“He is 4th Hokage, no…”

Hashirama was about to answer this question for Minato, but he was stopped by Minato.

After saying that, Minato turned around and looked at Kakashi, the genius ninja who sacrificed himself for Konoha in his time and space.

“I am Minato.”

Minato, who had decided not to hide anything, said this and directly removed his transformation technique. The iconic golden hair of the 4th Hokage appeared in front of Kakashi again.

“It really is…” Kakashi looked at Minato in disbelief. He never thought that his teacher could be resurrected and appear in front of him alive.

“4th Hokage-sama!”

Just like Kakashi, Ibiki and the others who ran out of Tobiramas range also looked back at Minato who had removed his transformation.

“You, you are not…” Kakashi said with a trembling mouth. He still couldnt believe that his teacher was still alive.

“I am still alive, isnt that good?” Minato looked at Kakashi with no emotion in his eyes. He, who had decided to cut off his relationship with Konoha, was no longer reluctant to part with Konoha.

“Thats not what I meant…”

Kakashi wanted to explain himself, but Minato raised his hand and stopped him. “I know what you want to say, but now it is different from before. This place does not belong to me, and the Konoha here no longer belongs to me.”

” ”

“In the past, Konoha was my everything. After the Kyubi, I fought countless times with the Akatsuki organization, leaving countless scars. I was pierced through my left shoulder, and my right arm was almost cut off. But I never regretted it, because I was fighting for Konoha, for Hokage, my teacher, and my disciples. But this place is different. This place does not belong to me.”

Minato said word by word. There was no too much emotion or blame. It seemed that he was just telling a story. He just cut off the connection with Konoha in this world.

“Teacher, listen to me. The village does not want to…” Kakashi still wanted to explain, but Minato was not going to give him another chance. He turned around and no longer looked at Kakashi.

Under the sigh of Tobirama, the Wood Dragon picked up Tobirama and left with the three of them.

Although Minato and Tobirama did not stop Kakashi and the others, the ninjas of Konoha did not continue to chase after them.

“Kakashi, what should we do?” This time, he unexpectedly found out that the 4th Hokage was still alive. This made Ibiki not know how to think about it. Was today a disaster for Konoha, or was he lucky?

Kakashi looked at Ibiki. Although he did not say anything, the meaning in his eyes was very obvious. He did not know what to do.

“Lets go back and report it to the 3rd Hokage.” Seeing that neither of them could make up their minds, Genma only suggested.

“Thats the only way.” Kakashi nodded and agreed with Genma. After the three of them agreed, they picked up Ebisu, who could no longer move, and rushed back to Konoha.

“Theyre gone.” On the Wood Dragon, who was still observing Kakashi and the others, said to Minato who was beside him.

Although Hashirama reminded Minato, Minato did not look back at the four people who had left. Everything there had nothing to do with him.

“Sigh.” Hashirama sighed and did not speak again.

When Wood Dragon returned to Washi with Hashirama, Naruto could not wait to rush to Minato. Before the tears in his eyes dried up, he threw himself on Minato.

Seeing Narutos appearance, Minato smiled again.

“The seal of the Kyubi doesnt seem to be very reliable.”

Now, without Konohas ninjas interference, Hashirama could observe the Kyubi in Narutos body. When he felt the seal on Narutos stomach, he frowned and said.

Hashirama said, and the Kyubi in Narutos body suddenly panicked. Dont think of any bad ideas.

“This seal seems to be deliberately left behind.” In fact, Minato also sensed this seal. It did not completely seal the Kyubi, but leaked some chakra.

“This will affect this child. I can completely seal it, and it wont hinder Narutos normal training.” There were some ways to seal the Kyubi.

“Ow! No!” Hearing this in Narutos stomach, Kurama couldnt help but think, “You guys have bad ideas whenever you meet me. Do I have a grudge against you?”

However, before the Kyubi could explode, the hand of Hashirama landed on Naruto. “Little guy, dont make a fuss. I can not seal you, but dont make trouble for me.”

“What?” Naruto didnt know what Hashirama was talking about. He thought that Hashirama was talking to him.

“Its fine, I didnt tell you.” After Hashirama spoke to Naruto with a smile, he went to bring his granddaughter.

Although Hashirama had left, Kurama was very angry. Who am I? I am the Kyubi, and the strongest tailed beast. Why, why is it like this?

Because there was no Konoha ninja chasing them, they did not travel too fast. Washi and the others looked at the nearby scenery while walking towards the nearest city.

On the other side, Kakashi, who was rushing back to Konoha, was also reporting the news about the 4th Hokage to the 3rd Hokage.

“What did you say? Its Minato?” The 3rd Hokage, who was being treated by the medical ninja, stood up, “Are you sure its Minato?”

“Yes, its Minato Sensei.” As a disciple of Minato, Kakashi believed in his own eyes.

“Minato… Minato…”

“How could it be him? Impossible!” Hiruzen left the room and paced around.

In the past, the 3rd Hokage saw Minato and Kushina die in the hands of the Kyubi. Logically speaking, it should be impossible for them to revive. Could it be the second generation of Edo Tensei? Thats not right. Edo Tensei should have obvious characteristics. This is not Edo Tensei!

The 3rd Hokage was thinking hard, trying to find the answer to why Minato was still alive.

“Hiruzen, if its Minato, will the other one be Hashirama?” Homura was also in the Hokages room. At this time, he stopped the 3rd Hokage, who was walking in circles, and brought up a topic that shocked everyone.

“Hashirama? Impossible! Even if Hashirama is alive, he cant leave Konoha!” The 3rd Hokage waved his hand and rejected Homuras words, “But if its the 4th Hokage…”

After the Naruto incident, Hiruzen Sarutobi really couldnt guarantee that Minato was hiding his identity because he had something against Konoha.

“If it really is Minato, how about I go?” Jiraya had already been released from the column, and he was sitting next to Homura. In fact, he was more confused than Kakashi about his identity, but he couldnt be sure.

“You go? Im afraid it wont work. Minatos organization is in Konoha, and its impossible for one person to stop it.” The 3rd Hokage didnt want to let Jiraya fall into the hands of the other side. Now that Konoha has lost the Kyubi, it should be better to reserve more power.

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