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The show temporarily stopped.

The director seemed to have something to say to Bob alone and he asked the other guests to head back for a lunch break.

Tu Mianmian was taken back to the Duke’s Mansion.

Since it was still too early, the sumptuous lunch in the kitchen had not yet been cooked.

So, Mianmian went back to the bedroom to rest first.

What used to be the Duke’s bedroom, has now become the room that the Duke and Tu Mianmian share together.

Originally, it was a simple and cold bedroom.

But now, it seemed to have a warmer, human touch after Mianmian had stayed for a few days.

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Mianmian kicked off his shoes and threw himself onto the soft bed, wrapped himself up in the quilt like an egg roll, and rolled around.

There was a sudden sound, as if something fell.

Mianmian took a look and found that a piece of clothing had fallen off the edge of the bed.

He picked it up and shook it to see that it was a military jacket belonging to the Duke.

It was probably the laundry brought back by the housework robot.

It was neatly stacked on the edge of the bed, but was accidentally kicked down by Tu Mianmian.

Mianmian’s nose twitched a bit, and he leaned in and sniffed the jacket as if he could smell the Duke’s aura left on the laundered clothes.

Cold, chilling, but inexplicably reassuring.

It made Tu Mianmian relax subconsciously, and created a sense of dependence.

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“…” Tu Mianmian stared at the military jacket intently and did not move.

An inner war was taking place inside him, and he paused as if hesitant about something.

In the end, Mianmian folded the coat with the Duke’s breath and placed it back on the bed.

He retracted himself into the quilt and rolled around again.

After a while, the quilt wrapped around a bulging human shape collapsed.

Then, a slap-sized lop-eared rabbit emerged from the quilt.

The lop-eared rabbit’s fur was snow white, except for its long ears which were an extra soft pink.

On the auricles of its ears, there was also a circle of pink fluff.

It had a pair of big, watery eyes.
And the contour of its beautiful eyes made it seem like it was wearing eyeliner on the ends of its eyes, making them look even more exquisite and outstanding.

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Tu Mianmian, who quietly regained his true form, moved his small arms and legs and got into the Duke’s military jacket.

He was surrounded by the aura that gave him a peace of mind.

For a moment, he completely relaxed and entered a completely unguarded state.

Mianmian who almost blew up in anger because of the various incidents this morning on the program show, became docile and soft again.

Tu Mianmian put his little rabbit’s chin on the jacket and spread his limbs out.

It was so comfortable that he melted into a rabbit cake.

And his two long ears rested beside his head like two little blankets.

The bedroom was quiet, and his whole body was warm.

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The comforting and reassuring aura surrounding him made Mianmian drowsy.

After some time passed, his light brain suddenly shook.

Mianmian, who was almost asleep, instantly woke up and jumped three feet into the air from where he laid on the bed.

Once he fell back onto the bed, he hopped twice on the elastic bed, then hurriedly returned to his human form.

He searched for his optical brain in the messy quilt.

Digging his light brain out of the quilt, he found that it was a communication request from the Duke.

Tu Mianmian had just rolled on his clothes, so he felt a bit guilty.

Anyhow, he patted his chest and forced himself to calm down before picking up the communication.

The call connected successfully, and the low voice belonging to the Duke came through: “Mianmian, I need your help with something…”

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