A Mere Princess

Chapter 1: Intro

The southern empire, known for its warm weather with beautiful sceneries. Ruled by a prosperous royal family; a family known for their dedication towards the empire. The Emperor and the Empress were known for their love towards each other and the empire, always putting their people before everything. They had two lovely children who were next in line for the throne; me who is the eldest, Princess Irene, and my younger brother, Prince Isaiah. Itd be an understatement to say that the royal family were a happy family; even when the Emperor was busy hed still take time out for his family. There was never a moment went to waste as every single minute was spent making memories with the family. The royal family has a charm of their own which everyone admired— and especially admired by me. I hope to continue growing up with my family despite us being a royal family, filled with many obstacles and betrayal, but there is something more special; my parents who love each other so much and together ruling the empire with such dedication and my younger brother who is my only friend.

It was a simple day like usual; the day started with all of us eating breakfast. ”What is everyones plans for today? ” asked father. ”Im going to garden with mother and learn more about the various type of flowers ” as I responded back with an excited voice while stuffing my face with eggs. ”Go easy on the food, Irene! ” as mother says while hurriedly getting a glass of milk for me so I don end up choking on my food.

I look over to Isaiah—he had a gloomy expression on his face as he said ”I wanted to go on a picnic with mother and Irene. ” Immediately, father responded back with the happiest expression which he always had on, ”why don we go on a picnic during lunch time? In that way, Isaiah will be happy and I will be able to join my lovely family too. How does that sound? ” Me and Isaiah getting so excited as we ran to father and mother to hug them! ”Can we also bring Tulip? ” I asked with my voice filled with desperation. ”Yes we can! Well then we should get done with breakfast so we can finish our other tasks and prepare for the picnic. Sounds good? ” as mother told us.

I had gotten dressed up in a simple blue dress with flowers on it and my hair tied up with flowers prettily decorated on my brown curly hair, thanks to the help of my personal maid Lily. As the final touches are made, mother enters my room and I wouldn lie but my mother is truly a beautiful person—inside and out! She is someone who treats everyone equally and inspires me to be a better person who is equally feminine and masculine since there is a chance Ill be the one to take over the throne in the future. For now, Im just a 5 year old kid who has so much to experience in this world but in the moment, I just want to be with my family who adores me so much.

”I love your hair, my sweet little daughter! ” Mother says while smiling so gracefully.

”Thank you, mother! Mother looks very elegant! ” I respond back with my cheeky smile. We start walking out of my room, heading towards my mothers garden.

”Look at you saying such big words. Ah seems like my little girl is becoming big. ” Mother says with a somewhat of bittersweet expression. An expression Ive never seen before and it made me curious to know how it may feel.

”NO! Im still your little girl and Ill always will be! Me and Isaiah will always be the little kids we are right now. ” Reassuring my mother, even though I know well grow up but still in our hearts we will always be kids.

”Alright Alright, lets start with gardening. ” I get excited with that statement just like my mother.

Gardening isn something I enjoyed in the beginning since it involves dirt. I hate being dirty and being in the sun, especially since the weather in the south is always warm, itd sometimes be too hot to be outside. I preferred reading books at the royal library as the aesthetic fit me so well; if I could, I would not come out of the library and just live in there. But since mother enjoyed gardening so much , I started accompanying mother whenever she went to garden. It was always a fun time gardening with mom as we talked about various topics which I was currently learning about as Id hand her the plants to put in the ground and she would pat the dirt around the roots.

Today was a little different, as she was teaching me about the different kinds of flowers and their meanings. I found it very intriguing, it as if each flower has their own message and expressing numerous emotions. In that moment, I could truly see the sparkly eyes mother had while explaining the meaning of each flower. I admired the amount of knowledge mother carried with her about flowers.

”Red roses are widely known for love but also its known for courage, beauty and a freshly blossomed romance. As you know, there are wide variety of roses, each one in different colors and each have different meaning. Yellow roses are known for friendship and joy; Orange roses known for fascination and desire; Pink roses indicating femininity, elegance, admiration and gratitude, and lastly white roses expressing ”forever, ” purity, innocence but also silence and secrecy. There could be a lot of other meaning associated to these roses but these are the main ones. ”

”I don like red roses! ” For some reason, the red one did not come off to me as beauty or love but something scary such as power, danger and…blood. That scared me.

”Why not- ” Mother stopped mid way as we got interrupted by a maid. Something about the maid seemed off.

”Im sorry for interrupting, Your Majesty. But the carriage is prepared for your trip to the boutique. ” Informed the maid.

”Oh my, how could I forget…but if Im not mistaken, wasn the appointment made for next week? ” The confusion was apparent in my mothers voice but we both ignored it as I continued looking at the flowers. Mother turned towards me and asked to call Isaiah so he could get measurements

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