”I love You, ” Cindy smiled at Aurianna as she held her hands.

All of a sudden Cindys breathing became rough as she started to grope Auriannas thighs.

Aurianna could feel Cindys hot breath and saw her flushed face. Which caused Aurianna to be confused.

”I love you Aurianna, ” Cindy said again into Auriannas ears.

”Do you know how jealous I was when Kent took your virginity? I wanted to crush his skull and rip him apart but I could only watch since hes as strong as me. ” Cindy said in a sad tone. ”But don worry we can both run away and live a new life as a family, ” a smile beamed across her face as held Auriannas hands.

”What the hell are you saying, Cindy? ” Aurianna asked, shocked. Cindy never used to act like this before. Out of her 3 companions, she was the kindest and friendliest to her.

”Im sorry but I don feel the same way about you, ” Aurianna said as she calmed down, Cindys sudden confession was giving off the same vibes Kent gave and she wanted nothing else but to leave the situation as quickly as possible.

”Why Aurianna? What did I do wrong? Why don can you love me? What am I lacking…? ” Cindy asked with a cold look, causing Auriannas body to shiver.

”It doesn matter now you can learn to love me later, we can both leave and I promise Ill protect you. I don want that stupid Derek to defile your body, its mine and mine alone!! ” Cindy said as pinned Aurianna to the ground, starting to kiss her roughly. She continued to kiss her and grope Auriannas thighs until she was satisfied.

Cindy looked at Auriannas body with lustful eyes similar to Kents as she wanted to do more than just kiss her.

”Cindy you
e crazy, you
e all crazy!! ” Aurianna yelled mad at everything that was happening. Did they all see her as an object to release their love on?!!

”Oh Aurianna, once we get back Im to lock you up and keep you as my little princess_ my sweet love youll never be able to run away. And when you try to escape I would cripple you, ” Cindy said in a threatening tone.

Aurianna felt more disgusted by Cindy, just because she was the hero didn mean she had the right to imprison her in the name of love!!

”Let go, let go of me, you
e just the same as Kent, a disgusting maniac!! ” Aurianna yelled in frustration as she kicked Cindy.

Cindy completely ignored Auriannas protests as she started to remove her clothes, revealing her dainty plum boobs as she was ready to hump on Aurianna.

But Aurianna was not going to let Cindy have her way with her. She scanned the room, trying to find anything to make her stop. Eventually, her eyes stopped on a nearby wine bottle, and she immediately smashed it on Cindys head, instantly knocking her out.

Aurianna then dashed into the forest from behind the tent, running as fast as her legs could carry her. She knew Cindy won go down so easily so she had to run as far away as possible.

First her brother now all the Heroes wanted to have sex with her. She felt utterly disgusted.

If it was Derek I wouldn be able to run away, Aurianna thought to herself as she continued to run without stopping. Her boots were worn out from running on the rocky soil. Tree branches and bushes scratched her skin but she didn care, she kept running, and running, and running.

”I have to get to the palace. At least over there I can seek refuge and be safe, ” Aurianna mumbled as that was the only goal she had in mind.

”I feel weak and hungry, ” Aurianna thought as her vision started getting blurry.

She tried to ignore the feeling but she couldn eventually collapsing under a tree, tired from all the running.

In the dark of night, as the wolves howled and the crickets sang, two strange figures walking through the forest spotted Aurianna lying on the ground looking tired and worn out.

”She looks like a human, ” one of them said as she looked at Aurianna.

”Are you sure? ” The other asked; Suspicious of her identity.

”Humans aren this beautiful, shes probably a fairy, ” One said, in an unsure tone.

”Then why is she as big as a human? ” The guy asked, still suspicious.

”She is probably a half breed, ” The woman said as its not rare to see half breeds.

”Humans nowadays have a fetish of taking other races as slaves and **ing the beautiful ones. It wouldn be a surprise, ” she added, feeling she was right. Humans aren as beautiful as this girl.

”Oh, then what should we do with her? ” The guy asked, looking down at Auriannas unconscious body.

”Lets bring her home, she looks hungry, ” the woman said.

”Here we go, ” the guy said as he picked up Aurianna and placed her on his back.


”Mmmmm, ” Aurianna grumbled as she woke up seeing the bright sunlight shine on her face. She was lying down on a soft bed.

”Oh you
e awake big fairy, ” a young fair looking man with two dog ears and wolf feet with a tail looked at Aurianna, mesmerized by her beauty.

He couldn see her face well in the dark but now since it was daylight she truly looked like a fairy.

A demon! Aurianna gasped.

Her entire body began to tremble. Her thoughts kept wondering if the demons found her to get revenge for killing the Demon Lord. Right now since she had lost her Saintess powers and was just a normal human she was extremely vulnerable.

She had never trained in any other skills since everyone told her she didn need to, having the powers of a priestess after all.

”No need to be scared. We won eat you, ” a beautiful voice could be heard as a demon with the upper body of a dark-skinned woman and the lower body of a spider.

Her short black hair complemented her dark purple eyes that looked on piercingly at Aurianna.

”Come have breakfast with us, dear, ” the woman said as she led Aurianna to a small dining table.

”My name is Azarath and hes my son Adrien, ” the woman introduced herself.

Aurianna looked on suspiciously, wondering how these two could possibly be mother and son. They looked nothing alike!!

”My name is Aurianna, ” she replied politely since she could sense no bad intent from these demons.

”Okay, Its nice to meet you Aurianna, ” Azarath responded, smiling warmly at her.

As Aurianna saw the food before her tummy began to grumble, making her realise how hungry she was. And the food on the table looked quite delicious. Fried eggs, roasted meat, and some tea. Aurianna ate crudely, since she was afraid to expose herself as noble. Even so, she still enjoyed the food wholeheartedly.

Azarath continued, ”So what brings you into this forest? You looked to be in terrible sha- ”

Before she could finish, Adrien moved close to Aurianna which made her back up uncomfortably.

”Are you a slave? ” He asked quickly. However before she could give a response he asked another question, ”Did you escape being chased? ”

Aurianna didn want her identity as a human to be exposed so she just nodded in agreement to Adriens questions.

Azarath looked at Aurianna suspiciously since, as much as she could notice, she didn have a slave mark. Or at least one that was clearly visible.

She was probably a new slave they caught, Azarath concluded as she shrugged. She mustve escaped before they could put a mark on her.

”I see. ” She murmured as she looked at Aurianna, still deep in thought. ”Thats a normal occurrence around here, ” Azarath added.

Adrien scoffed before speaking. ”The humans had been getting arrogant over these past few years and their arrogance only doubled when they gained the hero. Since they got the hero they became even bolder, launching completely unprovoked attacks on other races, ” his voice was filled with contempt during the whole explanation.

”What! Hows that possible? ” Aurianna asked in disbelief.

”The church used to keep the human nation in check. Now it has been announced that the church wants to rule the kingdom. So the king has established a war against them, ” Azarath answered calmly as she drank her tea.

”Mother, its obvious that the king of the humans is afraid of the churchs power and wants to get rid of them, ” Adrien added with a look of disdain.

e right Adrien, but the final winner has not been decided yet. ” Azarath paused for a moment before continuing now with a conflicted expression. ”But, If the church should lose, the humans would not be restricted to having war on other races. And this would cause other races to rebel, leading the world into chaos. ” Azarath ended, staring at the wall. Despite there being a wall in front of her, her eyes glazed over, as if she could see the sight directly in front of her.

Adrien shook his head disapprovingly, ”Yes and it seems another Saintess is going to be sacrificed. ”

”What do you mean by sacrificed?!! ” Aurianna asked, holding a look of shock and confusion.

”Oh, you don know? Every 50 years when the Saintess is born she strangely dies before age 25. And when the Saintess dies, the land which she dies in would be blessed with abundant life. These humans are so ruthless… ”

”However theres more to it. The humans are too impatient to wait for the Saintess to die, so they mostly kill the Saintess themselves. What a disgusting and greedy race. So vile to kill the one who heals all their diseases and sickness, ” Azarath said in a mocking tone as she looked at Aurianna who wasn looking at them now. Her face down, wearing a darkened expression.

”There have been cases where Saintess were horrible raped before their death since they were beautiful. Such pitiful girls. The church tried to save them but they were deceived by the king over and over again, ” Azarath said, she had now finished her tea but stood, walking over to her counter to pour herself a new batch.

”And it feels like the goddess of these humans enjoys playing with innocent lives, ” Azarath added as she laughed softly.

Aurianna, who was shocked by the sudden news, got up from her seat and started to walk to her room now that she finished her meal.

”I know that you are aware shes the Saintess mum, ” Adrien said as he looked at Azarath.

Azarath smirked proudly, ”My son is truly smart. ”

”Since we know that she will die, why don we just save her? ”

”For what reason should we? Shes just a blind fool who had everyone lie right to her face. Theres no way I would risk my life for such a person, ” Azarath said in a calm tone.

”But mum, ” Adrien started to disagree but Azarath raised her hand, cutting whatever he wanted to say off.

She shook her head, ”No, she would definitely not survive even if we saved her. It seems she has now become the Goddess Paiges target; we can save her unless the other gods intervene. ”

”Shes an abnormality that mustn exist in this world. My visions are always right and if she survives, this world would perish and be plunged into utter chaos. ” Azarath said in a serious tone, determination written on her face.

”I understand mom… ”

As Adrien left, Azarath stared at Auriannas room -remembering the vision she had when she first touched her.

A pair of cold eyes that lost all signs of emotion stood above a pile of dead bodies of several races. She smiled coldly as soldiers charged at her. And all they could see was a bright light before they realized they were dead. An endless amount of wretched souls, young and old, cried to be freed but they were all trapped within the nightmare.

What was more terrifying was a being next to her that smiled sinisterly up at the gods. Those eyes could see everything as no one could escape them. Even Azarath, who was a goddess, felt extreme fear. With a flick of a finger that being could take her life; the mere thought of its existence caused Azarath to tremble. She didn dare to try and kill Aurianna not knowing whether that being was near. She didn want to be the one to piss that being off. But she felt like that beings presence was familiar. Frighteningly familiar.

”A pearl? ” Azarath mumbled as her body even trembled more. ”Maybe Im overthinking, why would such a supreme being appear here? ” She was breathing heavily, her eyes frantically darting around her house.

Once she confirmed it wasn there, in proximity at least she could slightly calm down. ”Its probably something else, ” Azarath said shakily, sweat falling down her face.

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