The duo fall down in a forest.

”Oh shit ”

”Zach, are you okay ” Tyler worriedly asked.

”Since i could say Oh shit it means i am fine ” Zach is just pretending.

”Dammit we are in a middle of a jungle, we are not even in our peak state ” Tyler cursed at their misreble state.

”Oh calm down ” Zach calmly said.

”Lets pick one direction and move straight, maybe we will be lucky ” Zach suggested.

”Which direction? ” Tyler asked.

”Hmm, lets go East ” Zach said after contemplating for a bit.

”Alright, East it is ” Tyler agreed

The duo keep walking straight east for a while, everything is peaceful until they encountered a beast.

”Guessed our luck has runout ” Zach coldly said.

Tyler swallowed a dry saliva and he got into a fighting stance.

”Let me give you a nice warm surprise you damn dog! ” Zach look like he will run at the dog but stop and throw something, the dog turn after it.

”Come Tyler ” They both run at the opposite direction.

It seems that even the cold and fearless Zachary knows when to back down.

They soon find a place and hide, the place is a dark cave with cobwebs covering most of it, the dog kept circling the place.

”This place gave me the creepy vibes ” Tyler whispered.

”Quiet, is just that you have watched too many horror films ” Zach whispered back, but to be sincere, this place gave even Zach the sacred and creepy vibe.


They both dropped down but Tyler is not so lucky this time and the sharp object has grazed past his cheek.

Tyler shouted and that creepy looking dig found their location, before the dog came, Zach angrily smashed the insect with sharp claws into pieces.

The duo kept running but their stamina is quickly draining out.

Zach equip his robotics gauntlets and get ready to fight the damn dog.

The dog Bend down and kept circling the two boys.


The dog growled and lunge at Zach.

Zach eyes sharpen and he raised his right hand to block which the dog bite it.

Thankfully the material used in the making of the gauntlet is very hard and Zachs arm is safe.

This damn dog is so strong… Zach is agitatedly grappling with the dog.

Zach keep struggling with the dog in a contest of strength.


That is because the damn Dogs saliva has just dropped on Zachs face.

Zach throw the Dog back and now they are back in square one, but this time even Zach is circling the dog and the dog is doing the same.

This time Zach lunged at the dog and they are both on the ground.



The dogs mouth bleed as a deep ugly fist size imprint appeared.

Zach put his hand in the eyes of the dog, the dog miserable and painful shout is heard.

”Ahh! ” This time the shout belongs to Zach as he got scratched by that damn dog.

”You foolish dog ” Zach maneuver around the

dog and has the dog in a choke hold.

The dog struggled.

”Hah!!! ” Zach broke the neck of this damn dog.

”Tyler, are you alright? ” Zach worriedly asked.

”You are the one that needed it the most ” Tylers face is a bit red due to embarrassment, after all he is scared that he did not help Zach in the fight.

”Hahaha that is a relief, lets keep going, maybe we might find a village ” Zach genuinely smile at his one and only friend.

The duo keep moving forward to the East direction but in this world nothing ever goes as planned.

Soon another low growl of beast is heard, this time it is a wolf type beast, slowly eyeing his prey.

”Oh sh*t such is life ” Zach suddenly said.

”Zach, what are you saying? ” Tyler asked.

”Our luck is so damn poor ” Zach slowly turn back to face the wolf.

”I will help you ” Tyler decided to fight, after all he is still feeling guilty that he did not help Zach Earlier.

The wolf glared at his two prey.


He is fast Zach thought.


Zach transform into a smoke and then back to his human form.

”Hah!!! ”

Zach run towards the beast.


The wolfs claw clashed against Zachs Gauntlet, Zach withdraw his hand and punch at the wolfs teeth.


The wolf viciously glared at Zach.


Zach barely managed to dodge when…


Suddenly Zachs shoulder is scratched and blood is drawn, Zach is feeling pain mixed with anger.

Calm down, Calm down, I have to calm down Zach repeated in his mind.


Zachs Gauntlets are encased in a lightning shock aura.


This time Zach lunged at the Wolf and grabbed him with his gautlet.


The wolf let out a miserable shout as the electric current coursed through his body

The electric shock will soon stop, I have to think of something else

Immediately when the electric shock stop, Zach try to grab the Wolfs neck but the damn beast slipped away.

I am tired, I might sustained serious injuries since I let go of that opportunity Zach is about to lose hope when….


The wolf is blown into pieces, when Zach look at the direction the attack came, he saw a tired Tyler.

”Finally been of some help to my bro, you didn expect that, did you? ” Tyler smiled.

”Good work Tyler ” Zach is genuinely happy at how his best friend is able to get over his fears for him.

The duo kept walking and this time nothing happens.

”Zach! look, a village in sight ” Tyler happily exclaimed.

Zach also sighted the village and nodded his head, They increase their pace and will soon reach the village.

But what will await them in the village, is it fortune or misfortune?


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