I Am a Cannon Fodder Who Died a Miserable Death (2)

He looked so pitiful.  

Ding Yi hugged the weak child in her arms tightly. She hardened her heart, turned quickly, and jumped into the well.  

The cold water in the deep well was bone-chillingly cold. When the water submerged over Ding Yis head, her whole heart froze in terror. How deep was the well?!  

She was very anxious. Its over, its over. She transmigrated here for not more than two minutes, and she was already going to leave here?  

Ding Yis head was submerged by water, and she felt that she could not hold on to the child for much longer. Just when she was in despair, a string of extremely sharp alarms sounded in her mind, and at the same time, a forcible transfer interface appeared.  

This unfeeling yet kind system was fine!  

When Ding Yi chose the transfer, she obviously felt that she could breathe. After that, there was a fit of dizziness, and she vaguely heard a series of red alarms sent frantically by the unprepared system.  

【Red card! Host, please correct your attitude. Dont take a vain attempt of perishing together with the target. You have triggered a violation!】  

【Punishment for violation practices is confiscation of all novice benefits and half of the hosts health points! Red letter warning: If the health value is less than 10%, the primary host will be directly obliterated. Please do not randomly seek death!】  

Ding Yi: “…”  

Experiencing near-death, she argued strongly: How could this be considered a violation? I did this for the sake of saving someone!  

The system showed no mercy and coldly replied, “Your argument is invalid. You already used your only survival skill. In the future, please be cautious to protect your life.”  

In the first two minutes, she had casually used such an important life protection talisman?! Would it kill it to give some reminder earlier?  

Ding Yis eyes darkened, a mouthful of blood came out her mouth, and she fainted.


Not knowing how much time had passed, when Ding Yi was completely awake, she realised that they had left the ancient well. 

She got up with difficulty and found out that they were in a lush bamboo forest. 

The rain had stopped. There were no people shouting and no chasing soldiers, Ding Yi knew that they were temporarily out of danger. She felt relieved and hurriedly went to see the unconscious little guy. 

Luckily, he did not have a missing arm or broken leg.  

As a result, Ding Yi stretched out her hand to touch his face and was almost scalded by the childs high body temperature!  

Ding Yi was shocked: “Hes so hot! He is about to be cooked!”  

What to do? What to do? If she doesnt bring down that childs fever, his extremely intelligent brain would definitely be cooked useless!  

At that moment, the sick little villain shrank into a small ball, just like a cub losing its aggressivity. When Ding Yis hand reached to the back of his ear, the child muttered weakly: “…Mother.” 

The sick voice was so soft that it would disappear as soon as the wind blew. 

Ding Yi heard the faint palpitations of his heart, and she paced around anxiously. She turned around, saw some lights in the hidden depths of the bamboo forest, and was overjoyed. No matter what, just get through the night first.  

She picked up the child and ran in that direction.

There was a cottage at the end of the road. Ding Yi knocked on the door, and the person who opened the door was an old

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