Kasper stared at the man infront of him.He had eye bags under his eyes ,his hair and clothes were messy ,and he had an over grown dirty looking mustache.His hands were jittery and his red, sickly looking eyes kept darting everywhere nevously.

”Do you have it? ” the man asked in a raspy voice with clear anticipation in his eyes.Kasper wordlessly handed over the bag full of drugs to which the man possesively grabbed out of his hands and looked at it obsessively. ”Wheres my money? ” Kasper asked with a raised eyebrow.Coming out of his hypnotic state the man gave a silent ”oh ” before reaching into his back pocket of his baggy pants and taking out a large dirty looking envelope.As they were deep into an deserted alley way no one saw this exchange.

Not even glancing a the mans dirty, grubby fingers Kasper grabbed the envelope greedily.With no other purposes the unknown man happily left with his bag in his hands leaving a a delighted Kasper to silently count his money.

Kasper had been a beggar ever since he was born ,as his mother was beggar who got pregnant by another beggar.Kasper never saw his father and grew up with his mother who was mercilessly killed in a car accident when he was five.The driver of the car who had run her over had hurriedly driven away and because of excessive blood loss his mother had died on the spot.Since then he had been fending for himself.

He learned how to fend and fight for himself and now almost every beggar on their street knows not to mess with him.He also like many other beggars ran errands for gangs to get a little more money in their pocket.

Kasper did this alot and although the money he got wasn enough get him off the streets he still had enough to buy at least one bowl ramen a week at the convenience store. As the money the beggars got from this was very very little ,this was all he could afford.It was better than eating out of the garbage dumpsters though.

One of the gangs who Kasper had done a hundreds errands for had decided to be very generous and told him that he could take all the money in the envelope this time with the price of only working for them in the future.Kasper had ofcourse readily agreed. He had nothing to lose anyway.

That brings us to this situation of Kasper greedily and ruthlessly tearing open the tightly closed envelope.It finally tore open when he noticed blood using from his dirty thumb,this made him pause for a second.It must have been cut when I was trying to open the envelope he thought to himself silently.Ignoring it ,Kasper quickly began to count his money only to pause in his actions.

He couldn count!For a beggar like him who had grown up on the streets since he was baby ,don even talk about counting he couldn even write his name if he wanted to.Shaking his head at his own stupidity,Kasper got up and placed his money in an old plastic bag he found nearby.The envelope was completely destroyed in his excitement to open it up .

Walking out of the alleyway he made sure to be observant as he looked around every now and then . He clutched his money bag tightly.Although other beggars knew not to mess with him ,

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