Shivers went through everyones spine.

Everyone including Ren looked up towards the direction of the sound.

When everyone looked up in the sky atmosphere became dark and red like a horror movie evening scene.

Dark smoky clouds could be seen.

Everyone gulped , many started shaking.

Two treacherously glowing golden eyes looked down from the dark cloudy sky.

Nobody could speak or move. It was not just due to fear but something was stopping them from making any movement.

The two eyes shone brightly behind the dark cloud screen and spoke with a deep voice.

”Welcome, earthlings to my new tower world ”

Millions of people were present in that area.

The unknown figure looked at everyone and continued, ”You may be confused by seeing yourselves in unknown place, but,worry not. ”

The eyes again looked in everyones eyes, while coming close. That dangerous looking figures face wasn visible except for its eyes.

”You are not alone here… ”

everyone felt like this monster had a big evil smile on its face.

”Your fellow earthlings will be here with you at this start point. ”

”I will not waste my time explaining everything to you lowly earthlings. ”

”You earthlings from the earth are summoned here, be grateful ”the monstrous figure said and had a evil smile.

Everyones angered face with a suspicious look and fear on their face could be seen.

” You will climb the tower and get rewarded… ”

”Fight for your life, kill for your life,if not die in dispair..kuahahah..kuahahah ”the voice spoke while releasing the spell casted on people.

Everyone can move and speak. Some people cried some people feared, most of the people started pushing each other while trying to run like ants saving their life. Maybe some people shit their pants.

” Insolent twerps… ”The voice shouted and strangled everyone again.

” There is no use running or begging… You cannot escape from here. ”

Peoples cries could be heard from the crowd as they begged joining their hands.

”Hahaha… Hahaha.. Lowly cowards ” the monster enjoyed their cries.

”SILENCE… ” the monster ordered.

As they felt the life threatening aura,everyone went silent. The voice then continued.

”Don ask me why you are here and dont ask me for sending you back, just listen to what I am going to tell and do not repeat the same mistake ”, the monstrous voice spoke angrily.

” Now, as you are calmed down a bit lets continue where we left ”

”This is new tower made by God where you will gain your superhuman abilities and get stronger.

”The more you clear more rewards will be given,more difficulty will rise, more information you will get. ”

”If you can do it you will be rewarded accordingly as you show what you got. ”

”Every floor will be vast or could be small maybe it will be different world elements or different rooms, you have to clear it and go further or stay there repeating it until you clear it. ”

”Every floor will be unique on its own. ”

”Now ask me the things you are curious about,raise your hands who want to question ” Monster said and people started speaking

”Wh…Whats is the reason you are forcing us to do it? ” Someone from crowd asked.

”Reason for it?you will know as you go further ” The voice smiled slightly.

”You will know everything as you progress. Work hard to see the future or die in despair. ”

”C… Can you please tell us what we are going to face. ” Someone asked.

”Lets see, hmm… I can tell you because I too don know what you will face. ” Monstrous voice answered.

As they heard it people started sweating.

”W.. Wh.. What!!! ”Someone from crowd screamed.

People went silent for some time.

” Kukuku.. Ok now times up, let me tell you some things, I don want to waste my time on you lowly humans. ”monster spoke cutting of everyones voice.

” Okay for starters, you will go through a trial. If you manage to survive in that trial then you will be rewarded. ”

”After that you will be given chance to choose what class you want to master in. ”

”Well, classes are something which will give you boost in learning that thing. You can also learn other skills and classes. ”

”But for getting classes you have to clear that class trial. If you die during the trial of class selection you will be disqualified from it. Well rather than that you will die nothing much interesting. ”

A clap could be heard as the voice spoke,

”Well then, the time for it has come. .. ”

Everyone looked at each other with a fearful expression. As the voice started to tell the details of the trial.

”Your zeroth trial :survive for 30:00 minutes ”

As everyone heard that they started sweating but couldn speak as their voices were restricted.

”You millions of pests will be divided in groups and will be teleported to arena , where… ” a laughing sounds could be heard as the voice continued, ”you will fight creatures of a world for next 30:00 minutes,until you die. ”

”Those who will manage to survive will get rewards , more you kill more you will get reward. ”

”After that further instructions will be given, well then pests bye bye. ”

”Your trials will begin… ” As the voice announced it disappeared and the atmosphere changed again to normal and everyone could take their breathes properly.

People were about to start speaking that time everyone suddenly heard a mechanical voice. As they again looked in the direction up in the sky.




[TIME LIMIT: 00:30:00]



A mechanical voice started announcing and texts on blue holographic screen started appearing in the sky.


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[ch 3/ zeroth trial])

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