Alpha’s Daughter’s Hybrid Mate

Chapter 7: Letting Him Lead

Gabriels POV:

She wanted me to sleep with her in her bedroom inside the pack house, but I wanted her to stay with me inside the cavern. We were trying to work out a compromise.

I had moved most of my clothes into her closet in her bedroom. I left a few things in the cavern. Living with a pack was new to me. There wasn very much privacy and everything I did basically was being observed but I was trying my best to get along.

They had never seen a Yeti before and I get that; however, being constantly stared at by curious wolves was starting to get on my nerves. I wasn used to getting so much attention after living a solitary existence.

Her overprotective father wanted her to stay inside the pack house and continued to have guards stationed outside of her door. I don know who he expected the guards to protect her from that I could not?

I imagined that the guards were there to protect her from me. Like they even could. It made me laugh. I would never hurt my mate, but I would make short work of the guards posted outside. They couldn defend her against me, but if it made her father feel better, I would go along, for now.

I had gone to training camp this morning with her father to introduce myself to the wolf warriors. I noticed some things that I would like to improve upon in their training. If her father would allow me, I would like to train them myself or in coordination with their current pack trainer. I didn want to make waves, but I also wanted our warriors to be as strong and skilled as possible.

We never know when another attack could come, and I wanted them to be able to take down a werebear rather than being injured or killed by one.

We were sitting ducks here and I didn like that. I promised the Alpha that I would help him defend this pack and in order to do so efficiently, some changes were going to need to be made to both the training and the infrastructure.

I was not willing to take no for an answer on that. Changes would be made. Infrastructure would be built. If anyone had a problem well, too bad. I am the mate of the Alphas daughter, and he has no son. That make ME the future Alpha. Otherwise, I will take my mate and go. Nothing they could do to stop me. I will not have my mate in harms way.

I decided to sketch out the infrastructure I wanted to build. I figured it would be easier for the Alpha to understand if he had a picture. I was going to give him the opportunity to approve my plans out of courtesy. Allowing him to feel like I was respecting his Alpha position.

The truth: however, was that this was going to happen ASAP regardless of his permission. I wasn going to tell him that yet because I am confident that he will approve. My ideas are efficient, logical, and affordable; but again, I could just take my mate and go. I will protect her above all else.

When I was finished with my sketch I went directly to his office. I did not care if he was busy or in another meeting. He would be available for me, one way or another.

When I got there, he was in a meeting, as I expected, with the pack trainer. I knocked twice and didn wait for his answer as I barged right in. I turned around and leveled the pack trainer with a glare an told him to get out. I saw his eyes go wide with shock and fear before scurrying out and closing the door.

I saw the same fear and intimidation in the Alphas eyes, but he remained stone faced. Good for him. ”Gabriel, what can I do for you? ” he asked. ”You can hear about the changes I will be making to both the warrior training and the infrastructure of this pack, ” I say to him, no longer caring about his approval.

I had heard the pack trainers voice coming down the hallway as I walked up to the Alphas office. The trainer was complaining about my intrusion on todays training.

He was whining to his Alpha behind my back like a child rather than coming to me like a man and asking to talk. I understood his fear, but I didn appreciate the Alpha entertaining his trash talking. I felt disrespected. Nobody disrespects me. To think, I had actually attempted not to make waves earlier.

”I have to approve these changes, Gabriel, I am the Alpha, ” he said with condescension in his tone. ” I growled and threw my sketches at him. ”Here, get to approving then! ” I challenged.

”Gabriel, I understand that you are new to pack life but there is a hierarchy here and I will not be disrespected, ” he said.

”Neither will I! ” I growled at him. ”When did I disrespect you? ” he asked. ”By allowing your trainer trash-talk me and not stop him, ” I roared.

”Aww someone said something mean about you and you got upset? Poor baby. ” he mocked with a smirk on his face. ”I didn think someone like you would even care. ” he challenged.

The next thing I know, my fist comes down onto his desk, immediately breaking it in half. I grab the prick by his shirt collar and lift him out of his chair in one hand. I slam him against the wall and look down at him, seething with anger, as I speak.

”That will be the last **ing time you ever speak to me like that and live. If there is a next time, I will kill you, that trainer, and anyone else who gets in my way. Then I will take my mate and leave! ” I roar menacingly at him. My blood boiling.

I smirk, seeing the horror in his eyes. He clearly didn know who he was messing with. ”Temper, temper, he says, ” raising his hands up in mock surrender. ”I approve of your plans, ” he said.

”Not that I needed it, ” I growl at him as I put the **er back down in his chair. My ears pick up on some of his guards running down the hallway. What are they going to do? Nothing.

I open the door to his office and storm out. I continue to storm off down the hallway, shoulder checking his guards and causing them to fall down.

I continue down the hallway and head back to Nicoles room. I sit on her bed and kick back to rest my head on her pillows.

After dinner, I will begin to plan out my new training for the wolf warriors. I smile as I ponder how I am going to punish that trainer for trying to undermine me.

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