Naruto warehouse, inventory 796/800.

Currently awakening Orochimaru (Female), 29 years old, peak period.

Konohas 4th Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzens beloved disciple, and also known as one of the Legendary Sanin, Konohas technological expert.

Time remaining: 39 days, 23 hours, 57 minutes, and 49 seconds.

Washi looked at the date displayed on the warehouse door. It was a full 40 days, which was twice as much as the 20 days of the Tobirama. “Wait, female?”

When he saw the gender of Orochimaru, Washi was stunned. Orochimaru had become a woman? What kind of world was this?

However, Washi was not shocked for too long. After all, these Hokage came from other parallel worlds, so it was normal for some strange Hokage.

Because he had not yet officially awakened, the system did not introduce Orochimaru much, so after looking at the door of the Hokages warehouse, Washi directly left this space.

At this time, in the courtyard, Tobirama was holding Tsunade, who was smaller than him, and chatting with Hashirama.

“I have already made a room for you. Its over there. Do you want to go and take a look?” Hashirama pointed to the row of houses on the side of the courtyard and introduced them to the door.

“Am I a single room?”

“Yes.” Hashirama nodded.

“Brother, arent we all in the same room? Why do we need a single room now?” Tobirama curled his lips and said.

After knowing that Tobirama was dissatisfied with this, Hashirama explained, “Oh, because Tsunade is living with me now. If you go, it will be too crowded.”

“Tsunade?” This name was a little unfamiliar to Tobirama. After thinking for a while, he remembered that the owner of this name was the granddaughter he was holding in his arms.


At this time, Tsunade looked at Tobirama with a smile on her face, making Tobiramanot know what to say for a moment.

“Sigh.” Hoshirama sighed, “Then, forget it.”

Obviously, he was still very unwilling to listen to Hashirama, but unfortunately, the little girl in his arms had already called him grandpa.

“Wait, someone is watching us?” Hashirama who had just compromised suddenly felt that there was a ninja watching him on the roof of the nearby house.

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately put down Tsunade and leaped towards the house.

“Swish, swish.”


Before the two of them could react, Hashirama had already pierced their necks.

From the Warring States Period, there would be no mercy. To the enemy, one must kill them with one blow. This was the rule of survival in the Warring States Period.


The two killed Ninjas were thrown into the courtyard. Washi looked at them and guessed that they were the Konoha Ninjas who intercepted them at the gate a few days ago.

“These are Konoha Ninjas!” Although Hashirama did not like the way these two people did things, they were Ninjas of Konoha after all, and his brother directly killed them.

“Konoha? What is that?” Tobirama, who had not yet entered the Shinobi Era, was confused. He had never heard of this word. “Which clan is it?”

As Tobirama spoke, he deliberately looked at the forehead guard of the two ninjas, but he did not recognize the emblem on it.

“Sigh.” Only then did Hashirama remember that this younger brother did not know about Konoha, nor did he know anything else about the world. He could only introduce the current situation of the world to the title room.

After listening to Hashiramas introduction, only then did he know that the two ninjas he killed were actually from Konoha he established in the future.

“This…” At this time, Tobirama felt like he did not know what to say.

However, they had already made their move. The two Konoha Ninjas lying down could no longer revive. Even if this village was created by him and his brother in the future, it could only be like this.

“Wheres Izuna? Is she also in the village?” After learning about Konohas existence, Tobirama immediately asked about the girl from the Uchiha Clan.

Hashirama did not expect his brother to ask this question. He looked at Tobirama with a strange look and said, “Izuna? Why are you asking him? Dont you all fight to the death the moment you meet?”

“Cough cough, Im just asking.” After his brother said this, his face was a little embarrassed. After looking at Tomihashi nearby, he directly walked to the room that Hashirama had designated for him.

“You guys shouldnt be talking about Izuna.” Washi who Izuna was in the other world, so the conversation between Tobirama and Hashirama was completely unrelated.

Hearing this, Hashirama asked in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“In his place, Izuna is a woman. Do you understand?” Washi winked at Hashirama and said.

“I understand.” The corners of Hashiramas mouth twitched. He immediately understood. He was in his 90s. No matter how ignorant he was, he could be considered an experienced person.

It seemed that his brother had grown up.

Washi took advantage of the fact that Hashirama was still laughing to himself and said to Tomihashi beside him, “Find a place to bury these two Konoha Ninjas. Be careful not to be seen by others.”

There was also Tsunade, this child in the yard. Although at the moment when the Konoha Ninjas were thrown over by Hashirama, Tsunade was held in Tobiramas arms. No one knew how long this Princess could stay in peace, so it was good to settle down early.

At this moment, Tomihashi was still immersed in the state of an eight-year-old child who already had the strength of a superior Ninja. When he was called by Washi, he quivered and hurriedly replied, “Yes, Sir.”

Tomihashi moved quickly. In two or three moves, he carried the two Konoha Ninjas on his shoulders. Then, he gently jumped up the wall and rushed to the mass grave in the north city.

After Tomihashi left, Washi said to Hashirama, “Hashirama, now I can use the Ninjutsu of the Jonin Level, right?”.

After Tobirama was awakened, Washi felt that the amount of chakra in his body had increased again.

Previously, because he only had Chunin Level chakra, Hashirama and Minato did not teach Washi any killing type Ninjutsu. This also led to the current Washi, other than Shadow Clone Technique, he did not know any other Ninjutsu.

“Its about time.” Hashirama sensed that the chakra in Washis body had increased a lot.

“Can I learn this Rasengan? By the way, dont we still have to do some chakra attribute test?” Washi felt that it was better to follow the regulations. This way, it would be more ritualistic.

However, Hashirama gave Washi an unexpected answer, “You dont have to test chakra. We can do it. You can learn it.”

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