I Wanna be an Eevee Master

Chapter 3 – My First Pokemon Trainer Battle.

Just outside Pallet Town I hide not far from the Road but before entering the forest. I took out all my pokemon 6 Eevee. I choose to focus on eevee evolve form so I decided to bring 6 eevee from home. Right now I plan to evolve one of them into Espeon. Actually Im quite nervous since I already read the walkthrough and found out that espeon can only evolve with enough something like happiness. But base on this world knowledge all evolution stone can evolve eevee so I try it anyway.

Now the problem is which one I will use it on. One of them is a level 6 eevee. Its the one that I choose back when Im 10 years old. It already with me for 5 years while the other is all level 1 that I just took from my family farm. First I took out the sun stone and show it to the level 6 eevee since its my first pokemon. I already attach to it so I ask him if it want to evolve into Espeon. The pokemon willingness is important since I want our relationship to be like friend and not master & pet.

It happily takes the stone then I watch it nervously and pray that it will work. Then the eevee shine with brilliant white light. The light is warm like the sun. the transformation last for about 10 minutes and a dashingly cool Espeon emerge. The espeon has slender legs and dainty paws. It is covered in fine, lilac fur. Its ears are large, and it has purple eyes with white pupils. There are tufts of fur near its eyes, and a small, red gem embedded in its forehead. It also has a thin, forked tail and is twice bigger that an eevee. I open GBA to look at it stat and I saw that it stat is much tronger the an eevee. It has two skill tackle and tail whip just like before.

Then I keep the other eevee in the pokeball and just took espeon to walk into the forest now its time for battle. Unlike in the game, the forest here actually has pokemon with varying level, not just week pokemon. They won take the initiative to attack human so normal trainers will see the pokemon and judge its power base on size, look and intuition to find pokemon suitable as their training partner. Then they will then attack it with their pokemon and the selected pokemon will battle. If they mistakenly choose too strong opponent, they will run away or they will battle until their pokemon fainted. Than the wild pokemon will leave after mocking the trainers.

But I don need to worry because of my cheat. The GBA will release some kind of wave so that only the pokemon within certain lvl will take the initiative to attack me. Base on the guide the pokemon that can be found here is Pidgey and Rattata with level 5 and less. Its no match to my lvl 6 espeon. The battle in this world is very different that inside the game. First its 3 dimension. The pokemon can move freely and its not turn base. The battle is mostly based on the pokemon on battle sense. The trainer will provide support by shouting the skill name, attack, dodge, retreat or jump and the pokemon will follow the order based on their loyalty. So there is very high probability for the pokemon to not follow the order.

But I don have any problem in this thank to my cheat. My GBA device can allow me to send telepathic order to my pokemon. And the pokemon will 100% obey it. Maybe its the change mention by the administrator before to suite the wold logic since its no longer a turn base game. Of course since the pokemon here is weaker than my espeon I just order it to fight freely. After the wild pokemon fainted, it will pass out for a few minutes before waking up and run away. Then we will continue walking and other pokemon will come challenging us. The pokemon will also not ambush us. They will appear in front of us properly.

About item that you can find in the field. At first I see the walkthrough and try to find the place but I didn see anything on the ground, so I think that I couldn find these item and be disappointed since some those item is very important. But I suddenly heard a ring and saw that my avatar in the GBA found something on the ground and ask if I want to pick it. I quickly pick yes and a potion appear in my back. I finally realise that the item can only be pick by the avatar. With this Im relief since this mean I can pick all those item in the future like evolution stone and rare candy.

I keep levelling until my Espeon reach level 8 and learn sand-attack. The pokemon in this world don automatically learn a move, they need to manually learn the skill. So one of the specialty of my cheat is that when they reach a certain level, the information about the move will appear in its mind and it won take a lot of time to master it. I just found out about it by asking espeon (just quessing by its gesture). Another cheat I found is that of course the pokemon stat increase by levelling up. Actually normal trainers don really battle wild pokemon much. For the battle with wild pokemon only serve to train their pokemon battle sense and catching new pokemon. They can raise their pokemon stat.

Then I reach Veridian Town at noon. First I save my game and then head to the poke centre. Poke centre is the place for trainer to gather. They have a lot of facilities like clinic for human and pokemon, restaurant, and rest area. Rookie trainers that don have the money to rent an inn can spread their sleeping bag in the rest area to spend the night. If you want to heal the pokemon here, you need to pay for treatment and you need to rest your pokemon until it fully healed. But for cheat user like me, just as I enter the poke center a notification appear in my GBA device asking me whether to heal my pokemon or not. I just think in my mind yes and it fully healed.

After that I enter the poke mart. The poke mart is just like a normal supermarket. It sold a lot of thing from food, daily necessities, tool, and most of the thing for daily life. The moment I entered the poke mart a notification appears but I ignore it because it would be weird to stay at the door for a long time. While searching for the thing I want to buy I think back in my mind and as expected the buy option appeared.

Poke Ball -$200

Antidote -$100

Parlyz Heal -$200

Burn Heal -$250

For now, I buy 10 Poke Ball and 3 Antidote using the beginner 3000 fund. Then I continue shopping for normal item. I need to buy some preserved food, pokemon food, sleeping bag and tent. This city is just a few hours from Pallet Town but when I go further I will need to camp in the wild so I need to prepare.

After finish buying. I return to the Poke Centre and borrow a locker to put in the item I just bought and have lunch here. After that I walk around the town. Actually this town is familiar to me since its just half an hour by bike from Pallet Town. This Town is also the place for the Trainer Camp that I went to for 3 Month a few years ago. Theres a gym here but the gym leader is weird and he always absent for a few months like just now Im just in front of the gym. Theres a notice pasted on the door close until march. Well if you play the game you would know that he is the team rocket leader. Theres still a long time before I can reach the level to challenge the Gym.

I go out of town for some levelling and treasure hunting. Based on the guide I search for some potion then I go to route 22 before starting levelling I go to some hidden place that the guide say that I can get some TM. But I need to cut some tree but since this is real so I figured that I just need to find some way across. I easily pass the tree and I talk to the person there. It just a small talk but nothing happens. Then I heard a ring and the person talking to my avatar give me TM 42 Dream Eater. This move need to make the opponent sleep first so it kind a useless. I just keep it as collection. Then I start levelling here.

There some new pokemon mankey, spearow and nidoran here. I train here until my espeon reach level 10. Then I also train my other eevee. I return to poke centre when my pokemon HP red and when my tackle PP use up, heal rest for a while and return levelling. When the sky turn dark I return to poke centre have my dinner and sleep at the rest area with my sleeping bag. Theres not many trainers here so theres no need to really mind my manners here. Tomorrow Ill continue my journey and my first day as a pokemon trainer ended.

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