I Am a Weak Woman (2)

In order to prevent accidents, Ding Yi brought along a rusty butchers knife, and even secretly tore off the talisman used to suppress the withered bone skull that was initially attached throughout the thatched house. She cautiously hid it in her arms.  

She must not be wasteful!  

After everything was prepared, both of them got ready to leave.  

Because they were going downhill and the steep mountain road was not easy to walk, Ding Yi must use a bamboo basket to carry Little Mu Yueshi on her back.  

Only then did Mu Yueshi know what the bamboo basket was for.  

His face stiffened, and he struggled for a moment. His voice was tense: “You dont have to carry me. I can walk.”

Ding Yi blocked the stubborn childs path with the bamboo basket and said, “Yes, darling, you can walk. But with your small arms and limbs, we cant even reach the mountainside when the sky turns dark.”  

Mu Yueshis little face flushed, and he stared at her with a cold expression: “You cant call me that.”  

Strictly speaking, he was still partially her master!  

What had gotten into her to call him darling?  

Ding Yi ruthlessly raised the childs arm and placed him into the bamboo basket, following his opinion: “Then I will call you ancestor. Can we not delay time, little ancestor?”  

Mu Yueshi was helplessly thrown into the bamboo basket and was easily carried away by her.  

He really was too weak.  

And also useless.  

The mountain road was secluded with nothing but the rustling sounds of footsteps.

When they were passing through the rapid mountain stream, Mu Yueshi held Ding Yis neck and asked in a dull voice, “…You werent like this in the past. Why are you so good to me?”  

Certainly, you were just someone randomly sent by the crazy woman in Tian Ye Tower.  

The stream was splashing in her ear. Ding Yi did not hear the previous sentence clearly, but she heard the latter sentence.

She thought for a while and said, “Ancestor, I was to take care of you. If I dont do this, I will feel very uncomfortable.”

Not only would she feel uncomfortable, but she may also die.  

Just thinking about a weak woman like me, doing the hardest and most tiring work, having to double such dangerous jobs as a bodyguard and nanny, it was really saddening. Well, lets not talk about it!  

After hearing Ding Yis reply, Mu Yueshi subconsciously tightened his arms.  

This person is different. She is really good to him.  

He thought.

Ding Yi was sweating profusely, not knowing about the brother in the basket. His heart, filled with wounds and traumas, had gone through many difficulties.  

The trip down the mountain was fairly smooth. Putting other matters aside, Ding Yis physical strength was definitely beyond expectations. 

After walking with the child on her back for so long, surprisingly she did not have any serious problems except a little panting.  

It was almost the same as eating Omega Supreme pills!  

Ding Yi was expressionless.  

A girl as pretty as a flower will not easily accept herself to have the strength of a bull in such a boorish setting!!  

After going down the mountain, the impatient Mu Yueshi twisted and jumped, wanting to come down and walk on his own.  

The brother who did not even reach her waist silently dragged the basket. Ding Yi felt that she might as well carry him on her back to walk faster.  

But she didnt force him. Places with village markets gradually had more people, and with her ragged clothes, it was inappropriate for her to swagger through the market with the child on her back.

Ding Yi thought for a while and still pulled Mu Yueshi into a clothing store.  

She pondered about the travelling expenses in her hand, measured a few feet of cotton, and also made two new clothes for herself and the child. After finishing the clothes and dried rations, she felt very hungry. Ding Yi brought the child to eat a good meal – Yang Chun noodles.  

Oh dear, there were so many places to spend money on. A copper plate had to be broken into two.

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