I Was Once A Stupid Bet

Chapter Three: It was All a bet

Im Ashlyn Gates. I am sixteen years old and also a junior in high school. I know, I know. I have a girls name but to make it all worst is that my voice is semi feminine and it makes me so mad. Im 5 ft 3 and very slim. I am not muscular, nowhere near it either. I dislike it because most kids my age are taller and have body of grown men. I have shoulder length dark brown curly hair with light brown eyes. I love my eyes and plump pink lips. My ass is round, plump even and my hips are a bit wider than average men. I think if I stayed in mother any longer I would have been a girl.

I love to read and I work at a library. A few other hobbies I have are photography and painting.I live with my foster parents, very horrible people. My dad hits me all the time while my mom use her words to bury me. They are so so loving aren they. On the brighter side I have a boyfriend and his name is Paice Denver. Hes the captain of the basketball team and weve been together for basically a year now. Hes blonde, blue eyes and dashing smile. Hes also a year older than me, him being a senior and all.

I used to be invisible in a way before we started going out. My freshman year his teammates used to call me fag because of my voice and worst of all my name. At the time no one knew that Im gay because I don have friends. I never really wanted any. Then one day Paice walked up to me and asked me out on a date. I though he was joking but I went anyway. That night he kissed me. He was my first kiss and I have to say it didn disappoint. On our 4th date that week he asked me to be his boyfriend and I said yes.

Everyone in school know that we
e dating. He kissed me in the hallways, sometimes Ill sit on his lap during lunch when I feel like it. I don like his friends because they hated me and the feel was mutual. Girls envied me for dating the schools basketball captain. The head cheerleader Alexa always smirked at me. She would always make comments like he must really have something for you if he made his relationship with you public or I think hes lucky to have you. She wasn a bitch or anything because she was gay too. Her girlfriend is the schools bad girl or whatever they call her.

Alexas best friends are Bella Phoenix and Tristan King. They are both dating as far as I know. Of all the jocks and cheerleaders, they are the only nice ones or at least they act that way. All of them are juniors like me.

Im now at a party on a school night. Tomorrow Paice has a surprise for me and Im so impatient. I was latched on Paices arm the whole night until I decided to get a drink because his friends wouldn stop staring at me. I walked into the kitchen and it was a disgusting sight. I took up a solo cup and everything was basically empty or mixed in the punch they made.

”You need a drink? ” I heard a voice asked.

I looked up to see a guy. I mean I have a boyfriend and all but shit. Where did he get those blue eyes from? They resemble the ocean. The deep blue makes me wanna drown into them. He was so tall and his black hair fell in his eyes on both sides of his face. His lips were almost red and his jaw was oh so **ing perfect. His nose was straight and his face was perfect. My eyes trailed down his body where his white Tee stuck to his body like glue or a second skin. My stomach was erupted with butterflies and my breath caught in my throat. Hold on what? No I have Paice and we love each other.

”I said if you want a drink? ” His deep voice asked while his eyes stared into mine.

”Um sure… I um thank you ” I said mentally slapping myself. I handed him the cup so he could get me a drink.

He walked over to where I was opened the fridge pouring fruit punch in my cup. He handed to me and smiled thanking him. I looked back over to where Paice was and he was talking to his friend laughing about something on his phone. He probably hasn noticed I have been talking to a guy.

”So are you from around here? ” The guy asked

”Yes I am, are you? ” I asked and he smirked.

”I love your voice ” He said licking his lips after he took a sip from his own cup which I can tell is alcohol.

”Thank you ” I said shyly

”But I just moved back here. I was living with my aunt in Florida, but she passed away so I came back here to live with my parents and brother. ” He said

”Oh, Im sorry for your lost ” I said sincerely.

”Yeah thanks. You wanna go outside to get out of the noise? ” He asked and I found myself nodding. His big hands grabbed my small ones walking towards the back door. I looked back and Paice was still having the time of his life with his friends.

”So what now? ” I asked as we sit on a bench under the tree. No one could see us but I could see clearly towards the house.

”Nothing I think you
e cute ” He said smirking.

”Cute? ” I asked frowning

”Yeah and you have a nice ass ” He said looking at me seductively.

”Are you gay? ” I asked

”Im bisexual actually ” He said sipping the content in the cup.

”Oh. Have you ever been with a guy? ” I asked

”Ive been with a lot of guys ” He said chuckling ”Too many if you ask me ” He added smirking

”Are you a top or a um… You know bottom? ” I asked blushing

”Ive always been top. I don think bottom is for me ” He said looking out to the pool.

”How would you know if youve never tried? ” I asked hesitantly.

”I just, Ill never be bottom. Im a dominant kinda guy. I love being in control. I like having my partner writhing under me, squirming, ** even begging me to make them cum, screaming when I hit their sweet spots. Damn. I love being the top and I wouldn give up that opportunity for nothing ” He said licking his lips and looking over at me.

His words are such a turn on. All the time he was saying those things I imagined it being me. How can I be such a slut? I have a boyfriend but its not like he missed me yet. His words made me leak precum and I love Paice dirty talking but this guy tops that. Shit, Ill make him top me any day.

”Oh ” Was all I managed to say.

”So are you top or…….bottom? ” He asked smirking

”What makes you think Im gay? ” I asked

”Your poster. Well Ive know a lot of closeted gays but you are so much more obvious. You just gives me the gay vibe you know. You
e too gay to be bi or straight ” he said grinning

”Oh. I didn know I was that obvious. Im not closeted, I…. Well my parents doesn know and Im afraid to tell them since their homophobes ” I said laughing nervously.

”Hmm. So what brings you to this party on a school night? ” He asked

”I don even know why Im here. My parents comes home tomorrow and Im literally partying like an idiot ” I sighed

”You want me to give you a ride home? ” He asked

”No, its fine. My house is like a 20 minutes walk from here ” I muttered. I felt his hand on my chin then I looked up at him leaning in.

”Tell me if I should stop ” He said as his minty breath fan against my face. I felt his lips pressed to mine and he tasted like cranberry juice and vodka.

He pushed his tongue into my mouth and before I knew it I was on his lap straddling him while he was groping my ass. I moaned into the kiss when I felt his erected member pressing against my ass. His hands went up to my hair running his finger through it. He used his hold on my hair pulling my head back so he was attacking my neck. I moaned as he started biting the skin.

I know I have a boyfriend. Shit, I can be doing this but Paice is nothing compared to this guy. He was a pro. His words turned me on without him even trying and now I can feel both our bulges. He rubbed me through my jeans and I let out a high pitched moan. Guilt flooded my mind especially since Im enjoying this more than I enjoy anything Paice. My phone rang pulling me out of the trance I was in.

”You should get that ” He said kissing my neck. I took my phone from my pocket seeing Paice calling. I tried getting up off the guy but he held me back smirking. ”Answer it ” He added and I swallowed doing as told.

”Hello? ” I said as calmly as I could.

”Babe where are you? ” Paice asked

”Im um… Im outside. Are you ready to go? ” I asked as the mystery guy licked my neck.

”Yeah, Im having a game night at Coltons house tonight so I have to take you home ” He shouted above the music. I suddenly don even feel guilty anymore.

”Okay, Ill meet you by your car in 5 ” I said then hung up.

”You have a boyfriend? ” The mystery guy asked looking at me smirking.

”Yeah I do. Im sorry about this ” I said slowly getting up

”Its fine. I think youll dream about me tonight. I sure leave an impact ” He said smugly and I smiled.

”See you around ” I said walking back inside.

”You too sexy ” He said back which made me blush.

”So Ill see you tomorrow. I have morning practice so I won be about to pick you up. You can get to school right? ” Paice asked as he walked me to my door which wasn even necessary.

”Ill be fine Paice. It wouldn be the first time I go to school on my own ” I said opening my front door.

”Why are you even mad at me? ” He asked touching my face.

”Im not mad. I am going to bed I have school tomorrow Paice ” I said looking at my shoes.

”You are mad. You can even look at me. I love you baby, always remember that ” He pulling me into him with a kiss and I kissed back right away.

”Okay and I love you, you can go now ” I said as we pulled away.

”See ya ” He said kissing my cheek then headed to his car. I close the door and locked it.

I walked down the hall to my bedroom. I walked in and immediately stripped down to my boxers. Thats when I realize they were wet. I knew it wasn from the kiss Paice and I shared just now. I changed my boxers and fell face first on my bed. I am such an idiot. I made out with a hot stranger while my boyfriend was so close. Im a whore. I sighed and fell asleep.

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