The hero I never was

Abilities | Leaving

The purple light intensifies to the point where they had to close their eyes, the light Is too much to the point of making them feel like they will get blind.

Sometimes they feel like they will be torn apart, their body been pulled and stretched to its absolute limit.

They soon found themselves in some sort of runic lines and writings, the purple light dim and only a small glow is left.

”Where are we?! ” A student exclaimed.

”Is that some sort of time travel? ” Another student ask in confusion.

”Teachers please use your phones and call for help ” A girl said to the teachers.

”No network here ” The teachers all tried but no network no emergency call is going.

”We are destined to live in here forever ” Those words where uttered in a flat tone, as usual the flat tone belong to Zach.

”Who the f*ck are you to determine our fates ” A Rich kid from the way he dressed and carried himself.

”Shut up your curse mouth! ” Another young master type kid shouted.

”I am just stating facts, facts are facts. Accept them or leave them, after all I don care if you live or die, it is none of my concern ” Alex smiled calmly.

”I will wipe that smile off your face, here is not school and we are no longer shackled by the school rules. So your life is in danger Zach, no amount of intelligence can save you ” The first kid named Bradley said, and the second kid is Corbin.

”Won you reconsider your words, from my point of view the school rules are protecting you and shackling me. But now that their is no way back, I am an unleashed beast that will completely destroy you right here and right Now ” Zach slightly grinned as his gaze lock on to Bradley.

”Please both of you, calm down. This is not the time to fight, we all need each other now ” Miss Eminem said.

”Hmm who said I need a trash like those? ” Zach asked.

”Please Zach, calm down and bear with them for a while ” Tyler said.

”Okay Tyler, they are not worth my attention after all ” Zach flatly said.

After some moments later…

”Its just as Zach said, their is really no way going back home ” Miss Eminem tell the teachers.

”Now all the students in our class are all here, I don really care about been here or been there, cause it does not make any difference, no family there and no family here, I know is the same for you ” Tyler said as he sat beside Zach.

”You really understand me, Tyler ” Zach genuinely smile at Tyler.

”By tomorrow or maybe tonight, I might be leaving tho guys ” Zach said.

”Don say I next time, say we. I will always be with you ” Tyler smile at his best friend.

They were just sitting together and gazing at the stars.

Suddenly a purple light emerged and when the purple light disappeared, it left some people.

”Who at this black robe people ” Tyler grabbed Zachs hand and drag him to we what is going on.

”Our apologies for meeting you late ” The leader spoke.

”You know that we are coming here? ” Miss Eminem asked.

”Of course ” The leader gave a short reply.

”It looks like this world has Some supernatural and magic powers ” Zach said to the Black robe men.

”Of course, this is true, we will give you abilities and magical powers but we also want you to help us with something ” The leader said.

”Is a fight against a demon Lord ” The leader spoke.

The thought currently going through the head of the students is that: We are going to slay the demon Lord, we will be heroes. A heroic deed.

If only those idiots know how strong a demon lord is, they will die from the mere mention of his name, their blood pressure will skyrocket Zach expressionlessly look at his school mates.

”Fighting a demon Lord is no easy feat, it requires a lot of training, don say I did not warn you. Is an advice take it or leave it, the choice is yours ” Zach said to his teammates.

”Now help us get into a city, a place to live ” Zach said.

”Okay ” With that, the purple light emerged and they soon disappeared and reappeared in a city they were given a not so good place to live.

”In this city you can earn money for some works, you can also pay and go to a splendid inn, You can raise money to buy or build a house. Practiced your new abilities here their will be someone to go and ask if you encounter a problem in your training ” The leader said as he vanish.

”Oh shit ”

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