The Spells - Part Two

POV : Lyca

My pack was on alert because we had some foreign visitors on the way. The reason their coming is because of a vision the Vampire King had in his sleep before he was killed. He wrote down his vision because he knew that whoever gave it to him was coming for him next. All the leaders of the Supernatural Counsel has been having these vivid visions that were so detailed they had to write them down, but then the next day they just let whatever killed them kill them without a fight. Mind you, these are supposed to be the strongest of the supernatural factions.

Meta, the Empress of Mermaids, was the first to be killed. She had a vision of a beast so terrifying that she didn talk even after she had the vision. The next day her palace was invaded, no knows by what, and she was on the floor with the life literally sucked out her. She was dry like a raisin.

Killian, the Hybrid King or King of all Hybrids, said his vision was of a little boy ripping through the Earth and burning some of the most violent of beast. Killian was found dead in his bathtub without his head exactly twelve hours later.

Draco, the Night King aka King of Vampires, died in his sleep. How does a Vampire die in his sleep? His court said that his body seemed to be human when he died. Once you are a Vampire you cannot go back to being human. Its impossible.

Lycaon, The True Wolf, is coming over to stay here in my pack with the other children of the dead leaders. He hasn got a vision yet, but when he does we will protect with everything we got.

Acan, the son of Meta, was the first to be here. He is a stuck up brat whose a serious narcissist. Merfolk are naturally beautiful, but royal Merfolk are of the top tier gorgeous. He lets that get into his head and it makes him an asshole. He can control sea life and basic enhanced features like hearing, strength, speed, and etc.

”Hey there Alpha. Long time no see, ” Acan scanned my pack house like it was a shed. He had a lot of bags with him and I knew he wasn gonna play nice with the other pack members.

”Not long enough, Acan, ” I smiled dryly and told my beta to show him his room. He doesn seem to care that his mom died literally three days ago.

Dracos daughter Dracy was second to arrive. She was a different breed of crazy. She was beautiful, but extremely sly. She was her fathers head assassin and she knows how to kill and do it good. I definitely didn want to piss her off now. Her father meant too much to her.

”Hi Darcy, Im sorry for your loss- ” she cut me off.

”When is your father coming? ” She had on big black sunglasses and a black umbrella. She can be in the sun, but sunlight shows her true form which is traumatic for some.

”Soon, Darcy, ” I nodded.

”Thank God, I don wanna be here defending these mutts and their god, ” she walked inside the house with three other Vamps.

”Hes not our god, ” I whispered. Knowing she could hear me.

Kyle, Killians son, came last with Lycaon, my father, at his side. Kyle could relate to us wolves because he is half one. His other half was Vampire. His father was a Tribrid and since there are, or were no other Tribrids, he took over the Hybrids.

I bowed as my father approached. Kyle and my father walked past me and didn even address me. I was housing their asses and they treated me like dirt. I **ing hates how they had more of a bond than I we did.


”So what must we do? ” Darcy sat at the conference table with us and we looked at her.

”I don know. Your the Vampire assassin you tell us, ”

There Acan goes picking with the wrong people.

”Do you even care that our parents are dying?! ” Darcy spat at him and he scoffed.

”My mother left me a underwater kingdom. Why must I be sad? Your father left you nothing but a name, ”

In a split second Darcy was holding Acan by his neck and choking him. Acan was about two hundred years old and Darcy had about another hundred years on him.

But Acan kicked her in her stomach and threw across the room. As she went to attack again Kyle grabbed her. Kyle was the oldest out of all of us being three hundred and sixty two so he had no problem holding her back. I just watched and shook my head.

They will have to replace their parents on the Counsel and work with my father and they can even act right.

Ill just be Lycaons assistant in all of this. Ill probably never be the True Werewolf if he lives through this attack.

”Can you all sit down and quit acting like children?! You have have more than a century of age and your acting like human teenagers, ” my father growled at them and they sat back down.

”So, my son, Lyca has a plan to protect me from this attack, even though I don need it, ”

He turned to me and nodded to the group.

I stood up and approached the table.

”We found out that the magic used to kill the members- ”

”Our parents, ” Darcy corrected.

”Your parents, we found out the magic used to kill them was sea magic. Now we all know sea magic is the trickiest of magic and we need to be smart if we are going to try and find out who did this, but we have to work together and trust each other. That is the only way. So first of all, Kyle. You love to be the ”big brother ” of the group and you tend to not trust us when we have ideas. Let us try and do somethings by ourselves and don criticize us, ”

Kyle nodded and looked at me with a smile. Not a normal smile. A ”Im so not listening ” smile. Fucking asshole. Thinks hes so **ing right all the time.

”Acan, you need to realize that your not the only one here of royalty. We are too. Your not above us or beneath us- ”

”You look like it, ”

”I wasn done talking, Acan, ”

He narrowed his lips and looked away from me.

”You need to stop acting like a brat and know that not one of us will think twice before kicking your ass if disregard our feelings or disrespect us. Now Darcy, your only problem is anger. Stop letting people have control over your emotions. Its going to be your downfall and everyone elses, ”

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