Gabriels POV:

She looked so beautiful lying helplessly in my arms. I was so happy to have her there, too. She loved the look of the place and the warmth of the healing waters. I was proud to show her my home and what I was born to protect. I was also proud to introduce the fountain to my mate. Two precious things for me to protect.

Once my mate was healed though, she became desperate to leave. She didn want to worry her father. I understood that but I couldn let her go. The blizzard had already caught up to us and it was just too dangerous to venture outside.

”Thank you very much for helping me, ” she says, ”and as much as I would like to stay, Im afraid I must return to my pack before the snowstorm catches up to me, ” she reasons in hopes that I will understand. ”My father will be worried sick about me. I don want him to send out a search party for me and put those wolves lives at risk, ” she explains.

”You are too late, Im afraid, ” I tell her. ”The storm has already caught up to us and its too dangerous for you to leave. I will take you home once it passes, ” I promise her. ”No, please understand that I must go. Dangerous or not, ” she demands. ”Im afraid I can allow you to do that, I will die if something bad happened to you! ” I speak. ”That doesn make any sense, ” she tells me. ”Why would you die if something happened to me? ” she asks in confusion.

I wasn trying to upset her, but I needed her to understand that she was too important to me to risk her safety. So, when she asked me why her safety mattered so much to me, I told her the only thing I was sure she would understand, ” because you are my Mate, ” I said softly. I watched her face for her reaction to what I had just revealed to her. I saw shock, joy and then confusion when she asked me how I knew where she lived.

I had been watching Nicole for a few days now. I watched her take off running towards the tree line from her pack house. My mate is very fast. I was impressed with her speed and agility. I had to keep using my ability to portal just to keep up with her.

I laughed when I saw her wolf doing her happy dance when she was able to outrun her guards. I laughed again when I saw her playing with the woodland creatures she caught.

She was so caught up in playing and eating that she didn see the bear who was sneaking up on her. It wasn the way I wanted us to meet but I had no choice but to intervene. One lone wolf could not kill a bear. She would have been killed if I didn save her.

It wasn clear why the bear wanted to hunt her because bears don usually hunt other carnivores, but I guess he must have been desperate? Still, I found it odd. I got a running start and then I barreled myself into the side of the bear. This knocked the bear sideways and off

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