I Am the Cutest in the Universe

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annccha6-7 minutes 04.07.2022

[Hot! His Royal Highness’s mysterious companion is revealed today! Both parties are suspected to be married!]

[Hot! His Royal Highness the Duke’s love affair was made public for the first time.
The Duchess is beautiful and lovely, and the husband and wife are sweet!]

[Hot! The Duchess makes his first public appearance! Going out in the exclusive airship from the Duke’s Mansion!]

“…” Tu Mianmian was silent.

He quitted the star network, no longer watching the popular news.

The speed of news spreading in the Interstellar Era was really fast.

As soon as he left the gate of Yizhi Park on his front foot, various related hot posts were posted on his back foot.

Among the varied photos, there was one that was almost 360 degrees without dead ends.

It was compiled by secretly photographing Tu Mianmian over and over again.

But it goes without saying, he still looked beautiful even with such exposing photos.

After a “Du—“ sounded in his ear, the airship of the Duke’s Mansion that Mianmian was riding in gradually slowed down and landed smoothly.

Judy, who was close to the cabin door, opened it to reveal the familiar view of the courtyard of the Duke’s Mansion.

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Back home!

Tu Mianmian was refreshed and happily got off the airship.

Butler Anderson was waiting with several maids.

When he saw that Tu Mianmian was back, he immediately greeted him with a smile.

If you ignore the maids’ eyes that shone brightly when they saw Tu Mianmian, then this would probably be a very warm scene.

“Welcome home Madam.
You’ve worked hard.” Butler Anderson greeted Tu Mianmian with a gentleman’s salute.

When he straightened up from his bow, Anderson had a look of pride on his face: “As I expected.
Madam is really popular, and the final number of votes is a sign of everyone’s love for you.”

“Eh?” Tu Mianmian was surprised that Butler Anderson had watched the live broadcast.

He waved his hand dismissively and said bluntly, “It’s all because of Sivir.
If it wasn’t for him, no one else would have voted for me.”

Anderson shook his head and looked at Tu Mianmian lovingly: “It’s Madam who is belittling himself.”

Mianmian exchanged a few more words with Butler Anderson.

He also endured and endured, but finally couldn’t help but look over Anderson’s shoulder.

Behind the butler, there were maids with bright, shiny eyes.

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Their gazes stayed on Tu Mianmian’s body, as if they were glued there.

Their excited looks seemed to be screaming: Mianmian! Mom loves you! Hurry up, come to mommy!

Tu Mianmian: “…”

Under the eyes of wolves and tigers, Tu Mianmian felt his scalping tingling.

He ended his brief conversation with Butler Anderson, then rushed to the bedroom on the second floor as if he was running away.

The Duke’s housekeeper, Anderson, seemed to sense something and looked behind him only to see the maids smiling and decent, no different from usual.

Anderson was puzzled: “?”

Tu Mianmian entered the bedroom and closed the door while breathing a sigh of relief.

His eyes swept the room casually and then was taken aback by what he saw.

A military jacket was thrown in a mess on the bed, the same jacket that Mianmian used to snuggle when he changed back to a lop-eared rabbit at noon.

He rushed over to pick up the jacket, patted it, shook it again, and hung it up in the wardrobe.

Mianmian felt a little guilty.

This was the Duke’s jacket!

If it was discovered that he secretly used the Duke’s clothes as a nest, then he’ll lose his face as a rabbit.

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Just as Tu Mianmian closed the wardrobe, there was a sudden hum from outside.

He turned his head suspiciously, and through the large window, he could see that there was a soft and transparent film-like thing outside that covered the entire Duke’s mansion.

Vaguely, he could hear the announcement from the courtyard: “The protective energy layer has been opened.”

“Huh?” Tu Mianmian couldn’t help but wonder what was going on.

He raised his foot and walked towards the balcony, wanting to see what was happening.

The floor-to-ceiling windows automatically opened to both sides for him, and the light from the evening sunset gently fell onto Tu Mianmian’s eyes as a violent wind blew past his face.

Daylight crossed the evening sky, returning home from afar.

The three- or four-meter-high white mecha easily passed through the protective layer, creating waves like rippling water that quickly smoothed out.

The gust of wind brought by the momentum of the approaching mecha, roared loudly.

The trees planted in the courtyard swayed in the wind, and the grass on the lawn moved like a field of wheat would, battered by wind.

Tu Mianmian was unable to open his eyes.

When the wind gradually diminished and disappeared, he slowly lifted his eyelids and saw Daylight hovering in front of the balcony.

Tu Mianmian let out a small “wow”, and his eyes lit up.

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Waaa, that mecha! It’s the Duke!

The mecha in front of him stretched out its arms and lifted its owner out of the cockpit.

Sivir’s profile was outlined in the sunset.

He stepped on Daylight’s palm and climbed over the balcony guardrail.

His military boots made a ‘click’ when they landed.

Tu Mianmian was stunned for a moment, staring at Sivir who suddenly came to his side.

Then, his eyes brightened, his lips rose in a smile, and two small dimples loomed on his cheeks as he cried out, “You’re back!”

Inexplicably, the Duke’s heart suddenly began to beat heavily when he heard those words.

He curled his fingers in response to the tingling feeling that overcame him.

Tu Mianmian was welcoming him home.

His originally fair cheeks were covered with a layer of warmth by the evening glow, and even his eyelashes were gently colored by the sunset, dotted with tiny shimmers.

Sivir’s eyes slowly overflowed with tenderness.

He responded with an “um” and said in a solemn tone that he was unaware of: “I’m back.”

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