Crushing on my bestie

Crushing on my bestie

A beautiful baby girl was born on this wonderful day, all the villagers came in one by one with gifts for the wonderful baby which who has brought sun shine upon her family.

Many many years ago Mr and Mrs Smith have been praying, crying out to all the gods of their land just to have a baby but to no avail. And just when they run to God he has done it for them . Today was a very happy day for them , Mr Smith was the happiest of them all because he thought he will never had a baby till the great ocean of death carry him away. But guess what to day was a different day for them.

And because he was the leading business man in his hometown, he spent a lot making he himself and his friends and family happy for that wonderful day. After spending a lot on making himself and his friends happy, they got back to the normal life again . ” Ladies and gentlemens that everything has been done and I hope everyone was happy too.. right ” the crowd gave in a loud noise which can even shake mountains. Okay… okay please let the noise be seized ” they noise came down ” So on my behalf and my wife we say a very big thanks to anyone who came or spent a penny because of us , we appreciate So now everything has been done I will like to say we should all returned to our normal life thank you ” after Mr Smith announcement everyone disappeared into thin air and everything return to normal . And guess what they name their baby after her grandma BECKY **ITH. Which was her grandma English name.

Minute turn into hours and hours turn into days and days turned into weeks so will weeks turned into months and months also turn into years Now Becky was a full grown lady who was loved and cherish by her peers and everyone in the village. She was a very respectful girl so everyone old person love her and they always bless her when she great them.

After her junior level of education, she got a full scholarship to the big city in the country to continuing her education. She has never been happy as she was now. After receiving the great news her father throw a very great party for her success and wish her a good life afterwards before they send her away

Indeed the school was magnificent Her mouth drop open when her eyes caught the great veiw of the school. ”Ooo my God I have never seen such a thing before. This .this is Soo pretty ” she thought to herself without checking her environment if someone was watching her or not. Eyes was watching her left and right not because she was admiring the great veiw of the school or talking to herself but because she was Soo breath taking she was beautiful even in her simple pink and white dress wit

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