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My oldest brother has gone missing.
Even if he became a vegetative man, even if he became a notorious criminal, I just wished he would come back.

My second brother became a crack porter.

I prayed day and night that he could be awakened as I watched him enter a dangerous crack.

My youngest brother has not opened his eyes for a long time.
I thought that if he just opened his eyes and regained consciousness, all my hard work would be forgotten and I would be happy.

My big brother is back.
My second brother awakened.
My youngest brother regained consciousness.

All wishes that seemed impossible came true.
I thought there were only happy days left.

What is this.

“Oh, am I the first to come to our house? The youngest, the youngest, I want to buy this, it's only 200,000* won.”

*T/N: About 126.17 GBP or 176.32 USD

That man pretending to be cute without changing his attitude for over a week.
That bastard was the eldest brother that Lee Bobae wanted to come back.

“Bobae, I'm too lazy to cook today, so how about chicken?”

A low life that brazenly talks with dishes piled up on the table and sink.
The second brother who awakened a few months ago.

It's not over yet.
There's one person left.

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“Where did third brother go?”

Lee Bobae laid her heavy body on the sofa and asked how the rest of the family was doing.

“You know, he went to volunteer.
I heard he was cleaning the neighbourhood today.”

“Oh, cleaning.”

Lee Bobae looked around the house with fierce eyes.
There were three unemployed people who played at home and ate, so it's a mess inside the house.

A bastard without a conscience who left the house that was in desperate need of cleaning and went to clean the neighbourhood.
That bastard was the youngest brother Lee Bobae used all her fortune up to save.


Lee Bobae banged her face on the sofa, thinking she was about to collapse and die.

Lee Bobae was 24 years old.
It was a modern era, so it wasn't strange to be the head of a family.
But she was the youngest in the Lee family.

It meant that she had three older brothers who were perfectly fine to do it.

However, she was the head of her family, the representative of her family, so it was her responsibility to take care of her older brothers.

'This is really too much.
It's too much, too much.'

Why did this happen?

As she slammed her head on the sofa and struggled, she heard a lively voice.

“Youngest, please give me 200,000 won.
I'll just do it 10 times out of 11 times.
It's an SSS confirmed event this time, so one SSS is confirmed if you roll 11 consecutive times! Two if you're lucky!”

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“Bobae, I'll order chicken.
Will you eat it too? If we order seven, it will be enough for a family of four, right?”

Her third brother came home from work and collapsed on the sofa.

Those with a total age of 55-years who don't worry and just say what they want to say.

Lee Bobae realized when she saw the too-old babies.

'How did this happen? These bastards' limbs are intact, but their heads are not.'

“Can I roll you? Can I? Press? Press, press, press?”

“Brother, forgiveness is easier than permission.”

“Yes, I'm pressing it! Come out, SSS!”

If you hear this conversation in front of you and don't explode, you're not human.

Lee Bobae jumped up and shouted.

“Aren't you being too much? You get your allowance, and I pay for what you eat while you scream! You've been procrastinating with all the housework and eventually make me do them! Are you trying to break your sister's spine?”

She screamed as hard a

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