“An Earth Ninja? Space-Time Ninjutsu?” Pains Asura Path frowned after hearing the words of the two people.

Earth Ninja is fine, but Space-Time Ninjutsu…

“Both of them are very strong, and their strength is extraordinary.” Itachi was still thinking back to the battle just now. Just now, the two ninjas did not seem to have the intention to kill him. This was also the reason why he did not use his Mangekyo Sharingan.

“Can you tell which ninja village they are from?” Pains Asura Path continued.

Itachi thought for a moment and said, “I cant quite tell. It might be the rebel of Iwagakure. They said they came from some organization.”

“Iwagakure? Impossible, Iwagakure does not have such a powerful person.” At this time, Obito Uchiha, who was wearing a spiral mask, also came to the side of the two people, denying Itachis guess, “Space-Time Ninjutsu…”

Seeing that no one could guess the reason, Pains Asura Path had to say, “Since the other party knows Space-Time Ninjutsu, then it is somewhat difficult to find them. What organization did they just say?”

“It seems to be Unparalleled something…” Orochimaru interrupted from the side, but he couldnt remember the words behind them.

“It should be called Battlefield View or something.” Itachis answer was completely different from Orochimarus.

“Two names?” Obito Uchiha was completely confused by the twos completely different words. Could it be that the other party had two names?

However, Pains Asura Path did not care about this. He waved his hand and said, “It seems that we have to increase our manpower when we go out to carry out missions. The other party should be coming towards us. Just in case, in the future, we will be in two groups.”

Kakuzus death and Hidans disappearance made Pain realize that the current structure of two people in a group could not withstand the attack of the other party. “We have to find them. We cant let this organization destroy our plan.”

Just as Pain and the others were talking about Washi and the few mysterious opponents, Washi and the others had already returned to the hotel.

As soon as he landed, Hashirama asked Minato, “Do you know that person?”

Hashirama was referring to the man wearing the spiral mask in Akatsuki.

“I will never forget this guy.” Speaking of the masked man, Minatos eyes immediately flashed with a fierce light. This expression was completely different from the sunny Minato.

Hashirama saw that the situation of the Minato seemed to have a deep grudge with this Akatsuki. After he sat down, he said, “I dont have this Akatsuki in my world. What did they do at your place?”

Regarding Hashiramas question, Minato was just about to say something, but after looking at the Sand Ninja Tomihashi in the room, he stopped.

“I understand, I understand.” Seeing these adults looking at him, Tomihashi also understood the meaning of it. He quickly turned and left the room.

After Tomihashi left, Minato told Hashirama and Washi about what happened in the world he was in.

It was supposed to be the battle where half of Obitos body was smashed, but three disciples died together. After he becoming the 4th Hokage, Obito controlled Kyuubi to attack Konoha and led to the death of 3rd Hokage and Kushina. From then on, Minato had been looking for traces of the Akatsuki.

“So thats how it is.” After listening to Minato, Hashirama finally understood why the 4th Hokage would be like this. “It can be seen how important peace is in the world.”

At this time, Minato was in front of the window of the room. He turned his head and looked at Hashirama who spoke, “There will be long-term peace when there is only one Ninja Village in the entire Shinobi World.”

“Huh?” Hearing Minato, Hashirama seemed to realize that something was wrong, “What do you mean?”

“In addition to Konoha, there is no need for the other villages to exist.” When he said this, Minato smiled again, but Hashirama felt as if he had fallen into winter.

In his opinion, Konohas Hokage should not be like this.

Compared to the current Minato, his succession was so inclined to the joint cooperation of the Ninja World.

From Minatos words, Washi could tell that the leader of the Akatsuki was not Obito Uchiha. It seemed that there were still many choices.

“Destroy all the villages? Or the worlds great leader? Im afraid these two are not simple.” Now Washi finally knew what Minato was talking about when he woke up. It turned out that this was what he had been thinking about.

“4th…” Hashirama wanted to persuade this seemingly lost Hokage.

Not waiting for Hashirama to speak, Minato directly said, “Hashirama, this is my ninja way.”

“Sigh.” Hashirama shook his head and sighed. Since Minato said so, he could not persuade him anymore. He only hoped that this 4th Hokage would slowly change. After all, the world was different.

“Lets not talk about this. Tomorrow morning, we will go directly to Sujo City. I dont know if Kakuzu has enough money for us to get a room.” Washi did not want to live in a cave like Akatsuki. They were not people who were caught by people. There was no need to hide in the mountains.

“I want a big house.” The young Tsunade, who had been silent all this time, now sat on Hashiramas lap and gestured the appearance of the big house with her hands.

With Tsunades words, the atmosphere in the room was not so tense. Tobirama Senju did not care about Minato and turned to tease his granddaughter.


” ”

Just as they were discussing, the door of the room suddenly rang.

“Who?” Minato took out Kunai and instantly moved to the door.

“Sama, this is me, Tomihashi.” With Minatos question, Tomihashis voice came from outside the door.

Hearing this familiar voice, Minato put down his guard and put away the kunai in his hand.

“Come in.”

After Minato opened the door, he retreated to the table.

“Sama, I saw that Konohas 5th Hokage just now. Hes downstairs, but he looks very weak.” Tomihashi held the food in his hand and hurriedly walked into the room.

Although he joined this powerful organization that he did not know its name, his own strength was still the same. When he met a Hokage Rank, it was useless except for running errands and reporting.

“What a coincidence?” Washi did not expect to meet this Konohas 5th Hokage again.

“Yes, sama, we are going down…” Tomihashi said with a smile.

“Forget it, ignore her.” Everyone in the room is the Hokage, and one of them is the grandfather of that lady. Do you want to beat her up again?

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