Prologue & Extras Death Probability (1)

“If I had known this would be the case, I would have just used it my way!”

Regret was overwhelming.

But no one would have thought that this would happen.

To get into a book, you wrote as a hobby.

Maybe it would be nice if I wasnt treated like a madman when I told someone.

I stared at the system message in front of me.

Still, the text above the system window did not change a single note.


“Lets break up. If we keep seeing each other, you and I will only have a miserable life at the bottom?  Lets never meet again anywhere. Take care.”

It was a decisive and concise text, like cleaning out dirty things.

Its a rough life.

It wasnt wrong.

However, he did not know he would receive a text message about the breakup.

Do-Hyuns hand holding the phone trembled.

What did you do with such a miserable bastard?

He wanted to call her right away and ask.

But all those harsh and cold words were definitely true.

He didnt get a decent job after graduating from a good university like everyone else.  He also didnt get a stable salary by taking the civil service exam like everyone else.

Because he was just an asshole.

Due to family circumstances, he wasnt even close to graduating from high school.

He struggled to make his dream come true with texts and drawings that were not even worth money.

Whats left at the end?

Do-Hyuns hand trembled pathologically.

The phone slipped from his trembling hands and fell to the floor.


Do-Hyun raised his left hand and barely grabbed his right hand, which was still trembling.

In the end, this is what it looked like.

This happens when a non-talented person has a dream that is too presumptuous.

When fatigue accumulates, accidents are likely to occur.

Do-Hyun was the perfect match.

He had an accident at a construction site where he worked to cover his living expenses.

His right arm was seriously injured in the accident.

His crushed right arm could not return as it had before.

He has been trembling like this when under a little bit of stress or trying to move by force.

With such trembling arms, he could not hold onto his lover, who was about to leave.

It was probably natural to receive a notice that we were breaking up.

“Damn it.”

Do-Hyun tried to get up from his seat.

He was going to pick up the lighter on the table.

But he felt a sharp pain in his back as if stabbed with an awl.

[ Awl: Woodworking tool ]

Even the waist, which had been fine in the previous accident, felt like it got worse. 

It was because he had no money and was not properly treated.

An on-site official did not call an ambulance in time to hide the industrial accident.

Do-Hyun sat down on the floor.

He hated the world.

He hated people.

He somehow just wanted to get out of this situation.

But it was impossible.

He had already been driven to the end of his life.

Do-Hyun picked up the soju nearby and drank it at once by pouring it into a paper cup.

He could feel the lukewarm alcohol burning on an empty stomach.

Do-Hyun continued to drink soju as if it were bottled water.

‘Wouldnt it be bad if I died like this?

The alcohol-soaked brain kept leaking laughter.

It was then.


A strange sight entered Do-Hyuns eyes.

The screen of the cell phone laid out on the floor was changing at will.

Do-Hyun looked at his phone screen with eyes that couldnt open properly.

‘Are my posts being deleted?

What appeared on the screen was a familiar text.

It was a novel written by Do-Hyun alone in a dark room.

It was written to express his boredom, but it was written with a lot of effort over a long period.

So his drunken spirit was awakened.

Do-Hyun quickly grabbed his cell phone.

“What, what is this?!  What happened?”

But the bizarre phenomenon did not stop there.

Suddenly, an intense white light cluttered Do-Hyuns eyes and then disappeared.

It wasnt just that.

An incomprehensible message spread before his eyes.

Come and read on our website wuxia worldsite. Thanks

Evidently, he was drinking alcohol and looking at things in vain.

Do-Hyun shook his head softly.

He was struggling to come to his senses.

But the strange message remained in front of his eyes.

“What the hell is this…  …  .”

Do-Hyun muttered in

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