Thou Shall Not Steal

The Other Prologue

The whole mafia industry is shaken when the richest, most powerful—the godfather challenges every other gang down below for an heir to his throne.

”Heir? ” Ulysses—hiding under the name of Greed in the syndicate—hisses, gritting his teeth upon hearing the breaking news, ”That psycho isn asking for heir. Hes asking for high-class pornography! ”

Pinching his nose as if pained, the Pride, Nikolai counters, ”We all know that, Ises. But the old geezer never backs out from what he says. His words may sound like trash but its gold. Pure **ing gold. ”

While Wrath, Dylan, the leader of the gang is busy analyzing the deal statement, Marco also known as Gluttony grumbles, ”Yeah, I know he runs half of this freaking industry. But asking seven-membered gangs to ** a baby into one woman is out of bounds! ”

”Its not like we haven tried sharing women, ” Matteo, the Envy says lowly which earns a glare from the youngest.

”Dude, sharing women is okay. Impregnating one woman and raising an infant altogether isn ! ” Marco stresses out, hands flailing in the air with utmost displeasure, ”Plus, hes **ing demanding for a video proof. Of us! Fucking one woman! Thats **ing twisted! ”

”Hes a known voyeur. And its all just stupid games with that man, ” Chet interrupts, calm as usual; the code name Sloth fitting him the most. ”He knows every seven-membered gang wouldn approve of it. Hes testing whod go all out for his treasures and name. ”

Putting down his phone, Dylan hums in agreement. ”Chets right. The video proof is just childs play. Its just evidence that we
e engaging ourselves with one woman, like a frats initiation. Hed know if we really followed his rules. ”

His eyes shift from one man to another, elaborating, ”He knows the industry way better than anyone else. One of us can just ** a prostitute and present him a baby but with a video proof . . . we can alter which woman we picked. Im pretty sure hed have the mother followed and observed all throughout her pregnancy too. ”

Groans are heard, most of them hating the idea; Nikolai goes on to enlighten them, ”Hes a **ing idealist. An insane idealist who thinks having an heir with seven mafia fathers would be the ultimate key for an invincible family business. ”

The others shake their heads at the nonsensical notion but the greed within them to rule the mafia industry won let them drop the challenge.

The man known as Lust gets on his feet, swirling the whisky in his hand. ”Now the main question is . . . who do we ** our baby into? ”

And like an answered prayer, their secretary walks into their office, hair in a presentable bun, wearing a decent round eyeglass, and in a tight corporate uniform stressing out her figure.

All eyes dart to her while she saunters towards Dylans desk. ”Mr. Worth, the alcohol trade you offered Lee Enterprises just got cancelled, ” she informs but there are no replies, only poisonous silence as their eyes drink her in.

Now shes suddenly conscious, eyes dropping to the ground at the unwanted attention. ”Uhm, sir. What do we do—? ”

”Kill them, ” Chet orders from behind.

She turns to him and nods courteously. Its always been their way of showing power and shes grown accustomed to it.

”Send men to assassinate the whole family, ” Dylan adds, her diligently taking note of what they say.

Suddenly, Xavier goes to her, eyes piercing right through her in a mysterious way she can unravel as he drinks up his liquor. ”Ms. Secretary, ” he subtly whispers, making her look at him in return.

”I never knew you had pretty eyes, ” he says, ”Too bad we can see them well because of your glasses. ”

Her lips purse tightly for a moment before she offers, ”My apologies, sir. Do you want me to take it off? ”

Matteo smirks at her reply and Xavier just nods, pleased with her response.

”Please do. ”

With his signal, she removes it meekly and meets his gaze. ”Anything else I can do for you, sir? ”

Without warning, Xavier reaches to untie her hair, letting it fall down to her shoulders as he assesses her.

She doesn have any idea what they
e up to but she stays still like a doll being played with. Shes trained to be like that anyway.

A little later and Xavier brazenly undoes a button of her top, a portion of her cleavage on display for them while she remains stoic.

Pleased with how unabashed she is, Xavier steps back with a smile. ”Perfect, ” he remarks, ”Thats the look the mother of my child should have! ”

Her eyes can help but widen at his statement. ”P-pardon? ” she stutters, earning chuckles from them.

”Ms. Secretary, ” Matteo calls her attention, ”What do you think about having kids? ”

”Kids? ” with a raised eyebrow, Nikolai stresses out the s, making Matteo shrug.

”Shes hot. She can pull off the plurals, and you know we wouldn mind. ”

Rolling his eyes, Dylan shifts his gaze to her, seemingly waiting for her answer so she gives him one, ”Well, maybe someday in the future, sir. ”

Marcos lips curve upwards. ”How about someday this weekend? Im sure Ulysses would like that. Hes had his eyes on you ever since you stepped into our office, ” he teases but halts when a flying iPhone hits his arm.

Everyone looks at where it came from and its a rare sight to see Ulysses Yates blushing that shes somehow more confused with what they mean.

Matteo joins the fun. ”Stop acting like you don fantasize about her, Marco. ” And with that, the youngest shuts it.

Theres a moment of silence, all seven of them exchanging glances and thats when Nikolai grabs the opportunity. In a trice, he walks to her, tilting her chin to face him. ”Ms. Secretary, I think you have just been promoted. ”

She blinks at him repeatedly. ”Promoted to what, sir? ”

”To be the sins wife, ” he whispers softly in her ear, a thick lump suddenly forming in her throat.

Clicking his tongue, Chet butts in, ”Stop romanticizing things for her. Cut the crap and offer the real deal. ”

The three youngest make face at the party-pooper businessman, while Nikolai just chuckles lightly. ”Fine. ” He pushes her stray hair on the back of her ear, asking, ”Will you let the seven of us ** a baby into you, beautiful? ”

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