Once she confirmed it wasn there, in proximity at least she could slightly calm down. ”Its probably something else, ” Azarath said shakily, sweat falling down her face.

She walked back to the room planning to use the bathwater Adrien had prepared earlier.

Aurianna was sitting on her bed just staring at the ceiling before falling asleep. Once she woke up she was invited to dinner but said nothing during the whole period. After dinner ended she went straight to her room, staying there ever since, just like earlier after lunch. She was deep in thought now, thinking about everything she had learned from Azarath.

She then walked out of the small house, outside as she breathed in fresh air. However, unlike the peaceful stroll or sit in nature you would expect, she walked up to a tree and started punching it in frustration, tearing leaves up off the ground to vent her anger.

She really couldn believe it! Those who she believed to be her friends, weren . And when she thought about what Azarath said she then remembered how she always received strange stares from people. If it was her past self she wouldve thought they were looking at her out of admiration, but now those stares seem to have a double meaning. They weren looks of admiration, they were looks of greed and lust. Greedy looks of people conspiring, of when to kill or humiliate her.

After getting the breath of air, which didn help her cool off, she decided to head back into the house. She didn notice Azarath trying to speak to her as she rushed into her room still thinking about everything that had happened in her life.

Was all that really true? Am I destined for a terrible fate no matter what?

Before she could continue reflecting further she heard a knock outside her door. The person who knocked was Azarath, she was standing in the doorway, holding some plain brown clothes along with a towel.

”What is it if I may ask? ” Aurianna asked.

Azarath smiled warmly, ”I drew water for a bath for you, since you
e so battered. ”

Aurianna looked down at herself and to her surprise Azarath was right. She hadn noticed given everything that was going on but she was very dirty. Not only were some of her clothes scratched and torn but it was muddy in general.

Aurianna leapt out of the bed instantly, she was blushing, ”Im sorry about that. I wouldn have laid in this bed if I noticed how dirty I was. ”

Azarath shook her head, ”Don even worry about it. You just focus on getting clean. ”

”Okay. ” and with that Aurianna headed into the bathroom, which Azarath showed her to.

The bathroom was on the first floor. Aurianna was used to grand and extravagant bathrooms of the highest quality due to her being the Saintess. Much to her dismay, she wouldn see the same treatment here. The bathroom was more of a shoddy room with a big tub with water filled in it.

She still smiled gratefully though, despite her discomfort. Azarath didn pick up on her thoughts however so she simply nodded with a warm smile on her face, before closing the door behind her.

”Her soul is too pure, ” Azarath sighed as she walked away.

Aurrianna immediately took the towel left on the bed by Adrien and went off to bathe.

As she was bathing the memory of when the hero raped her flashed through her mind causing her to grit her teeth.

”Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting!! ” Aurrianna gritted her teeth as she scrubbed her fair skin till the point it bled.

Once she was done she got out and headed towards the room. Putting on the plain brown clothes and underwear provided for her.

She leapt on the bed, closing her eyes attempting to sleep off her anger. However, as she sat, eyes closed the opposite of what she wanted happened. No matter how hard she tried counting sheep or reciting the past kings names to sleep, she just couldn . Her skin was boiling with anger that she couldn hold back anymore.

She opened her eyes, a deep rage burning in them. ”I have to report him to father, ” Aurrianna said, hopping off her bed in a hurry.

She quickly made her way down to the living room to see Azarath sitting on the couch, book in hand.

”Azarath, ” Aurrianna called out.

Azarath glanced towards her, slowly placing her book on her lap all the while having a finger saving her spot. ”Is there anything you need dear? ”

”Do you have a teleportation scroll? ” Aurianna asked, fidgeting.

Azarath sighed, giving her a saddened look, ”Going back won be any good, child, ”

”I have to and my father would protect me, ” Aurianna said, her eyes brimming with complete trust. Azarath looked deep into her eyes, they were similar to those of countless humans she had met. Eyes that had already made up their mind, eyes that saw where they needed to go and refused to waver for anyone. Despite knowing this she still tried to dissuade Aurianna.

She looked down for a moment before raising her head, locking eyes with Aurianna, ”You think? ” Her tone was cold and her piercing eyes made Aurianna shudder. She started to back up from the pressure but stopped herself, clenching her fists.

”Yes I trust my father, ” Aurianna answered. Her voice was shaky but she still managed to get her point across.

”If you insist. Just know, your trust in humans will lead to your downfall, ” Azarath sighed. Stretching her hand, the hand without the book in it, and all of a sudden a scroll appeared in it.

”Take it and leave, but you will regret your decision, ” Azarath warned.

”I definitely won , ” Aurianna said, smiling that she could possibly solve her current problem with the help of the scroll.

Azarath raised her book, looking in it, appearing to start reading again. She spoke, not taking her eyes off her current page, ”Tear the scroll and youll appear at any kingdom and any part you want. ”

Aurianna looked at Azarath confused since as far as she knew, it was impossible for a teleportation scroll to teleport a person to any kingdom. They could at least teleport a person at a distance of 100km but they couldn choose where they wanted to appear.

Aurianna said nothing though, deciding to trust her words before tearing the scroll, disappearing.

Once Aurianna was gone Azarath gritted her teeth and muttered, ”Foolish child. ”

”Shes going to die right? ” Adrien asked, walking into the living room.

Azarath paused for a moment before responding, ”She chose her path, and unfortunately for her it seems she chose the one in which she would suffer tremendously. ”

Adrien slowly walked over to his mum, sitting beside her on the couch, ”Is her future that horrible? ”

Azarath nodded, ”It was her kindness that made people take her too lightly.

”Im just hoping that the being I saw in my vision bedside her doesn awaken, ” Azarath mumbled as she continued to read her book. ”If she were to become… that thing! Oh… I don know what we would do. ”


Aurianna opened her eyes to see that she was at the front of the castle gates.

Im finally back… ” She thought. She was surprised that what Azarath told her was true, she really was able to teleport to the kingdom specifically.

Before she could take in the fact that she traveled so far in that quick amount of time, some knights who were patrolling nearby spotted her.

They ran up to her, weapons drawn, ”Who are you? ” One of them inquired.

She outstretched her hands hoping to calm them, ”Please be at ease, its me princess Aurianna. ”

One of the knights gave her a skeptical look, ”How sure are we that you
e not an imposter? ”

”Its simple. I have an imperial seal, ” And with that she showed off her seal. The knights eyes lit up in realization as they lowered their weapons.

”Okay then. Please come with us princess, ” The knights bowed as they escorted Aurrianna into the castle.

Aurianna, so focused on getting to her father and telling him about the prince, failed to notice the Knights dark expressions as they escorted her.

Once she stepped inside the castle she barely had time to react as 12 knights, all donning golden armor appeared before her, pointing their spears and swords at her.

”Traitorous Saintess Aurianna, you shall come with us to receive judgment from the king. ”

Aurianna looked at them with confusion. Despite being caught off guard she was able to assess the situation, realizing nothing good would come off trying to fight back. Especially now that she was powerless.

She was petrified as she was led through the castle but tried to show no fear, hoping that at worse shed have to use bravado to get out of the situation.


Once she entered the main hall of the palace she was forced to kneel as she stared at her father on the throne. His long black hair tied up in a ponytail and his dark green eyes glared down at everyone in the hall. His white suit glittered under the afternoon sunset and the gold around his clothes glittered with pride. Next to him was her second brother Ralf whos short light blue hair shone under the sun and his dark green eyes which had a hint of arrogance looked at Aurianna. He wore a black suit with many symbols on it which showed how much it had been enhanced by magic. And next to him stood the heroes. And some court officials who stood at each side of the hall.

How did they get here before me? Aurianna wondered as she looked at them, her face filled with my thoughts filling her mind.

”To think my own daughter would betray me for a demon, ” The kings voice boomed across the hall.

Aurianna gasped, ”Father what are you saying? ”

Kent smirked, ”Stop trying to pretend, you sided with the demons to kill us. If not for me and my team killing the demon lord, who knows the horrors that could have happened? ”

Aurianna growled out in anger, ”Stop lying! It was only thanks to my power he got finished! ”

Kent shook his head, ”Thats funny since everyone knows that a saintess doesn have combat abilities. ” He paused for a moment scanning the room to see if the officials were buying his story. He smirked, ”Come on. You seduced everyone in the heroes party in order to get rid of your demon lover. You knew you couldn remain in your position of power if it was discovered you had a demon lover, ” Kent claimed.

Gasps and whispers could be heard across the hall as the nobles looked at Aurianna with disgust, especially the women.

Aurianna just stared in disbelief, she couldn believe the craziness of his accusations as well as the lack of protest or defense throughout the room. It seemed the officials were believing every word that left his lips.

e lying I had no demon lover, you are the one who…., ” Aurianna stopped before she said anymore. If she accused Kent of raping her, her reputation would deteriorate and bad rumours would be made about her. Especially in this situation it wouldve seemed like she was just throwing out an accusation to avoid telling the truth.

She hissed, ”You
e just doing all this since you were easily defeated by the demon lord! ”

Kents eye twitched in irritation but he stopped himself from bursting out in anger. He scanned the room, realizing everyone in the room was on his side. He took a deep breath before speaking in a shocked tone, really trying to sell his story, ”Lies! How could heroes like us, beings with extraordinary magic and combat abilities be easily defeated? Saintess I know you
e jealous of us but there is no need to go this far. ” He shook his head before continuing, ”Listen here. If you confess to your crimes, Im willing to let that slide and allow you to be under my care. ”

”Preposterous!! ” The king yelled as he glared at Aurianna. ”Seducing the heroes, siding with the demons and lying about killing the demon king. What kind of daughter do I have? ”

There was a silence filling the room as they looked on for a follow up on his verbal assault on Aurianna. She was looking up in pain as the one person she thought she could trust didn;t believe her.

The King exclaimed out, ”The Saintess will be executed! ”

The heroes froze in shock as they heard the Kings words.

”Your majesty thats too much, ” Derek said bowing slightly so he didn come off as trying to disagree with his order.

”Yes father this is too much, ” Ralph shook his head disapprovingly.

”No she must pay for her crimes, The king insisted as he had an evil grin on his face before it quickly changed.

”Father please you
e wrong listen to me, ” Aurianna pleaded but it proved useless since now the knights were dragging her away.

The king then signaled for his personal assistant to come to him as he whispered into his ear.

He called out, ”Begin the blood extraction. ”

A knight nodded, ”Yes your majesty. ”

Aurianna was injected despite her best attempt to break free of the knights grips. She tried her best to struggle but it proved pointless as she slowly blacked out.

Aurianna then woke up in a dark room as her legs and arms were chained down.

”Why….. why did no one listen or even try to believe me!? ” Tears quietly streamed down her face, she was defeated.

She stayed in that cell for 2 weeks and during that time, strange as it was, some of the knights who guarded her cell allowed her to use the washroom and regularly brought her food. Even though it was not lavish as the meals she used to have it was still something. A part of her wanted to be grateful she was kept relatively cared for but she knew it was only a formality, since as far as she knew shed be executed soon.

And from time to time a man who claimed he was a doctor would visit her every 3 days. Aurianna found it weird but didn complain since he gave her a lot of food to eat before he left. He would then come back and extract a full bag of blood from her. Which she found strange. And he would constantly say it was to check if she has any sickness in her blood.

Being a Saintess and having a stronger immune system than most others she doubted that was the real reason. However she wasn really in the position to question things so she simply let the repeated blood extractions happen.

Aurianna laughed to herself quietly. She had no reason to question things anyway, since it wasn a secret. Even if it was a secret though it wasn a well kept one. She knew the reason she was kept alive was to be her fathers blood bank. She had constantly heard his voice down the dungeon as she slept, so at this point she wasn surprised, not one bit.

At this point she felt as if nothing would surprise her again, oh how wrong she was.

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