The next day, just after dawn, Sivir woke up according to his biological clock.

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After the difficult rut, he was refreshed and his physical condition returned to its peak state.


Tu Mianmian, lying in his arms, was wrapped in the quilt and slept soundly.


The Duke spent two minutes deliberating, and finally decided not to wake Mianmian.
He went back to sleep with his arms around him.


Duke Sivir’s first sleep-in experience ended with Butler Anderson’s call two hours later.


Carefully, he pulled his arms from around Tu Mianmian’s back.


Sivir had never been so careful in his life.


And outside the bedroom, Anderson was waiting for him in the corridor.


“How is Your Highness’s body? Is there any sequelae? Do you need to take medicine?” Anderson asked repeatedly, every inch of his face filled with seriousness and caution.


Speaking of his rut, Sivir couldn’t help but recall what happened last night.


He was lost in fascination for a moment, then lowered his head and adjusted his cuffs to hide his exposed emotions, “No need.”


“Very well.” Anderson pushed up his glasses and nodded cautiously, “Seeing your condition, I believe Your Highness does not need the assistance of drugs.”


“Then, Your Highness and the Madam can go downstairs for breakfast together.” Anderson said as he regained his bright smile.


He looked up and down at the strong Sivir.


The old man beamed and said, “Madam must have worked hard.
I asked the kitchen to prepare a lot of healthy food for the Madam.”


Sivir: “…”


Sivir left the butler behind and pushed open the door to the bedroom.


Tu Mianmian, who lost the warmth of the person beside his pillow, had turned over and continued to sleep with his back to Sivir.


Half of his face was buried in the soft quilt.


His hair was in a sleepy mess and there was a tuft of dull hair that stuck up on the top of his head.


There wasn’t much flesh on his cheeks, but they looked inexplicably soft.


Sivir sat on the edge of the bed and stared at Tu Mianmian’s face for a long time before he reached out, patting his back hesitantly.




Maybe because he shouted the name too much last night, as he called out Tu Mianmian’s name, his tone already held familiarity and intimacy.


Sivir thought it would be difficult for Tu Mianmian to wake up, but unexpectedly, he woke up quickly after just a call.


“Mmmm.” When Mianmian heard someone call his name, he nodded his head and sat up from the bed.


Seeing him get up, Sivir invited him rustily: “Let’s go down to have breakfast.”


“Mmmm.” Tu Mianmian responded again, but he sat on the bed without opening his eyes.


In fact, Sivir’s words went in one ear and out the other.


Sivir: “…”


Mianmian lifted the quilt and got out of bed.


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Although his eyes were still clouded with sleep, he was able to find the right direction accurately and plunged straight into the bathroom.


After a while, Mianmian came out after washing up.


The strange thing was that after washing his face, he still didn’t completely wake up.


He half-squinted his eyes and drifted by like a wandering ghost.


He didn’t wait for Sivir to say anything to him, and just stepped into his slippers and walked to the first floor.


Sivir: “…” I can’t tell what I’m feeling like right now.


Didn’t the physiology book say that a partner who has a relationship with them during a rut will naturally develop feelings?


And isn’t the recipient supposed to be very dependent on his other half?


Why didn’t Mianmian?


Sivir entered the bathroom with doubts to wash up.


When he arrived downstairs in the dining room, Tu Mianmian was already sitting at the table waiting.


The housekeeping robot placed the last plate of buns down on the table, and Butler Anderson was standing beside Tu Mianmian, talking to him.


Anderson remarked: “His Royal Highness the Duke’s situation was already very serious when the wedding photos were taken yesterday.”


Tu Mianmian glanced at Sivir who was approaching the dining table.


The Duke’s temperament seemed cold and indifferent.
But, he recalled Sivir’s state yesterday.


The Duke who should have always been calm and restrained, didn’t not show the slightest trace of being tortured by lust.


In fact, he was quite unrestrained.


So, Tu Mianmian shook his head in disagreement, “I couldn’t tell.”


“That’s because His Highness likes to endure everything.” Butler Anderson looked at Sivir who had pulled out his chair and shook his head lovingly.


“…” When Mianmian heard those words, he picked up a small dumpling and stuffed it into his mouth, while staring at the Duke.


Loves to endure everything???


But last night he saw that Sivir couldn’t bear it at all.
He vented as much as he wanted.


This newlywed petite husband has no human rights.


After a long while, Tu Mianmian finished chewing the dumpling, looked away, and said, “I still can’t see it.”


Sivir stared at him sharply: “…”


The topic was gently put aside, and Mianmian began to bury his head into the food.


After drinking the fragrant and nutritious porridge, Sivir finally relaxed.


He glanced at the hearty breakfast.


The table no longer just had the tube of nutrient solution that Sivir usually consumes.


Instead, it was filled with a variety of meals, including the most popular Starnet celebrity breakfasts in the Empire, and ancient breakfasts such as buns and dumplings.


This is done in consideration of Tu Mianmian’s taste, the new owner of the Duke’s Mansion.

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The servants had prepared all kinds of food for him to choose and eat.


It seems that the Duke’s Mansion was very interested in and attentive to Tu Mianmian.
Sivir was relieved with this knowledge.


“Mianmian.” Sivir called.


“Huh?” Tu Mianmian looked up at him.


Sivir organized his language and informed him, “I’m going to lead the army to the border of the Empire, you need to stay at home.”


The implication was that the two newlyweds would be separating immediately.


Tu Mianmian: ? !


Mianmian was stunned.


Before he could swallow what was in his mouth, he said in a vague and uncertain tone, “You’re going to fight.”


Sivir gave a short “Um,” as he stared at Tu Mianmian’s white neck.


He could vaguely see a few red marks, the masterpieces he left, which stood out as Mianmian lowered his head.


“You can take a rest at home, and also take care of your body.”


Sivir lowered his head to manipulate his light brain, opening up permission to Tu Mianmian, “Or you can go out to shop.
If you feel bored, you can inspect the properties of the Duke’s Mansion and become familiar with your new home.
If you don’t understand something, ask Anderson directly.”


“If you like something, just purchase it,” Sivir told Mianmian as he reached over and held out his light brain: “Bind my star card.”


The light brain’s terminal on Tu Mianmian’s wrist immediately issued a prompt “Dii- -“, indicating that a new star card account needed confirmation from the person binding it.


Mianmian obediently bound the Duke’s star card and the balance was immediately displayed on his light brain.


Tu Mianmian: “…”


He felt dizzy and unable to breathe.
The long string of zeros made him speechless for a while.


And the Duke didn’t wait for Tu Mianmian’s response.


After seeing the account had been shared, he immediately stood up and left the table as if in a hurry.


He took a tube of nutrient solution from a maid waiting at the side and walked out swiftly.


At the door was Butler Anderson, who was waiting with a military jacket.
Sivir took it and draped it over his shoulders.


Just as he was about to walk out the door, he suddenly stopped and turned his head, “I’m sorry, my work is important, but I will accompany you later.”


Tu Mianmian: “…”


Mianmian brought his clutched hands to his beating heart.


He couldn’t tell if it was beating because of the Duke’s sudden warmth and handsome figure or if it was because of the string of zeros.


He looked at the tall figure, exhausted his life’s tenderness, and said sweetly, “Okay, I’ll wait for you to come back.”


Then, the Duke left with confidence.


Waiting on the side, Butler Anderson and the maid were deeply moved by their show of love, and the corner of their eyes flushed with tears as if to validate their belief in love.


Tu Mianmian stared at Sivir’s fading back, only thinking that this sturdy back looked more charming than star coins.


Once he was out of sight, Tu Mianmian turned back around to the dining table and sat in a trance:

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How’d you described this situation?


I married a rich man, but the rich man might never come to see me, and I am only accompanied by a three-story villa and the money in his card.


Isn’t this the life he dreamed of?



It doesn’t matter.
If the Duke will never accompany him, it has nothing to do with him.
He has the Duke’s Mansion and a long string of zeros.


So, he can live well all on his own.




The Central Star Military Headquarters of the Chaoyang Empire.


Sivir had just disembarked from his airship when his adjutant approached him, having waited a long time for him.


The two walked towards the military building together, and his adjutant raced against time to report to him, “Marshal, the soldiers and the fleet have all assembled and are ready to set off at any time.
I also followed up on the routine maintenance of Daylight yesterday afternoon.
Everything is fine.”


Sivir: “Good.”


The adjutant asked: “The logistics department has followed Master Raymond’s request and increased the energy output of your mecha’s right arm by 10%.
Do you wish to simulate a power test to see the effect?”


“No need.” Sivir turned on his light brain to consult a few documents and replied, “I can see what changes were made by looking at the parameters.”


“Oh.” The adjutant suddenly became indifferent.
‘That’s right, their marshal is a genius, unlike us mortals, who have to try everything just to be sure.’


The adjutant’s face was expressionless as he informed, “The logistics department also knows that you don’t need to conduct a power test, so they didn’t even reserve a venue for you.”


Sivir glanced at the adjutant, as if he hadn’t heard his sour words.


“Marshal, remember to save the data for Daylight’s right arm in actual combat.” The adjutant added, “This is what the logistics department requested.”


“Understood.” Sivir replied very briefly.


After all the matters regarding the work and situation of the military department were reported, Sivir walked towards the logistics department to take back his imperial mecha, Daylight.


The adjutant following behind Sivir thought for a moment, and asked, “Marshal, you left in a hurry yesterday afternoon.
Was there anything urgent?”


In a rare moment, Sivir explained more about the issues involving his private life: “I went to get married.”


“Oh oh oh.” The adjutant nodded again and again, “It turned out to be going out to get married.
That must have been urgent…”


“…” Wait.
“???” The adjutant suddenly froze.
He was dumfounded, looking at the back that kept moving further away in front of him with a stupid expression on his face.


Not far ahead, Anna, a female colleague who was also an adjutant, handed over the mecha button for Daylight that was just received from the logistics department to the Duke.
She also glanced at him.


Anna apparently overheard his conversation with Duke Sivir, and the adjutant swears he saw contempt for him in Anna’s eyes.


And sure enough, Anna said in a well-accepting tone: “So the Marshal went to get married.”


Anna continued to say politely: “This lowly adjutant is very much looking forward to the day when I can see the Duchess’s graceful appearance.”


‘She’s still flattering him!’ The adjutant thought bitterly.


Sivir, who was checking over the mecha button, took her words into consideration.


Although he has only been acquainted with Tu Mianmian for a short time, after getting married, he naturally has to take responsibility.


Sivir gave Anna a considering look and said: “After returning, you can visit him.”

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“Okay.” Anna replied.
Turning away from the topic, she asked about the upcoming expedition, “Marshal, when will the fleet leave?”


“The reconnaissance fighters will go first, then the vanguard will be dispatched to follow.
The rest will leave immediately after we accept His Majesty’s farewell.”


Sivir continued to order: “Go and let all the departments prepare.”


“Yes!” Anna and the adjutant saluted.


After Sivir finished giving orders, he turned and left.


The adjutant still had difficulty digesting the heavy and unexpected information he just heard.
He was completely shocked by the news.


He wanted to talk to his colleague Anna about it, but found that she had also left in a hurry.


After catching up to her, he found that Anna was hiding in a corner and secretly contacting a good sister who worked in the Duke’s mansion.


Anna: “What? The Duchess is pretty and cute? Show me how cute this cutie is!”


Anna: “Don’t tell me that you don’t dare to take pictures!”


Anna: “- – you’re dead!”


‘Okay, it looks like you’re still a two-faced person.’ The adjutant thought blankly.




In the blue skies of the Central star, there was a dense assembly of battleships.


His Majesty, the Emperor of the Empire, was seeing off the soldiers who were about to go on the expedition as a song praying for safety and triumph resounded in every part of the Central Star.


After the farewell ceremony and with the commander’s order, the battleships flew away from the Central Star in an orderly manner and embarked on a journey to the battlefield.


Not long after Tu Mianmian finished breakfast, he strolled around the courtyard garden, digesting the food while familiarizing himself with the Duke’s Mansion.


Butler Anderson followed behind him.
When he heard the sounds of battleships preparing to launch from the airspace above, he raised his head to observe them for a bit, and then pointed out the largest main ship to Tu Mianmian, “His Royal Highness is there.”


The Butler held his hands behind his back, looking proud: “His Royal Highness is the chief commander, and everyone in the military addresses His Highness as Marshal.”


He adjusted his spectacles and whispered: “But I still like to call His Highness as His Highness.
The Duke of the Empire is the first title belonging to His Highness.”


Tu Mianmian also looked up at the sky.


The huge battleships hovered far above in the air.


But even so, it was easy to distinguish the main battleship.
It was the largest black spot in the sky.


Mianmian observed the big black spot surrounded by the other battleships for a moment, then lost interest.


He looked back and was about to say something to Butler Anderson when suddenly, he heard a loud whistling sound in the wind.


A mecha swept over.


The entire body of the mecha was silver-white, and gave a cold impression bathed under the sunlight.


When it passed over the Duke’s mansion, the cockpit flashed a red light.


It was as if it was looking his way.


Then, the mecha lifted up into the sky, and finally submerged into the fleet of battleships that began to set sail.
It seemed to turn into a stream of light, and disappeared into the sky.


AN—Sivir in Mecha: Goodbye to my wife, I’m going to set sail into the night

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