I Wanna be an Eevee Master

Chapter 1 – I\'m Fay From Pallet Town

So this is what that caution that the administrator talks about. Im just a normal boy of 15 years age. Im just the third son. My studies are below average and I just barely pass my elementary school. Then I give up further education and just help around my family farm. Three days ago I have some terrible fever and I suddenly remember my previous live.

In that live Im just a normal factory worker. Since theres a holiday coming up, I just decide to waste my time playing a game that suddenly pop up I my pc. But I didn expect that game is really an invitation to another world. I just realize that this world is really the world mention in that game. The world of pokemon.

Now that I think about it I regret it a little that I didn choose another world. The world of pokemon is actually quite good, but compare with other world like One Piece with haki and Devil fruit, Naruto with chakra and ninjutsu, or Fairytale with magic its kind a pale in comparison.

But at lease this world is quite save. Other than some evil organisation somewhere plotting world domination. It can guarantee that I can somehow live peacefully. I also have something I can call a cheat that I got. With this I can safely got to the top of the world somehow. I don really have much attachment to my previous live since Im just a factory worker struggling on the bottom tier of society. My parent has pass away a few years ago, Im not married even in my 30 and I don have any relative that Im close with. The only pity is about my friend but its not like theres anything I can do about it.

This world is really the world of pokemon. Since I have the whole memories from my current live. But there are some different from the one show in manga and anime. My family main trade is a breeder. In the game there are some pokemon that cannot be found in the wild. They need some special event to get for example the starter pokemon, hitmonlee, hitmonchop and many other pokemon. If you play the game you might notice it. Base on this world logic those pokemon are very rare pokemon and to make sure they didn go extinct some family are assign by the pokemon association to breed them. My family is the eevee breeder.

But eevee is not a very popular pokemon since the normal form is not very strong and the evolve form is very hard to get. Its not as hard as in the game where you need the elemental stone to evolve. It can also evolve naturally but you need special training and elemental treasure. The only selling point for the normal eevee is its cuteness. So we don really have much demand and we can barely make a living. But my family is very close with each other. My parent in good health, my eldest brother is the family heir and my second brother is smart and he got accepted into a very good school.

This mean that I am the useless third son but my parent still treats me well. Before this I don have any aim for the future but after getting my past life memories Ive decided to be a pokemon master. More specifically Ill aim for eevee evolution team. It might be hard for other people to find all the elemental stone but for me who have copied all the walkthrough it won be a problem at all. Ive decided to ask permission from my family to travel at dinner tonight.

Tonight dinner is quite special since today is the new year. The setting of the kanto region is about the same as the western modern society. So the main menu is white bread and roasted chicken and many other supporting dish. The one thing that I learn about this world that different than the anime is there are normal animal exist in this world. But it just for animal that breed as food like chicken and cow. For predator like tiger and lion, the have already went extinct ever since pokemon start appearing in this world.

At that time pokemon have already taken over all the forest and land outside of human settlement. This normal animal only manages to exist because they are reared by human and they live together with human. The pokemon is not hostile with human from the start so they didn kill them. This relief me greatly because I don know what will happen if the only source of meat is pokemon since pokemon is humans friend, so theres no way I can eat it.

”Mom, dad I want to be on a journey to be a pokemon master. ”

”Are you sure, five years ago you said that you
e not interested in training pokemon ” (mom)

”Yes, Im sure. I want to evolve my eevee. You know what, my friend from elementary school that become a pokemon trainer after graduation is already famous. I saw him on TV last week. So I think I can do it too. ”

The best entertainment in this world is pokemon battle. The Pokemon League is almost the same as the Olympic in the previous world which happen every 3 years. And the Gym Battle is shown on TV every day. My not so close friend challenge the gym last week. He lost but he did put on a great fight.

”Since you have already decided to just do it. I have save some money for you. Just use it. If its too hard you can come back, even if we are not rich I can still afford to support you. ” (dad)

Hearing my father said that remind me that becoming a pokemon trainers is actually an expensive profession. Don just belief the anime where a 10-year-old kid can just travel the world with just a backpack. We need to stock in food and tent for camping. And in town we need to pay for inn and restaurant. We also need to buy food for pokemon and we need special food to grow and strengthen them.

”Thanks dad. I try my best to save and earn money. ”

”No need, if you need it just call me ” (dad)

”Well help you pack. ” (mom)

”Thanks. ”

People in this world

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