Day 2 Cave

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When I wake up I’m in a cave I don’t know? Yea, this is not too much of a fuss.

Apparently it’s hard to even follow the standard routine in another world, It seems that I have to start my morning by staring at the ceiling of a cave.

There weren’t any problems in the middle of the night.
The tent and lantern both have monster avoidance and hikikomori to top it off where during the time that I’m holed up, I will be protected.
But I wonder what happens when I’m out? Probably need a door, just in case, probably need a mailbox.

I light the bonfire that’s disappeared in the middle of the night with fire magic, it can’t be lit up without holding it in my hand so a fireball is probably impossible.
Holding it in my hand and throwing it seems hot.
I don’t want to get hot, after seeing that old man…

From the item bag, I take out a knife, frying pan, cutting board, dried meat, and mushrooms.
Let’s also bring out salt, a plate, and a cup.
Of course, it’s Villager A-san goods.
Did this person actually stay in the village?

Place a frying pan on a bonfire and heat until smoke appears.
Put shredded minced meat and thick slices of mushrooms onto the pan and then fry.
Add a small amount of water when a brown color appears and cover with a lid.
Shake the pan carefully to prevent burning, steam until the water is gone, and salt lightly to enhance the taste.
Mmm, it smells good, so far the only ingredients are dried meat from the item bag and mushrooms from the mushroom forest.
And the only seasoning is Mr.
A’s salt, the stock will run out sooner or later.
Meat and fish, and what else you can get in the forest, as far as I saw yesterday, it was a mushroom forest.
There may be a bamboo shoot village somewhere.
…Don’t start a war.

To fetch water, I went outside, since I was here, I used clairvoyance to examine the surrounding area.
It seems that there is no bamboo rattan.
The war was evaded, but obtaining the bamboo shoot seems impossible.

I think about what to do from now on while eating.
Securing food and housing will be the top priority, and the rest is safety and measures against demons.

First of all, this cave is probably fine as a living space.
I have a tent so it may be okay to move around, but it is safer to use a cave.
A cave in which I can enclose myself within is also wonderful.

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If food in this area runs out, I’ll consider moving out, food and safety is my first priority.
Hmm? Normally, the adventure begins, but I’m already enclosing myself from the outside world? If so, will I soon stop working? As expected, different world skills are scary!
In this way, I entered the forest and started collecting mushrooms, and proceeded while searching with Appraisal.
I passed through downstream yesterday, so today I will try to go upstream.

Mushrooms are common and sometimes I find medicinal plants.
I try not to approach anything that has any sign of being dangerous.
I proceed through the forest while picking up firewood, wood, and vines.

However, normally these kinds of things have standard patterns, at first, you should live in a castle or something, but it’s really a survival countryside life! Already in a forest without ever being kicked out of the castle! Moreover, there are 0 people other than me, the whole story is being told by me! Is this the summoning of a different world? What is the difference between this story and the Robinsons family transfer job?
TN Note:

It’s about time to go back to the cave, time-wise, it should be around lunchtime? I don’t know the time because I have neither a clock nor a cell phone.
There’s no need to ask why I don’t have a cell phone, don’t ask! Absolutely don’t ask!

I can get through the forest soon where the cave is just around the corner.
But I can’t move.
I feel like something is nearby? Is it a monster? Is it an animal? … Maybe a classmate? There is no doubt that it’s not a friend.
Yeah, I can’t make that mistake.

Your annoying ~ go somewhere.
I watched while hiding so that it couldn’t see me, listened carefully to the noise but was careful not to make noise, and hid my presence while looking for a presence … I found it! “Appraisal”!

Goblin A

Lv 08
HP 36

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