The fool wants to split the account

    Wang Mingda, who was sitting behind the dilapidated desk, lit an economic broker cigarette, and after a few puffs, he asked:

     ”Tell me, what happened today? ”

    As soon as Wang Mingda opened his mouth, Zhang Chunhua immediately shouted.

     ”Captain Wang, you have to call the shots for us. ”

     ”Mu Qing, this dead girl, is deliberately pretending to be crazy and not working. ”

     ”Today…today… ” Zhang Chunhua said, showing a very embarrassed look.

     ”She ’s a dead girl, and she doesn ’t know what to learn outside. ”

     ”Not only slandering our family, but also slandering our family Muxue. ”

     ”She was messing around with Sun Zhiqing behind the haystacks, and when the Zhou family saw it, she bit back and said that we taught her. ”

     ”My heart, it hurts! ”

     ”I take good care of her, why did she become a white-eyed wolf! ”


    When Mu Qing heard this, she immediately refuted.

     ”Zhang Chunhua, can you still order your face? ”

     ”You ask Sun Zhiqing, are we messing around? ”

    As soon as Mu Qing spoke like this, everyone ’s eyes shifted to Sun Yingzhuo.

    Sun Yingzhuo was seen embarrassed, but he still said it.

     ”Me and Silly… Comrade Mu Qing and I are innocent. ”

     ”I just broke my belt and happened to pass by the haystack where Comrade Mu Qing rested. ”

    For Mu Qing to pull up her pants to find the White Rabbit toffee, it is a shame for Sun Yingzhuo.

    It was impossible for him to tell.

     ”You fart! ” Zhang Chunhua scolded aggressively.

    She looked around and found Zhou Tianze again.

     ”Boy Zhou, you were the first to arrive at the scene, you caught it, say it! ”

    Mu Qing only felt a little mysterious in her heart.

    Because Zhou Tianze is an upright man, it is impossible to insult his personality to lie.

    Her eyes turned to Zhou Tianze worriedly.

    Zhou Tianze raised his chest and kept his eyes straight.

    Speaking calmly: ”I was the first to arrive. When I arrived, Sun Zhiqing was holding his pants tightly. ”

     ”Comrade Mu Qing is looking for the white rabbit toffee in his mouth. ”

    Mu Qing listened to Zhou Tianze ’s words, and her breath was relieved.

    This week Tianze is helping her, and she is no longer as arbitrary as before.

    Mu Qing took the opportunity and immediately seized the opportunity to shoot.

     ”Uncle Captain… ”

    Mu Qing ’s emotions were brewing, and she came to Wang Mingda ’s table with a choked voice.

     ”Uncle Captain, you want to get justice for me, woo woo woo… ”

    Mu Qing said, and started to cry.

    She cried and said, ”The Mu family, they all bully me! ”

     ”They ’ve called me a fool since I was a kid. ”

     ”No food, no clothes, and let me live in a firewood shed. ”

     ”If I dare to speak out, they will beat me and lock me up. ”

     ”My dad…the money my dad sent back over the years has been used by them. ”

     ”Not long ago, they used the pension to buy a Shanghai brand watch for Mu Xue, and also bought her new leather shoes and new clothes. ”

    Wang Mingda listened to Mu Qing ’s words and couldn ’t help looking at Mu Xue.

    He really saw that Mu Xue was wearing a brand-new watch and bright leather shoes. The style of clothes was also popular in the county.

    Although there are many people in the Mu family, it is impossible to live such a good life if they are not diligent in their work.

    That can only show that what Mu Qing said is true.

    Seeing Wang Mingda ’s eyes gloomy, Mu Qing continued to strike while the iron was hot.

     ”They also said that my father is dead, and no one cares about me. They want to marry me to the hunchback in the next village for money. ”

     ”Although I am stupid, I also know that if I don ’t resist, I will die. ”

    Mu Qing said here, biting the flesh of her lips deliberately and sobbing.

    Look at her today, if they don ’t kill them, they have to peel off a layer of skin.

    Wang Mingda looked at Mu Qing ’s pitiful appearance with sympathy.

    He shot slowly and patted Mu Qing on the shoulder to comfort him.

     ”Girl, the party and the country will not allow the children of heroes to be abused. ”

     ”The country advocates freedom of marriage, and no one can force you. ”

     ”Captain, she ’s talking nonsense! She ’s just a fool, she can ’t count what she says. ”

    Zhang Chunhua, who was beside him, had a bad premonition and hurried in.

     ”Our family provides her with delicious food and drink, and records are recorded every month… ”

     ”Come on! ” Wang Mingda stopped.

     ”It ’s all a brigade, what kind of virtue does your family have, do you think others have no eyes to see? ”

    Wang Mingda finished scolding, then turned to look at Mu Qing.

     ”Girl, don ’t be afraid… ”

     ”Go back in the future, if they bully you, you can go to the brigade to file a complaint, and we will help you seek justice. ”

    Mu Qing listened to Wang Mingda ’s words, as if she would not give the Mu family any serious punishment.

    I was immediately upset.

    She said directly: ”Uncle Captain, I want to split up, I don ’t want to stay with their family. ”

     ”I want him to greedy and greedy my father ’s money, and take it all out. ”

     ”Separation! ” Wang Mingda was surprised.

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