House or IOU

    Next, Mu Qing went to the room of Mu Xue and her brother Mu Weiguo again.

    The two of them robbed the fool Mu Qing and found them all.

    Then, she pretended to be lost and walked out.

    He said to Wang Mingda who was waiting in the yard with a face full of disappointment: ”Uncle Captain, am I stupid, I didn ’t find anything. ”

     ”I only found Mu Xue and my brother who stole what my father bought for me. ”

    Mu Qing said, and deliberately put those gadgets out.

    Zhang Chunhua and Chen Shuiqin twitched when they saw the worthless thing in Mu Qing ’s hand.

    Mu Xue and Mu Weiguo listened to Mu Qing ’s words, and then looked at the things in her hand.

    I was angrily trying to step forward to grab it, but was pulled by Zhang Chunhua.

    She whispered in the ears of the two children: ”Don ’t make trouble! Calm down! ”

     ”What is that little thing? I ’ll supply you two later. ”

    When Zhang Chunhua said this, Mu Xue and Mu Weiguo immediately showed happy smiles.

    However, Zhang Chunhua reminded him to press him down.

    Mu Qing had a panoramic view of the Mu family ’s expressions.

    She lowered her head and smiled slowly.

    He said coldly:

    Laugh now, you will cry later.

    After Mu Qing thought about it, when she raised her head again, she still looked weak and bullied.

     ”Uncle Captain, is the Mu family really out of money? ”

    She opened her mouth, asking innocently and pitifully.

    Wang Mingda watched, his old face wrinkled.

    He turned around and yelled at the Mu family.

     ”Zhang Chunhua, what ’s your family ’s living standard? You ’re a villager, I don ’t know! ”

     ”Second Mu ’s pension has only been sent back for less than a month. Even if your family is full of fish and meat every day, they can ’t eat 2,000 yuan. ”

     ”Where is the rest of the money? Don ’t hurry up and hand it over. ”

     ”You are not active in thinking like this, be careful to pull you out for education. ”

    Wang Mingda was so frightened, Zhang Chunhua immediately cried and became poor.

     ”Captain Wang, you can ’t count like this! ”

     ”Our family is very poor, where there are big fish and meat, you don ’t want to wrong our family. ”

     ”Second Mu ’s pension is 2,000 yuan, but I have to deal with it. ”

     ”Mom is sad and sick, she has to take medicine to see a doctor! ”

     ”Not only do we have no money, but we also borrowed a pair of trousers for a bad debt. Do you want me to figure it out for you! ”

    As Zhang Chunhua said, he was about to lean in front of Wang Mingda.

    Wang Mingda looked sad and quickly stepped back.

    In the end, he really had no choice but to turn around and say to Mu Qing:

     ”Girl, you went in to look for it, but couldn ’t find it. ”

     ”It seems that today, I can ’t get the money. ”

     ”Otherwise, you can transfer things to settle the bill, and then ask their family to write you an IOU. ”

     ”Do you think this is good? ”

     ”Uncle Captain… ” Mu Qing hesitated.

     ”That ’s the only way. ” She nodded her head pretending to be wronged.

    Then, she bit her lip and turned to look at Zhang Chunhua.

     ”Aunt, then write me an IOU and owe me 2,800 yuan. ”

    Zhang Chunhua jumped when he heard this.

     ”No, or you ’ll pull me out and chop. ”

     ”Aunt, look at what you said, murder is against the law, how could I kill you. ” Mu Qing spoke slowly.

     ”Just, this house and 2,800 yuan, think about it. ”

     ”If you don ’t give me money, I will bring Comrade Zhou ’s family and move here tomorrow. ”

     ”Anyway, if we don ’t have money, we ’ll use the house to pay for it. ”

     ”Fool Mu, you fart! ” Zhang Chunhua scolded directly.

     ”What ’s it like to fart? It ’s quite loud like you. ” Mu Qing pretended to be stupid.

    Almost made the people watching the fun laugh.

    Zhang Chunhua blushed and annoyed by Mu Qing.

     ”You sharp-toothed girl, who has been acting crazy and acting stupid, will want my house. ”

     ”Oh, my God, why don ’t you strike with a thunderbolt and chop this unscrupulous dog? ”

    Zhang Chunhua patted his thighs and started playing.

     ”The thunder is here, and if I want to chop, I will chop you! ” Mu Qing continued.

     ”You… ”

     ”Come on! ”

    Zhang Chunhua wanted to make a fuss, but Wang Mingda on the side shouted to stop.

     ”This account is clear, why are you making a fuss. ”

     ”The pension belongs to the second child, and her daughter has the right to receive it. ”

     ”Think about it for yourself, house and IOU, choose one. ”

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