word and did not even ask.  

Did he not know of that earth-shattering artifact?  

That did not feel right.  

Ding Yi felt that it was unbelievable, and she curiously asked: “Doesnt Master Lu have anything to ask?”  

Master Lus reaction was too calm and undisturbed. Instead of relief, it made others feel scared.

That was what she thought, but after she finished speaking, she wanted to slap herself!  

Was being afraid more important than life now?  

Lu Lihengs eyelids narrowed by an increment, and he smiled slightly: “If the young lady wants to be frank, I will definitely listen attentively.  

Ding Yi, who came back to her senses, shook her head frantically, “No, no! This is nothing special… I heard that this thing is a piece of jade. I dont think it looks like one, so I want to ask Master Lu… Hahaha! Its nothing, I just want to know if this thing is worthless, haha…”  

While forcing a smile, she quickly slipped the uneasy thing into her sleeve!  

“This piece of black jade.” Lu Liheng pondered with a very shallow arc of his mouth, and smiled calmly, “…is somewhat weird.”

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