I Was Once A Stupid Bet

Chapter 10: Go Paint Shopping with Me

Paices Pov

I sat in my seat staring at the two correspondings. The two hottest gay guys in the school talking and laughing. Wait, Alonzo is laughing? I never even see him do anything but glare and smirk. Adrian isn gay hes bisexual. No one knows Im fully gay and worst of all. Im a bottom. The act of being bisexual is annoying because everyone thinks Im so hot I pull both genders. I can even be gay in peace. Girls throw themselves at me and I want to throw up. Being bisexual is a bit boring.

I wanted to date a guy like Adrian or Alonzo but people would know that Im at the bottom of the relationship. Why does that bother me so much? I replayed last night over and over in my head about fifty times. How could one be this skill during sex? He drives me crazy. They must have felt my stare on them because they both turned around smirking at me. That asshole opened his mouth and told Alonzo we slept together? I held my head wanting to scream. The bell rang for lunch and everyone quickly ran out of the classroom. I realized Alonzo and Adrian haven moved either. I walked over to them tapping Adrian on the shoulder.

”Can I talk to you? ” I asked him feeling Alonzo staring at me.

”Sure whats up? ” He asked to smirk

”Not here. In private ” I said to him

”Ill catch you at lunch, ” Alonzo said getting up ”Hey Denver ” He added walking out. I felt my face getting hot. Did he recognize me? Oh my

”Nice walk by the way, ” Adrian said grinning. I rolled my eyes. I had to tell people I hit my knee on the door.

”Can we go somewhere alone? ” I asked him. He sighed and got up.

We walked to the old music room and I closed the door locking it behind me. It wasn dusty or filled with cobwebs or anything. It wasn used anymore. He sat at a desk looking at me.

”So what is this? ” He asked

”Did you tell Alonzo we slept together? ” I asked

”Yes but hes not gonna tell anyone so don get weird, ” He said. For some reason, I trusted his words. I nodded and sighed.

”Can we do it again? ” I asked him blushing

”Have sex again? ” He asked

”Yes. I just, like the experience and I want to try it again. My relationship with Colton is pretty boring. Hes not the kinda guy that can stop me. Hes can turn me on like you did or how Ash did at the time. I just like being a bottom ” I rambled. He started grinning and I felt embarrassed.

”Okay but Im busy this evening and tomorrow, ” He said to me

”Are you busy um now? ” I asked walking closer to him. I stood between his legs and bit down on his bottom lip pulling at it.

”Do you like Alonzo? ” He asked which caught me off guard.

”Yes but he doesn like me, ” I said looking down.

”Did you make that deal with me so you could top me or do you just want me to top you? ” He asked.

”I wanted you to top me but I couldn just walk up to you and say that, especially with NY stupid teammates there, ” I said huffing.

”Why would you be ashamed of that though? ” He asked

”Because Im the popular jock. No one is expecting me to be a bottom in my relationships ” I said rolling my eyes.

”So you
e creeping around and doing this because of what people say? ” He asked and the look on his face made me realize he was not impressed. More like disgusted. I shrink fighting the urge to pout at him.

”No. I just, I think people respect me that way ” I said honestly

”Well, why hide yourself to gain respect if thats how you
e gaining it? By being an asshole? Did you break Ashlyns heart in the process because of a bet to gain the respect that isn even real? You are a bottom just like him. Why did you even date him? ” He asked sounding pissed. His blue eyes went dark.

”I envied him being a proud gay guy. He doesn care how many people call him fag or queer. I like his personality and his confidence. I hang around him because he is like me. I was just closet gay ” I whined

”Closeted gay? Im **ing confused. You aren making any sense right now ” He yelled at me causing me to jump a little. ”What do you want? ” He asked

”Okay, so I came out to my parents, right? I told them Im gay but the look on my dads face made me regret it so I told him Im into girls too. He was like okay, so you can marry a woman because I don know how it would look to have two men at an alter. I was scared okay? When Im with Ashlyn I can be myself. I can squeal like a girl, I can whine or do whatever I want but with other people like my friends, I have to pretend like Im bisexual and Im a top. Thats how they respect me and don treat me like a girl. ” I rambled

e an idiot. Why do you care what your dad thinks? ” He asked ”At the end of the day you
e still gonna feel the same way. No one is gonna be with you if you are closeted. Maybe thats why Alonzo changed his mind about asking you out. You care too much about what people say ” He added shaking his head.

”Alonzo…. w-was gonna ask me out? ” I asked shocked

”Yeah, then you broke Ashlyns heart. You blew that all on your own ” He said sighing.

”Can we do it now? Please but I wanna be on top this time ” I said blushing

”Where are we gonna do that? ” He asked looking around the room.

I grabbed his hand and drag him around the back behind the instruments. There was an old leather couch but it was clean. I maybe have been in here earlier to clean it because I realize hes really, really clean. He looked down at me smirking. I dropped my bag on the couch and he did the same. I walked towards him pulling him down to my lips by his shirt.

”No, wait. My shirt is white ” He said and I huffed. God, whats wrong with him? He removed his shirt and I grabbed him pushing my lips into his.

His hand found my ass grabbing it and kissing me hard. He lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He walked to the couch laying me down and coming down on top of me. I started unbuckling his jeans. I pushed it down putting my hand into his boxers and he was hard. I smirked into the kiss stroking him. In less than 5 minutes we were both naked and he was sitting on the couch. I straddle his hips and he held his length at my entrance.

”Just take your time okay and-

I cut him off sliding down on him. It hurt like hell but it didn take long for the pleasure to take over. I kissed his lips and he grabbed my ass while I rotate my hips in a circular position. He groaned biting my shoulder and sucking it. I moaned, my head falling back in pleasure. He brushed against my good spot and I whimpered. His hand came up covering my mouth. He quickly flipped us over ramming hard inside of me. I moaned loudly digging my fingers into his back. He didn stop, he kept doing it Hardee and I felt my orgasm coming. I tried squirming away as he went deeper. This was too much please.

” Ad-adrian slow down ” I whined but of course he didn listen. He kept going biting on my neck.

”Adrian ” I moaned as he buried his head in my neck.

I came on my stomach, again and he kept brushing my prostate over and over and over again. His lips came down on my giving me a lip-bruising kiss. His eyes were dark with lust and he was sweating. We both were sweating. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he **ed me on the leather couch. His body fell limb against mine and he was breathing heavily. His forehead in the crook of my neck. He kissed my neck then pulled out and took the condom off. He stood up smirking down at me.

How do I do nothing for this guy but let him ** me senselessly? His body is amazing, drool-worthy, hot, sexy, and tasty. I can even find the right word. He found my good spot in no time, he makes me squirm, whimpered, and moaned his name like his little bitch. I wanted him to ** me again but I feel so sore. I am going to break up with Colton as soon as I leave this room, then Im gonna ask out Alonzo.

”Im gonna ask Alonzo out, ” I said finally sitting up

”Are you? ” He asked just standing with the condom in his hand.

”Yes. I have had a crush on him forever but he never talks to anyone. Hes always glaring at people ” I said sighing

”You could hang out with us this evening but its not anything fun, ” He said taking a small towel from his bag and wiping his face. He wiped the sweat from his torso and then throw it at me.

”Thanks. What are you guys doing? ” I asked wiping my face, then neck, and starting to clean my stomach off.

”Cleaning out my new diner. Well its old bit its gonna reopen ” He said shrugging

”You own a diner? ” I asked

”Yes and a bakery. My aunt left them to me when she died. Im kinda loaded at the moment now ” He said shrugging

”Then why did you sell the Ferrari? ” I asked

”Because I don need it. Im gonna give you some of the money for it though ” He said

”Why? ” I asked

”Im not an asshole and Im kind. I give stuff away all the time. Some is going to Ashlyn too ” He said. Thats great because no disrespect, Ash does need the money.

”Okay, so who else is gonna help clean? ” I asked

”My brother, Ashlyn, Alonzo, maybe a few other people, ” He said

”Whos your brother? ” I asked.

”My last name is King. Do you not have a King on your team? ” He asked putting his boxers on

”Oh, Shit? Of course, you
e Tristans brother. You guys do have the same hair but you
e hotter ” I said pulling my boxers on. We got dressed and were about to leave.

”Lets make out one last time before you go, ” I said pulling him towards me.

”I know Im too hot and irresistible, ” He said wrapping his arms around my waist.

”And so **ing hot, ” I said wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him deeply. Oh yes, hes so **ing hot alright.

After we finished making out, we left the music room. I did as I said and broke up with Colton. he was being a whiny little bitch about it. I told him I loved him as a friend but being a boyfriend isn working for me. Now all I need to do is asked Alonzo out.

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