Alpha’s Daughter’s Hybrid Mate

Chapter 9: Engagement Party

Gabriels POV:

I square my shoulders and hold my head up high as I walk into the training facility like I own the place. All eyes are on me immediately. Good.

I walk to the center of the facility and allow my voice to project. ”Hello, my name is Gabriel, from now on we are going to do things MY way, ” I roar.

Everyone stops what they are doing to look at me. ”Today you are going to learn how to defend yourself against a bear! ” I shout.

I am going to teach you where you should attack a bear, where their vulnerable spots are, and what you can do to take a bear down, ” I tell them.

”Now I need everyone to line up front and center starting right here, ” I indicate the spot in front of me with my hand.

I see the trainer glaring daggers at me but I don care about him. This training is more important than his feelings. He doesn matter to me right now.

All of the warrior wolves line up in front of me without question or hesitation. Good. They know how to follow orders.

I asked a few of the Omegas who worked in the pack house for help this morning. I had them prepare several large punching bags on rolled carts and taped my sketches of standing bears onto them.

I yelled for the punching bags and the Omegas rolled them out for me. I had the warrior wolves line up in several lines in front of each punching bag.

I began to show them on the bear sketches, where to strike a bear. I told them that a bear is vulnerable on his nose, eyes, ears, chest, and groin.

I also mentioned that a bear doesn have peripheral vision. He can only see straight ahead. Stay to the side of his vision when attacking him.

Also make sure to stay out of arms range. Don let him get the chance to to strike you with his arms or claws. Those kinds of blows can be fatal.

Working in teams is also an option because two wolves can attack his sides while one or two can attack his back.

I went ahead and gave the command for them to take turns attacking the punching bags. I was impressed with how well they listened and absorbed my instructions.

While that was going on I decided to walk over to the corner where the warrior trainor was practically hiding.

I asked for his name. ”Markus, ” he said. I noticed him stand up straight, square his shoulders, and widen his stance. It made me laugh on the inside.

”Marcus, ” I began. ”Next time you have an issue with me, I want you to come to me directly. Don you ever go behind my back to the Alpha again, ” I told him. ” Watch what you say. I will not tolerate any disrespect. ” I continue.

Marcus turned white with fear. It made me smirk. Then his eyes widened and the look of fear was written all over his face. I could hear his heartbeat racing and I was worried that he might piss himself. I had to push back my laughter. My wolf, Goliath, was rolling around laughing in my head.

”Y..y..yes, future Alpha Gabriel, I will be sure to do that, ” Marcus said with fear laced in his voice. ”Good, ” I said. ”Now I need you to get out there and guide our warriors with their training, ” I told him. He practically ran away from me and went out to assist the warriors. I wasn going to allow him to hide anymore. He had a job to do.

After letting the warriors have a few turns with the punching bag I decided to take it up a notch. I shifted into my Yeti form and asked them all to take turns sparing with my Yeti. I figured if they could fight a Yeti, they would have no trouble fighting a bear.

Some of them hit pretty hard and I was impressed. The rest of them didn hit near hard enough to fight a bear. Thats okay. Now I know we will need to add weight training in too.

The last thing I did was ask them all to shift into their wolf forms. I also shifted into Goliath. My wolf is gigantic. He is at least five to six times the size of a regular wolf. I thought this would give them a chance to simulate fighting a bear that was down on all four paws.

Most male werewolves run over six feet tall in their human forms. This makes them at least three times bigger than a regular wolf when in wolf form. Since I am eight feet tall in human form, it makes me about five to six times larger. My wolf is very magical looking, white fur with highlights of platinum and blue, and bright glowing ice blue eyes. I understand why the warriors hesitate to approach me.

”Come on, ” I say. ” You weren this afraid of my Yeti, ” I remind them. I wondered why though. Why weren they more afraid of my Yeti than my wolf form?

I called Marcus forward and goated him until he began to lunge at me. Now we are getting somewhere. This was only a training exercise. After the warrior wolves saw that I didn hurt Marcus, they finally stepped up to take their turns attacking me.

I instructed them to use what I said. Attack to the side of my vision. Stay away from my front paws and attempt to make me walk backwards. Once I was off balance, jump on my back and take me down. It took four of them at a time but I allowed them to take me down. Once everyone had a turn we stopped for the day.

We were still sitting around relaxing with our water bottles out when we heard the sirens go off. We all ran outside to see what was happening.

We saw six bears coming down the mountain and roaring loudly. My warriors all gathered around me, ready to attack, but I knew that we were all tired and I didn want any casualties. So I decided to call upon my magic powers and caused an avalanche to take them out quickly.

I turned around to leave but stopped short when I saw everyone bowing down to me. Nicoles father squeezed my shoulder with approval. ”Im really glad to have you here, ” he said.

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