The Unexpected Demonization (2)

I just left for a short while. Brother, exactly what tragedy did you experience in such a short time?!!

The system was also a little muddle-headed: Why is the data deviation so big?! You cannot let the targets demonizing index increase any further. Host, quick stop him from demonizing and murdering someone! 

Ding Yi looked at Mu Yueshis little hands that were black due to being soaked in the devilish aura which were reaching out to the head of the frightened man. She immediately screamed, “No! Yueshi, stop! Mu Yueshi!”  

With a click, the thing that broke off was the wooden pillar beside the mans head.  

Ding Yis cold sweat fell.  

Mu Yueshi seemed to have heard her voice. The devilish energy in his body was restrained as if it was startled, and the blood-red colour in his eyes faded a little. The little devil lord looked at Ding Yi blankly. His voice was a little disturbed: “Why?”

Even without the systems warning analysis, Ding Yi could clearly tell that the demonized Mu Yueshi was different from the previous black little mascot in the bamboo forest.  

Now, there was something wrong with Mu Yueshi!  

Ding Yi swallowed and could only patiently coax: “You dont have to kill him. Yueshi, come, come over.”  

Mu Yueshi heard it and instinctively walked towards her.  

However, not even after two steps, he seemed to be forcibly dragged by something. Then, the expression on his little face started to show pain, and his eyes were breathtakingly red.  

Ding Yi felt it was not going well. She hurriedly stepped forward to hug Mu Yueshi who was ready to lose control at any time. Shaking the little sweetheart, she repeatedly comforting: “Its okay, its okay.”  

It seemed that her comfort was useful. The sharp, clamouring devilish aura on Mu Yueshis body subsided. He aggrievedly hugged Ding Yis neck. His black little nails curled up tightly, looking a little pitiful yet cute.  

“I thought you sneaked away.” Mu Yueshi obediently laid on her shoulders, and his gloomy tone carried a bit of aggrieved complaint.  

Ding Yi felt distressed, took the time to explore the various indicators of Mu Yueshis mood swings which were like a roller coaster, and hurriedly promised: “How is that possible? I wont leave, and I wont leave you behind. Be good, be good.”  

She comforted the emotionally unstable little devil lord. Soon enough, she heard the rapid footsteps on the deck and she was finally relieved.

It would not be good if someone saw Mu Yueshis demonized state by accident, so Ding Yi could only take him out of here first.  

But sometimes, when the set wrapped up and the cannon fodder, who was about to go offline, did some evil actions and forcibly added scenes, there would be something that you would never expect!  

Ding Yi was about to wrap her coat around Mu Yueshis face and leave here. But when she took off her coat, she was caught off guard to see that mutilated NPC with a hideous face who suddenly raised a knife towards Mu Yueshi!  

Ding Yi had no time to think. She rushed over to protect Mu Yueshi and was stabbed in the shoulder. The shields effectiveness just passed so the real damage instantly rebounded. The bullet-screen comments in her mind at that moment were left with a bunch of galloping alpacas.  

Mu Yueshi was ghastly pale, frantically supported Ding Yi who collapsed, and screamed, “Ding Yi!!”

The pain immediately turned Ding Yi into a fool. She could not even comfort Mu Yueshi, who paled with fright.  

When her consciousness gradually blurred, Ding Yi heard a certain immortal justly shout in the chaos, and then hatefully lashed outlunatics andintolerable injustice, which were dialogues of people from the righteous sect.  

Ding Yi contentedly closed her eyes but still could not help but swear before losing consciousness.  


That hurts!  

Give me a raise! Director! I am really cooperating with my life at stake for this scene!


After the side mission was completed, the progress of the plot was scarcely pulled up. However, Ding Yi was also severely injured, physically and mentally exhausted, not knowing how long she had been in a coma. She woke up in a daze and found herself lying in a clean and elegant room.  

Ding Yi slept for too long, and her mouth was dry. She thought of looking for a glass of water to drink, but as soon as her body moved, her shoulders felt like they were torn apart, and the pain made her scalp numb!  

“So painful…” Ding Yi sucked in a cold breath, scolding the system for doing nothing to save her while struggling to sit up.

At that time, the little head lying on the bedside was immediately awakened. When Mu Yueshi saw Ding Yi wake up, his eyes shone with ecstasy, but the expression on the little guys face soon changed into a scared-to-approach face which was on the verge of crying.  

Was he really scared out of his wits?  

Ding Yi felt affectionate, reached out her hand, and touched his head. She was just about to say,Its just a stab, Im really fine.” But she had yet to speak when Mu Yueshi glared at her with red eyes, and the teardrops started falling down.  

Ding Yi: ……?!  

Um? Why was he showing this expression?  

Did I miss out on something again? ? ?

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