“Tobirama.” Because Tobirama had been injured, Hashirama did not want him to fight, so he came to Tobiramas side and said.

“Brother, I am fine. Let me go.” Tobirama was still brooding about the defeat just now, and wanted to regain some face from the pursuer.

Hashirama saw that his brother was so persistent, so he did not try to persuade him anymore.

After the two of them finished talking, Kakashi had brought Ebisu and the other two, and just happened to appear in their field of vision. When the four Konoha Jonins arrived in front of them, the Hashirama and Minato, who were under Washis request, transformed again, returning to their original appearance in Konoha.

The four Jonins who had rushed over saw that Hashirama and the others had stopped. They hurriedly braked and maintained a distance from Washi and the others. From the battle just now, they knew that the other side was not easy to deal with. Their strength was far greater than their own four.

“Are you here to bring Naruto back?” Washi walked to Tobiramas side and said to Kakashi.

Kakashi did not reply to Washis question. Instead, he took out a handful of kunai from his ninja pouch and held it in his hand. Ebisu and the others behind him also put on a desperate posture when they saw this.

“Go back. You cant beat him.” Naruto had already succeeded and Washi did not want to fight anymore, so he still advised Kakashi.

However, Kakashi did not seem to appreciate it. He shook his right hand that was holding kunai, and the kunai directly flew in the direction of Washi. Seeing this, Tobirama raised his leg and kicked the incoming kunai, kicking him to the side.

“You dont appreciate it?” Washi was shocked by the sudden appearance of the kunai. He hadnt finished speaking when you attacked me. Then dont blame me if you get beaten up later.

After this, Washi directly retreated to the side of the column. When he retreated, he said to Tobirama, “Tobirama, dont bother. Lets go directly.”

“Okay!” After getting Washis permission, Tobirama suddenly rushed in the direction of Kakashi, and while running, he made a series of hand seals, “Water Release – Water Bullet Technique!”.

When the last seal was completed, Tobirama instantly spat out a stream of water in the shape of a horn and sprayed it towards Kakashi and the others.

Kakashi, who had just opened his Sharingan, directly used the copy ability of his Sharingan, and his hands followed Tobirama to make a series of hand seals, “Water Style – Water Bullet Technique!”

The Water Release of these two people was almost completed at the same time. However, looking at the scene, Tobiramas Water Release was at least three times thicker than Kakashis. Tobiramas water bulet directly broke through Kakashis water style, and the momentum didnt decrease, fiercely smashing towards the foot of Kakashi.


Among the four people, Ebisu, who couldnt dodge in time, was directly hit by the water horn, and flew in the direction of Konoha.

“Water Release – Hidden Mist Technique!”

After the battle just now, Tobirama also saw the Sharingan of Kakashi, and in order to prevent Kakashi from continuing to copy his own ninjutsu, he directly used the Hidden Mist Technique, and with the help of the water escape technique just now, his surroundings were shrouded in dense fog.

“Wind Release – Great Breakthrough!”

After Tobirama activated his Hidden Mist Technique, Ibiki, who had dodged the water horn, directly formed a seal in the air. A strong wind blew from his mouth, blowing towards the thick fog on the ground.

“Senbon Shower!”

Just as Ebisu and Ibiki were using Wind Release, Genma silently split into several clones and shot toward Tobirama from several directions.

Tobirama, who was only a Jonin, still underestimated the strength of his opponent. When a few Ninjutsu attacked him at the same time, although they were in the thick fog, Tobirama was still somewhat powerless.

“Damn it.”

“Water Release – Heavenly Weeping!”

Left with no other choice, Tobirama could only use the most powerful Ninjutsu he had mastered. After Tobirama finished forming the seal, the water needle instantly covered the entire battlefield. Then, under the control of Tobirama, it fiercely flew towards the ground.

“Retreat!” Realizing that this Ninjutsu was powerful, Kakashi roared at Ibiki and Genma beside him. However, he did not retreat like he had said. Instead, he held Chidori in his hand and continued to rush towards Tobirama. “Genma, use the Earth Wall!”

“Good!” Hearing Kakashis command, Genma did not know what to do. As he retreated, he still formed a seal with his hands. After running a short distance, a Earth Wall rose from behind Kakashi. The running Kakashi rushed forward.

Relying on Genmas Earth Wall, Kakashi was able to quickly approach Tobirama.

However, seeing that Tobirama was somewhat weak, he was already beginning to form seals. When Kakashis Chidori were about to touch Tobirama, a wooden shield directly blocked Kakashis path.

“Go back, little boy of Hatake Clan.” Riding on the wooden dragon to the head of Tobirama, Hashirama sat on the head of the wooden dragon and said to Kakashi.

Speaking of Hatake Clan, Hashirama suddenly thought of his assistant and half disciple, Sakumo, “Oh right, you are from the Hatake Clan. What is the relationship between you and Sakumo Hatake?”

“Huh?” Kakashi, who had just smashed Chidori on the wooden shield, raised his head and looked at this guy who could use such a powerful Wood Release. Now, in this world, there was actually someone who didnt know him, Kakashi? This guy was humiliating him, right?

“You dont want to say? If you dont want to say, then forget it. Go back. We will take that little guy away.” Seeing that Kakashi didnt seem to want to say it, the column didnt probe further and directly said.

You really dont know?

Seeing the way things were, Kakashi really didnt know that Sakumo was his father. “Yes, he is my father. The Kyubi is very important to Konoha. Please let Naruto back.”


After knowing that Kakashi was Sakumos son, just as Jinchuriki was about to speak, Minato suddenly appeared in front of him and put Kunai on his neck. “For me, Naruto is more important.”

Just now, Kakashi said that the importance of the Kyubi to Konoha had stimulated Minato, and if not for the fact that Kakashi was once his disciple, this Kunai would have already pierced into his neck.

“I dont care what Konoha thinks. Ill take Naruto away. If Konoha comes after us again, dont blame me for being impolite.” After saying this, Minato turned around and jumped onto the wooden dragon summoned by Hashirama. “Go back and tell the 3rd, Hokage whether its the Kyubi or Naruto, they no longer belong to Konoha.”

Minato actually left out a sentence, and he, Minato, no longer belonged to Konoha after today.

From today on, Minato was no longer a ninja of Konoha, and he was no longer the 4th Hokage.


Kakashi, who was under the wooden dragon, stared at the familiar figure above him. Suddenly, his face changed, and he asked eagerly, “You are, teacher… 4th Hokage-sama?”

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