Refusing the Task Will Lead to Abuse (2)

In the dead of night, with a peace like a river boat with a looming lantern, it was quiet all around. During this time, snores fluctuated without end, and there was the sound of grinding teeth. The scenario was strangely harmonious.  

Ding Yi leaned half of her body, swaying a palm-leaf fan at Mu Yueshi to expel heat. She originally planned to not sleep tonight, but for some reason, her eyelids became heavier in the wee hours.  

In the end, even pinching her thigh did not work.  

Ding Yi, who was exhausted, closed her eyelids and had a dream.  

She dreamed that she had returned to the real world. She was exhausted and felt as if she worked overtime until four or five in the morning. When she got home, she immediately pounced on the ultimate goose feathered bed, curled up with the quilt, and screamed. This dream was filled with happiness, making her unwilling to wake up!

【Danger lies ahead! Danger warning! Host, please wake up quickly!】An unpleasant mechanical sound appeared, repeatedly stirring the alarm.  

The sound was clear and shrill, like a magical sound piercing her ears. Ding Yi, who could not dream freely, felt extremely bitter!  

But it was also thanks to her sensory organs being in such pain that could she open her eyes with difficulty in the midst of manic grief——  

The surrounding light was very dim. Ding Yi opened her dry eyes, and it took a while to adapt. At that time, she heard two hushed voices.  

“Brother, the goods this time are much better than the previous ones. The payment…”

“Okay, cut the crap! Hurry up and get things done. When has the master from the Dan family been stingy? By then, all those benefits will be yours!”  

“Naturally, naturally! Wait, Ill go and stalk them and get out those women…”  

Ding Yi was caught off guard when she heard the conversation. Suddenly, she was so scared that she was wide awake!  

After she was completely awake, only then did she realise that her wrists and legs were tied. She did not know if she had inhaled something like ecstasy before falling asleep. Now she was not only exhausted, but could not even talk !  

Needless to say, someone on the ship was doing illegal transactions, and it was not their first time!

It was the first time Ding Yi encountered such an incident of being knocked out and abducted. She was really furious, scared, and regretful. Sure enough, Mu Yueshis intuition was right. If she had known, she would have kept her eyelids open and stared, not daring to fall asleep!  

Now, something had happened right?  

Ding Yi, why the heck did you fall asleep! Hu hu hu.  

The system coldly said: You definitely will faint after getting drugged three milligrams of that stuff. There was no use of peeling off your eyelids. It is better for the host to think of a way to get free.  

However, the helpless Ding Yi only heard the previous sentence, and her face was shocked: I got drugged by that stuff and you did not remind me in advance? I was so obedient, how could you treat me this way? Could it be that all of a sudden you no longer love Mengxin? !  

System: ……  

Rather than blabbering here with me, you might as well hurry up and find a way to escape!

While Ding Yi was talking nonsense, she was certainly also trying to find a way. She hurriedly flipped through her virtual backpack and rejuvenated herself with two large bottles ofLarge Damage Endurance Potion to maintain consciousness and stamina.

Having the strength, she quickly broke away from the rope around her wrists. After she freed herself, she stood up from the ground and found that there were women tied up in every corner. Young ones, pretty ones, middle-aged ones, they had them all!  

Ding Yi was burning in anger. Those heartless bastards were not even picking people, but all women would be taken away?  

Also, she listened to their conversation just now, it was obvious that these people were already familiar with doing this kind of stuff.

Thinking to this point, Ding Yis face was a little solemn. These people continued to do evil without being exposed. If it werent that they did it flawlessly, then the backer condoning their evil doings must be very powerful.  

There was a flash of an idea in her mind… Wait! She remembered that those two people seemed to mention the Dan family…  


【The leads family background side story is loading… Host, please help those women, uncover the big cultivation clan, Dan familys, scandal of secretly buying and selling women, refine a secret medicine, and promote the progress of the plot line. Once the task is successfully completed, host will gain 200 experience points and obtain double rewards for new skills! 】  

The expressionless Ding Yi sensed a coerced trade.  

System, your intention to force me to personally go against danger was simply too obvious!  

Dan family, refining medicine, a scandal.  

There was no problem with raising a villain, but why does pushing forward the novels plot require me, a cannon fodder?  

The system did not care at all.  

A promptHost, please accept the task popped up in front of Ding Yis eyes, and she was filled with worries.

In the eyes of that cold-blooded and merciless system, newbies had no human rights at all!  

In fact, up to this point, Ding Yi had no other choice. If she wanted to save them, she had to create a fuss. Once there was a fuss, then the person behind the buyer would be doomed. Once the Dan family was doomed, connecting to the original plot line, her task would be completed.  

That sounded like a win-win situation, but Ding Yi knew that it was all the systems conspiracy!

No money was needed to use her cannon fodder acting skills.  

Ding Yi silently felt sorry for her weak self while quickly untying the rope for the woman who was knocked out next to her. No matter what, saving people was the priority! Before the traffickers return, she must move fast!  

But since it was a paid task, it showed that there was a certain degree of difficulty.  

After Ding Yi, who was sweating profusely, untied the last person, she was eventually spotted by the crafty looking man!  

… She was done for.

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