I Am a Weak Woman (1)

Yesterday nights fiasco was over, and it was a cloudless, sunny morning the next day.  

Ding Yi, who finished boosting her spirits, also got up early. She turned her head to look at Mu Yueshi, who curled up with half of his body leaning against her and slept soundly. His white, delicate arms held the quilt, and his little fingers twisted in his soft black hair; it was really cute.

Ding Yi felt that her energy tank was full and silently cheered herself up.  

Today is also a day to strive for the brothers bright future!  

Ding Yi twiddled her hands and legs, got up, and casually washed herself. Then, she conveniently found something to fill her stomach.  

She was pondering about travelling to a distant place. Then, she tumbled across things that could be used along the way in every corner of the thatched house. Needless to say, the old house had everything.

Ding Yi tidied up the scattered bamboo baskets while annoying the system: Uncle, how about you give me some skills again? This trip to the border of Yu Ling Mountain is to seek a living. If the devils and monsters fix their eyes on us, it will definitely be a disaster.  

【Hello, the system is offline. Your voice message will be transferred into the voicemail box. 】  

The system did not want to talk to her.  

Ding Yi did not care and continued nagging: After going there, we would stay for at least a few years. According to the plot, when Mu Yueshi turns thirteen years old, only can I send him up the mountain to cultivate. In other words, I, a weak woman, have to be self-reliant and raise the brother for seven or eight years. Without any survival skills, weeping, am I not too miserable?

The system coldly said: You are a man of sacrifice who protected Mu Yueshi, having a higher martial strength than ordinary people, you are not a weak woman.  

As a bodyguard, it is more than enough to protect Mu Yueshi, who is no longer demonised.  

Ding Yi was surprised: So I can actually fight? !  

It was an unexpected gain! She always thought that she was just a good-looking yet useless subordinate, but she turned out to be a capable man! ! !  

The system dampened her spirits relentlessly, coldly saying: That is, you are a little more resistant to attacks than others. Host, please cherish your life.  


So, she was just a valueless person.  

Ding Yi rolled her eyes in her heart and dawdled for a while with the system before she fixed the hole in the bamboo basket crookedly.  

Although her martial strength was mediocre, her survival instincts and evasion skills were very strong!  

Ding Yi showed a satisfied expression and then turned to see Little Mu Yueshi standing by the edge of the door frame.  

The little boy stood there motionless. His round black eyes were pure, his small face was delicate, and a light haze covered his glabella.  

The child who was preoccupied with thoughts was reserved. She did not know whether he was happy or not.  

Ding Yi never noticed that, grinned, and asked: “You woke up so soon. Did you sleep well? Have you eaten the fruits on the table?”  

Mu Yueshi pursed his lips and silently nodded.  

Actually, he didnt touch those wild fruits.  

When he woke up, he saw that there was no one around him. His first reaction was that he had been abandoned. His face instantly turned pale, so he hurriedly got out of bed.  

When he ran out, he was still anxiously thinking: What if she had regretted saving him?  

Ding Yis attention was not on the childs paranoid thoughts at all. She could not wait for the results of the experiment and waved at him with an earnest expression: “Come, come! Come quickly!  

Mu Yueshi hesitated for a moment, pondering, and then walked over.  

Then, Ding Yi pulled out the bamboo basket and confidently placed it in front of him.  

“Does it look good? This is your mount. Quick, go in and sit!”  


Using a bamboo basket to hold someone, the users experience was definitely not good. But seeing Ding Yis face full of expectation, Little Mu Yueshi was also very sensible and did not say a word about his discomfort.

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